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  1. @Draconicus maybe you can put the ring on a chain and wear it that way ? Just a thought πŸ‘
  2. I would flip for the profit now unless you are in for the set of them to try and sell for big bucks later on to the right buyer πŸ‘
  3. @Kookaburracollector on it's way to you now so shouldn't be long πŸ‘
  4. Your telling me bloody kids I've got 3 that like the shiny stuff 🀣 Added 0 minutes later... What a nice surprise to open up very nice of him πŸ‘
  5. Very nice of them to give you this custom piece and very cool looking round as well. So good luck in your new job πŸ‘
  6. Got mine tucked away lol but no pm 🀣 yet 🀣
  7. I second @5huggy comments was a great day and nice to meet the faces behind the names depending on work I will see if I can make it again
  8. I saw the paddingtons on 50% off as well and on top of that they still had normal stock of Wallace the snowman and the Gruffalo so hopefully they look at this in the future and reduce the price or the mintage
  9. She has just got to get used to it then she will absolutely be fine πŸ‘
  10. She has taken to them like a duck to water she only really has a cry when we put them back on after she has her time off from them.
  11. Sorry for the delay in my prize @Bullionbilly my offerings will be a circulated 2017 beatrix potter Peter rabbit set complete in Royal mint folder and a 1oz 2016 bu Britannia pictures to follow
  12. Thank you Troy. These kids of ours are tougher than we think. As I'm sure you know it's worth putting in all the hard work now to make sure they are all fine in the future.
  13. That's the best thing about her having to go through it all so young is that she will have no idea of what she has already been through. And kids like you mentioned are just amazing so full of hope. I've got all the time in the world for kids and not just my own lol they are always so interested to learn and understand