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  1. AgD

    Today I Received

    I got it from a well known member on here and yes a good price indeed 👍
  2. AgD

    Today I Received

    😂just say your popping out for some milk (as you have a few £20's hanging out your pocket) 🤣
  3. AgD

    Today I Received

    That is a shame ask them if you can put a small deposit down
  4. AgD

    Today I Received

    If it's in good shape then I would say snap it up 👍
  5. AgD

    Today I Received

    Nice design and holds a good premium I got one off here a year or so ago for my daughter
  6. AgD

    Today I Received

    Thanks just like the 2005 👍
  7. AgD

    Today I Received

    Second of the day. A lovely 2012 diamond jubilee full sov from @silversurf
  8. AgD

    Today I Received

    Home from work to open my half sovereign 1909 Edward thanks to @shawy2510 off to the post office to pick up a full sov soon so pics to follow
  9. AgD

    Buying from RCM?

    I believe silvergoldbull.com is located in Canada so might be worth your while having a look there
  10. AgD

    Today I Received

    Yrs about £30 ish for the normal and then £70+ for the error
  11. AgD

    Today I Received

    There is a difference in the finish if you look closely at one of them you will see in places that it has a proof like finish which came out in the end as a minting error by the Perth mint so that one demands a higher premium
  12. AgD

    World coins & medals

    1927 Australian parliament house one florin king George V
  13. AgD

    Today I Received

    Yesterday I got this stunning example of the Australian 1927 parliament house florin
  14. AgD

    Favourite Countries? Why?

    I did wonder where that funny hole came from 🤣