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  1. Having a sort out and moving things on that I'm not going to back date or no longer fit in with my plans for another purchase. Somali elephants. 2015,2016,2017,2018,2019 and the 2018 15 year anniversary. £130 plus postage of your choice and risk. Two of the coins have a very small milk spot (see pics) apart from that all good condition and all come in caps and have been priced fairly from one of our friendly European dealer's. Poured silver by silver Stan from the forum. 2oz Mario star £45 plus postage of your choice and risk. 1oz skull £22.50 plus postage of yourchoice and risk. PayPal FF or bank transfer.
  2. Skull sold. Rest still available
  3. Last reductions before withdrawing sale tonight. Elephants now £115 + £5 SD. (That's cheaper than dealer's that I've found) Star £38 + postage Skull £18 + postage.
  4. Elephants now £120 + £5 SD Star now £40 + postage Skull now £20 + postage
  5. AgD

    London coin fair feb 2nd

    Away at work yet again for the third one running 🤬 well at this rate I will have to wait until I'm retired to get to one 🤣 but have fun and make sure you all buy loads and show of the goods 👍
  6. @Paul88 I've tagged this member in as he is my brother and is a coin collector not a pm stacker and believe he has a few older design's so he may be some help in this thread 👍
  7. I was asked by @mikeiones32 to see my Mexican coins so dug them out and took some (Not so good pics 😁) of them all I think the only thing I could not get my hands on was my notes but there is a good mix of everything here. Enjoy the look 👍
  8. AgD

    My Mexican stack

    If you can snag a tube of 2018's for a good price then you will be quids in as the year is a very low mintage of 300k for modern libs. And been sorting through the silver stack this evening to move some on to get to the 50 quicker 🤣
  9. AgD

    My Mexican stack

    Well until that day I will keep sniffing out some bargains 🤣👍
  10. AgD

    My Mexican stack

    Thank you a lot of work has gone into it all and don't think I'm nowhere finished yet as there is so much more to get out there 🤣 and if you want to get your hands on the 20 pesos @h103efa still has one up on the sales page I believe 👍 Added 0 minutes later... Thank you my friend
  11. AgD

    Today I Received.....

    It's mostly silver but I will see what I can do in a bit when the little one goes to bed think I've got some stored but still have pics on my phone so should be able to cover most of it 👍. I will start another thread under "My Mexican stack" to save clogging this thread up with loads of pics
  12. AgD

    Today I Received.....

    I know what you mean. I just can't stop myself sometimes buying Mexican coins I think 75% of my stack/collection is made up of it 🤣
  13. AgD

    Today I Received.....

    Picked up from the po yesterday but a massive thanks to @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer for these two beautiful coins. Got the 5 &10 gold pesos so now just need some hard saving for the 50 🤣
  14. AgD

    Collecting £5 coins

    There definitely are some interesting design's in the £5 coins I'm collecting them in the queen's beast series to complement my 2oz silver's. I know my brother is collecting these and think he only needs one or two. I believe he signed up to the forum so will see if he can share some pictures
  15. AgD

    2nd Trade Dollar St. Helena

    They are indeed but just hope they don't up the price when the Chinese version is released
  16. AgD

    2nd Trade Dollar St. Helena

    Ok then I will put my pics up these are real and not stock 🤣 the 1st and 2nd in silver and the 1st in copper 👍
  17. Same here quick postage brilliant packaging top notch 👍 and can't believe no one has snapped up the 20 pesos yet
  18. AgD

    wanted 1g gold bar wanted

    Jump in on the group order buddy
  19. Thanks will keep an eye on it in case it comes in before the order is closed 👍
  20. @BackyardBullion will the EM have the new landmarks of Britain in stock for this order ?
  21. AgD

    2018 Christmas Draw Results Thread.

    Got mine fine 👍
  22. AgD

    Today I Received.....

    🤣 I will let you know after my birthday and see what he gets me then 🤣