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  1. Mine was ordered at just after 4am keep us posted on what they say if you call them @JCRJM as busy most of the day 😁
  2. Just checked mine and it's the same as yours in the closed orders so went and checked my card and the money is still pending
  3. That is very interesting indeed so I wonder if the powers that be had the same thinking as me....... well theirs would be purely for financial gain lol
  4. AgD

    So, who got a grufallo?

    Crazy price on eBay at the moment
  5. Well I'm away at work so the Mrs set an alarm to get up and order them but she could not get on the site so went back to bed but then...... the baby woke up at 4 so she went back on and bagged 2 😁 and my brother buys all his from Westminster and they was still doing 3 per household so he got his 3 there
  6. AgD

    Yale of Beaufort - Queen's Beasts

    That is very true 👍
  7. AgD

    Yale of Beaufort - Queen's Beasts

    😁 I would love to take the lead on it but work away so........anyone else up for it 🤣
  8. AgD

    Yale of Beaufort - Queen's Beasts

    So.........as no one has mentioned this yet is anyone going to run a mini group order on this. We know we are all going to get one in the end anyway as most of us are in for the set and can't miss it out.
  9. Got this one from work not often you find the 2012's now
  10. AgD

    In Focus Friday Series!

    Brilliant pick up will watch the vid when I've finished work but what a beautiful coin it is my friend 👍
  11. Now that would be good as a 2 coin presentation set
  12. Should be an interesting one and sought after I should think
  13. AgD

    completed Gold Half Sovereigns

    @Goldfisher 1895 & 1903 Will fit in with your gold
  14. AgD

    Outrageous train prices

    It is very annoying at what they charge as part of my work perks I get discounted rail travel anywhere in the UK for 75% off the full cost of off peak. There is about 1000 people through my work that have the use of this privilege. So my last trip to London with the kids in the last half term my travel cost was. One child free ( under 5 ) One child £1 (holiday price kids for a quid) Me £8.70 return on the high-speed. Just goes to show that they can drastically reduce prices if they want to.
  15. AgD

    Today I Received.....

    The sov had and still has a denomination of £1 and back in the day was used in day to day life not sure when people stopped using @sovereignsteve might know that one his knowledge is second to none with sov's