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  1. Opened this beauty from @DavePanda today. A great looking 2005 S1 rooster for my daughter's box. Have got a few more pick ups to share tomorrow.
  2. Received today some beautiful 90% Kennedy halves courtesy of @1817Karl
  3. Very nice. I will try to get a good pick of all mine tomorrow. Only need the 2oz copper now for the set but still very unsure about the 10oz bar
  4. This holder came in the post today and a massive thanks to @ZatStackz for his help in getting it so looks great now the gold has a home. And a nice addition to the Aztec family courtesy of @SilverStan the 2oz
  5. 5/6 my wrong one was "what would 50p have brought you 50 years ago"
  6. Brilliant if you want to pm me your PayPal details I will get it to you
  7. Do you have any of the 2oz without the premium of the tone ?
  8. This sounds great and at the moment it's looking good for me to attend my first show so fingers crossed it stays that way. Also will be great to meet up with other members 👍
  9. Couple of oz's, had the monkey for about 2 weeks now courtesy of @Pete. 😁 the lunar's are for the youngest 2's boxes for their birth years.