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  1. Not a problem at all just thought I would ask thank you
  2. @Numistacker was my notes on the one that recently got sent back to the states?
  3. I know that feeling as we are or should be about 2/3 weeks off completing our house purchase but are told everything is still going along fine. But in the grand scheme of things if it takes another year to complete so be it let's get this virus sorted out first. But its work as usual for me as I'm classed as merchant Navy so we are making sure all freight gets in and out so most people can carry on as normal. I know @5huggy said he had an appointment today so I do hope all went well
  4. This is a statement I got from my brother that is doing the rounds on social media and I think it's so right and appropriate. @5huggy hope all goes well with you appointment and you can recover well. And for everyone else stay safe and at distance !!!!!!!! THIS IS THE UK RIGHT NOW....!!!!!!!!!!! Public: how can I pay my rent Boris: grants and freezing mortgages Public: what about my business Boris: 12months interest free grants Public: what about my kids Boris:close schools Public: what about my job Boris: your employer cannot sack you due to this pandemic period Public:What about my wages Boris: pay 80% of your wages Boris: please stay indoors as much as possible and avoid contact Public: **** off. Asked to do 1 simple thing and we as a nation struggle. Stop being selfish bastards and for once in your ****ing life think of others before yourselves Copy & paste to get the message out there
  5. I have seen that footwear on some of the little ones at our appointments and will just have to wait and see if we will need them. You are spot on there as yes it does help with taking with other's that are going through the same thing. One thing that we got told is that it was common for boys to have it but rarer in girls for some reason but that don't mean we love them any less
  6. Thank buddy. That's what I thought when I first started the thread and that's what I like about the forum as it's not only PM's that people help people with it's a great sense of community 👍
  7. That must have been quite different to start with having twins and only one with the issue. But I totally agree the leg strength in my little one is great lol. They go through so much in a short space of time but it's all for the best for them in the long run. Always good to hear from others that have or are going through the same processes 👍
  8. That's what we have been told that as long as there is no relapse the it will be only night time wear until 5. She is in a routine now with them that as soon as we put them on she knows it's nearly time for bed lol. But as you say it's all for the best and they don't/won't no any better. It's good to hear from someone that has been through it as well and all the progress the little ones make 👍
  9. Thank you buddy and yes all progress up to this point has been amazing and will keep updated 👍
  10. Libs now £18.50 each for 1-5 and for 5 or more at £18 each
  11. Only the lovely libertad's left. Rest sold
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