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  1. AgD

    In Focus Friday Series!

    Brilliant pick up will watch the vid when I've finished work but what a beautiful coin it is my friend 👍
  2. Now that would be good as a 2 coin presentation set
  3. Should be an interesting one and sought after I should think
  4. AgD

    completed Gold Half Sovereigns

    @Goldfisher 1895 & 1903 Will fit in with your gold
  5. AgD

    Outrageous train prices

    It is very annoying at what they charge as part of my work perks I get discounted rail travel anywhere in the UK for 75% off the full cost of off peak. There is about 1000 people through my work that have the use of this privilege. So my last trip to London with the kids in the last half term my travel cost was. One child free ( under 5 ) One child £1 (holiday price kids for a quid) Me £8.70 return on the high-speed. Just goes to show that they can drastically reduce prices if they want to.
  6. AgD

    Today I Received.....

    The sov had and still has a denomination of £1 and back in the day was used in day to day life not sure when people stopped using @sovereignsteve might know that one his knowledge is second to none with sov's
  7. As per title looking at paying round 0.18ppg. PM with what you have
  8. AgD

    Today I Received.....

    Also received today a gift from a very good YouTube friend from the states. 2018 1oz .999 silver domed proof Dia De Los Muertos ( day of the dead ). Mintage of 1000
  9. AgD

    Today I Received.....

    Yes it did buddy and some super fast postage to all destinations 👍
  10. AgD

    Today I Received.....

    Come in today from @richatthecroft he got in touch with me and I had this unpesos off him to add to my Mexican collection. Top man 👍
  11. £160 +£5 SD. Can't get cheaper anywhere else not even on group orders.
  12. AgD

    completed Hand poured 18ct Gold

    What about putting an add in your local paper for scrap ( you visit them of course) or striking up a good relationship with some independent jewellers. They pay under scrap and sell some to you for scrap
  13. AgD

    American looking to be Sovereigns

    It was just me reading quickly buddy so no probs. I get where you are coming from on the no reruns it is strange if that's all he does is sell coins you would ecspet to see a return policy. It's a 50/50 situation and hope you make the right choice 👍
  14. As pictured 2 of the elephants have spots. £165 + £5 SD the for the lot. PayPal friends and family. Will be posted Wednesday afternoon.