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  1. All in all they don't look too bad but just the bunc for me for the collection
  2. Shark's sold just the Landmarks left
  3. Last bump going to withdraw tomorrow. Landmarks now £80 + post Sharks £30 + post
  4. Landmarks now £82 + post Sharks now £30 + post
  5. Silver 2 oz star now sold only the sets left
  6. There was also no new £2 coins minted for circulation in 2018 neither. My brother is a collector of the base metal mint sets and is date running them and he said he is glad he got the sets for the said year as now they are going for silly money on the secondary market
  7. I have a full date run of all denominations of pre 47 British 50% and now just focusing on upgrading the conditions of the ones I have. I did have a fair few kilos but traded a lot with friends from America and Canada so I have a fair collection of their silver coins as well. I am now slowly getting more sterling silver coins .925 pre 1920
  8. The date run will soon be done buddy 😁👍
  9. Can't believe this is still here BBP are selling bullion for £404 good luck with the free bump 👍
  10. These boxes are great and well made I have one as well 👍
  11. Trade dollars and the Guinea now sold
  12. Last bump. Being withdrawn at 2200hrs this evening.