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  1. Not the best design but I've just sold mine as got far to many sets going so minimising my stack 👍
  2. After 1 x judo to complete a set if anyonehas or gets a spare 👍
  3. I have 3 album's for sale one 2016 and 2x 2017 All coins have come from circulation 2016 £15 + postage of choice and risk 2017 £10 each + postage of your choice and risk. PayPal FF or bank transfer.
  4. 2015-2018 Scottsdale Mint Congo gorillas 3 are on there original cards and one is in its original capsule, all in perfect condition. £80 the set plus postage of you choice and risk. PayPal FF or bank transfer.
  5. Somali elephants 2015 till 2019 inc the 2018 15th anniversary coin. Both the 2018 have some spotting the 15th anniversary coin has spotting to the shield side and the normal 2018 has a small spot on the 'T' on elephant all the others are fine. £95 the lot plus postage of you choice and risk. Or will do special delivery at £5 PayPal FF or bank transfer.
  6. Victoria jubilee head full sovereign 1983 'S' mint mark £260 plus postage of you choice and risk. PayPal FF or bank transfer, will be posted from Tuesday onwards.
  7. My change today from my visit to the royal mint all these are the 2019 release
  8. I'm booked in for a standard tour tomorrow and can't wait.
  9. The venti is a beautiful coin definitely worth picking up before the 50 ( im glad i did) unless one comes along at a good price
  10. I've watched the video and if nothing else @BackyardBullion has been as honest as ever and even put it out there for people to see and know what has happened. It is truly a brilliant bar and imo the buyer losses out on a hallmark but gains a pure gold bar and now they can say it has extra silver space dust included 😂. So if anything the buyer has extra included in the bar with the free silver