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  1. @BackyardBullion I have not seen this pop up but apologies if it has. Has the EM got the 2018 Congo gorilla only seen the 2016 on the site (sold out)
  2. AgD

    Today I Received

    Too early in the morning but yes it's less to keep 🤣
  3. AgD

    Today I Received

    I got it from a well known member on here and yes a good price indeed 👍
  4. AgD

    Today I Received

    😂just say your popping out for some milk (as you have a few £20's hanging out your pocket) 🤣
  5. AgD

    Today I Received

    That is a shame ask them if you can put a small deposit down
  6. AgD

    Today I Received

    If it's in good shape then I would say snap it up 👍
  7. AgD

    Today I Received

    Nice design and holds a good premium I got one off here a year or so ago for my daughter
  8. AgD

    Today I Received

    Thanks just like the 2005 👍
  9. AgD

    Today I Received

    Second of the day. A lovely 2012 diamond jubilee full sov from @silversurf
  10. AgD

    Today I Received

    Home from work to open my half sovereign 1909 Edward thanks to @shawy2510 off to the post office to pick up a full sov soon so pics to follow
  11. AgD

    Buying from RCM?

    I believe silvergoldbull.com is located in Canada so might be worth your while having a look there
  12. AgD

    Today I Received

    Yrs about £30 ish for the normal and then £70+ for the error
  13. AgD

    Today I Received

    There is a difference in the finish if you look closely at one of them you will see in places that it has a proof like finish which came out in the end as a minting error by the Perth mint so that one demands a higher premium