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  1. AgD

    What to stack??

    It is all fascinating the coin side of collecting you think you understand it then something different comes along to learn about
  2. AgD

    What to stack??

    You are part right in what your saying there buddy. From 1920 until 1946 UK coins were .500 and pre 1920 was .925 sterling silver
  3. AgD

    New Brexit 50p Commemorative Coin

    They could put on it "could have been 50 state's" 🤣
  4. AgD

    Today I Received.....

    @h103efa that is a beautiful coin to add and should hold its premium as well nice one buddy
  5. I can second that @h103efa is great to deal with 👍
  6. AgD

    for sale George V Shilling

    It's all a leaning curve I've been stacking/collecting now for about 3 years and still learning new things every day 👍
  7. AgD

    for sale George V Shilling

    Hi buddy I think you may need to lower the price a fair bit if you would like a sale on here for these very worn and slick shillings they are priced at £50 above 50% scrap value and I have calculated postage in with the asking price. (as of this post 50% silver is priced at 15p a gram scrap value.) At best some one may pay scrap for them on here or you may get near what your asking for on eBay. Just a bit of advice for a newer member please don't take this as a negative comment
  8. AgD

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    *UPDATE* Folder is in now so this is the picture of my prize 👍 I'm number 5 in the pool I believe. 2017 beatrix potter 50p coin set. 1oz Perth Mint kangaroo. 1/2oz tiger shark
  9. AgD

    Brexit 50p Coin

    My brother sent me this and as he said hope they do come up with a good design in the end as we had a good design on entering so why not when leaving
  10. AgD

    Brexit 50p Coin

    That's just a normal Saturday night for us folk that live down this neck of the woods 🤣
  11. AgD

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Just goes to show how great this little community is 59 people in and still time to go nice one all 👍 now there is the Christmas spirit 🎄
  12. So here are the results from the other carving session. Don't think they will be scaring anybody away in a hurry 🤣 👻🧟‍
  13. AgD

    London Coin Fair Nov 3rd 2018

    Always seems to be on when I'm away at work 😔 maybe I will have better luck with the dates next year. Have fun all 👍
  14. AgD

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Good points made then if the new people signing up are genuine and have an interest in learning and investing in pm's then I'm sure they won't mind waiting a year to participate