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  1. Added a set of proof sterling 10p's today
  2. So what we can assume then is if we see the op description from here on Ebay is to steer clear 😁
  3. Some proof sterling .925 British coins. I like picking these up when I see them at good prices.
  4. Well done @Jay2 and nice draw and brilliant coin ring @PansPurse
  5. AgD

    UK Parliament Petition

    I would have to agree with @HighlandTiger on this one. Why you want the rich to get richer is beyond me because when the country goes even more tits up we would not see any benefit of the government's stock pile of 1000 tonnes of gold all we would see is the smoke off the shoes of the suits. We should start on the removal of vat on silver for private investors like ourselves
  6. It's all the kids these days they want fantasy and fairys and not really interested in how and why what the service's done for the country we live in today. If it wasn't for them it could be a totally different story today.
  7. As it happens I do so sounds great to take the boy when he's a bit older
  8. Very nice adds to the collection. I think I may have to holiday on the isles soon to add different ones 🤣
  9. Your hard work is paying off my friend and the ring looks great. As for who I would pay it forward to well I've made some good friends on YouTube and there would be two candidates. A very good friend from the USA who I chat to a lot. Or would be another good friend from Canada who loves wearing silver rings but I know he would be made up with an old penny
  10. Try adding the item to your basket first then go to checkout before you finalize the transaction. It should then apply any discounts or offers
  11. Got this sweet little .999 silver stamp from the Netherlands in a trade with a friend from YouTube.
  12. @terakris that is a great idea. I'm planning on going with my brother so I won't say yes to a sticker yet just in case. But if I do attend I will be keeping an eye out 👍
  13. This is called goggle box on channel 4 if I'm correct 🤣
  14. Same as @ilovesilverireallydo I buy all my cases, boxes and flips from them and really speedy delivery to
  15. I would cash in and would try a Facebook group. My brother showed me the other day what one guy was selling. He had 116 yes 116 kew's and he was getting 120 each for them