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  1. AgD

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    I must say that I am too one of the few that actually likes this series I've got 2 of Trafalgar square on the group order 😁 to carry on with 2 of each for the series. That said what is everyone's take on getting a set graded once finished ?
  2. AgD

    Coin Rings

    πŸ‘nice work and for your first one it looks great can'twait to see the finished look and more that you make well done πŸ‘
  3. Hopefully she is in a good mood and says yes as this coin is on my list 🀣
  4. AgD

    2012 & 2005 Sovereigns for Investment

    I've got (Well my daughter has got) a 2005 and I like the design I got it from a well known sovereign forum member about a year ago now but later on in the year when I crack open my year saving pot I might grab the 2002 and 2012 as well if I can get them for a good price πŸ‘
  5. What about using just half the mould and mounting a half globe and maybe try to make some other planets (small of course) then you've got your theme BYB goes to space πŸ‘as @Roy said same-same but different
  6. AgD

    Do you buy new or secondhand gold?

    I'm going sovereigns lots of different varieties and can assume a greater collection than just saving for a 1oz coin πŸ‘
  7. AgD

    End game / why stack / why collect

    My reason for it is a simple one. For my children Things in life happen and that has ment that I've not been able to purchase my own home so I don't have that luxury to leave them so instead I've been ingesting in silver for them but with some of it when the time has been right I've moved bits on and slowly turning some into gold in the form of sovereigns so they will have a mix of silver and gold. And if you can buy close to spot on most things then you can accumulate a lot in little time with any budget. So my end game is that it's all there's when the time comes for me to push up the daisys they can do as the please with it carry on or sell, but I will make sure they are educated in where, when, how etc how to look at spot prices to make sure they get a fair price. So it's just not an investment for my children but also an educational ride as well
  8. AgD

    Coin Rings

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F292590700123 don'tknow if this will be of any help with your progress @PansPurse but this seller has some equipment that might be of use. I think the link might be for some of his coins but check his other items for sale
  9. Rearranging my stack/collection and decided to let the pandas go all brought from reputable dealer's and all in original capsules the lot consist of the following 1oz 2011 (ngc graded MS70 but selling as bullion due to small spot see pic) 1oz 2014, 1oz 2015, 30g 2016, 30g 2017, 30g 2018, Prices pretty much the same as other European dealer's. Β£120 inc 1st class signed for (UK) Β£125 inc special delivery (UK) Will post to Europe etc for cost just pm. Payment by PayPal F&F or bank transfer If not sold by Tuesday morning then will be removed due to being away for work and pm if you would like to know anything else
  10. AgD

    completed 1oz / 30g silver pandas

    Sold thank you
  11. AgD

    Wedding Rings ???

    Maybe you could both wait for @PansPurse to master the skill of coin ring making and then send gold coins his way to make you something special πŸ‘
  12. That would make sence 🀣
  13. Just to help you in this one do you have pictures of the coins and are they the proof versions for the prices stated
  14. The link that @MickD added is a great album I have that one and 3 of the smaller ones off the seller from the link and must say it' great quality and very fast postage πŸ‘
  15. On the spec on the website says yes comes in cap πŸ‘
  16. So true with the mint 🀣 just thought I would ask πŸ‘
  17. Just a quick question @BackyardBullion now we have a delay with the order what would be the chances of adding the landmak Trafalgar square to this order since the release date is the same as the tiger and dragon
  18. My daughter got one of these when we went a few years back and they are nice πŸ‘
  19. That sounds good to me as I will now put one of these on my order thanks @BackyardBullion πŸ‘
  20. AgD

    What was Your First Coin?

    Mine was a 2015 panda still have it but may well be moving the pandas on soon
  21. I will be getting a little list together and will most probably have it to you next weekend πŸ‘
  22. AgD

    Today I Received

    Got a bunch of fractional libs courtesy of @StackSellRepeat and 10 walking liberty half dollar's courtesy of @BackyardBullion after a massive @#$% up from the post office 🀣 also had a few Kennedy's and Franklin's last week from @MikeSol so nearly filled tubes of each πŸ‘
  23. AgD

    wanted 2017 1oz silver bar

    Have you thought about asking @BackyardBullion if he has any 2017 left ?
  24. AgD

    Today I bought.....

    I'm with you on these numi I think i will be adding some as well
  25. AgD

    Sent off some coins to NGC (part 1)

    Wow haha well you will be able to to put on eBay now as rare miss/slabbed 2p £500 buy it now 🀣