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  1. That is a problem. I've bought boxes and certs for very little on one such site.
  2. I will be doing the same if the commi party make it in, but I'm only a couple of minutes from the moors and will be hiding it up their in a cashe. Coincidentally I'm originally from Richmond and I used to detect Ham Common, on the back boundary to the park wall. In 9 years I found 2 halfs and 1 full sovereign among other things.
  3. Yesterday I had a reply to one of my local ad's for buying gold, offering me two proof 2015 sovereigns. I went to see the chap and everything looked good at first- genuine RM cases, and certs. However it was clear to me that the coins were indeed fake. The frosting was "okay" but not great. They had a flatness about them and lacked detail. The lettering was too thick and the colour was way off. I didn't weigh them, but they felt light. The chap wouldn't let me take photo's. He said he had paid £190 each for them and wanted to flip them to raise funds for Christmas. As you can imagine, he was not happy with my diagnosis. This is the first time I've encountered fake modern proofs. The cases and certs were genuine, so the overall package would have fooled a less astute buyer. Anyone else encountered these yet?
  4. You've only got to look at whats happening in France right now. That will the UK if we don't end up leaving
  5. I'm positioned the same as you. I'm positioned for both scenarios. Either way this is a year to be buying gold and holding it.
  6. My worry with cryptos lies in the vulnerability of the technology. I personally know 3 people who've had money stolen. I don't know the ins and outs of cryptos, but I would be worried at pilling all my money in as some experts advocate. In a SHTF senario your could see prolonged power cuts and Internet infrastructure go down. What then for those who have all their money in crypto? You can't buy a weeks shopping without a form of physical barter. I know sone who've sold all their gold and silver for crypto. Crypto should be treated like a speculation at best, a quick money maker, but imo not a long term hold.
  7. I agree. A pointless and worthless report. There are so many factors the full report did not address, which makes it look amateurish at best. It's a finger in the wind prediction at best, nothing more. The fact that they cannot predict world events that act as big drivers to the price of metals, puts their report in the waste bin. Between now and 2030 who actually knows what will happen, unless you have the ability to control it (cue the conspiracy theorists)
  8. Interesting article about the World Bank's future predictions for 2018 and beyond. In their eyes, silver and gold likely to decline in real terms. Make of this what you will.... http://www.kitco.com/news/2017-10-27/World-Bank-Places-Bets-on-This-Precious-Metal-And-It-s-Not-Gold.html
  9. Try weighing 138kg like me
  10. Nice to hear @gavstick Getting your priorities right is a great first step towards building a wealth that lasts. You'll also be around longer to enjoy it. Can I ask do you have a theme to your collection, i.e. types, years etc?
  11. Good shout. I bought a half on ebay that was advertised as a full. Seller was fine about resolving it immediately, so I don't think it was deliberate. We agreed a partial refund to equal the correct cost. Some people simply do not know the difference.
  12. Time will tell. It was the only 2017 I didn't go for.
  13. I sold a double and a single from a triple set at the start of the year. The single fetched £1100 and i could only get £900 on the double. The doubles just don't have the demand of the singles. Given the size, they naturally exhibit loads of detail and a real beautiful coin to behold
  14. They've never had them except once. They keep the listing open as it adds keywords to their website, hence bringing it up in more web searches
  15. I've been watching a few. Plenty of buy me now listing for around £320-350. This is my third. I have one in a set, one slabbed and one raw. I personally think they'll appreciate nicely to around 50% of the price of the full versions.