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  1. why did they take it out of PCGS HOLDER It was a 70 now its a 69 they should never have cross graded it, lower that coin cost me 800 now worth bad
  2. he got done for robbing Boy Scouts
  3. Thats how they get away with fakes, no pictures on PCGS, guy stole 7k coin from me so be careful, guys a crook
  4. who is selling it, watch out for keith ainsley if on facebook, the guy sells fakes Regards Regal
  5. Hi Marc Is one with Numi, as want to get the regal collection on it Regards Paul
  6. LOOKING FOR 2017 Five Pound Sovereign Must Be PF70
  7. LOOKING FOR 2017 Piedfort Sovereign either Graded PF70 or Boxed Must be Spotless Tell me your price
  8. Never in the field of human conflict has Regal owned a panda, never never
  9. For Sale 1989 Sovereign PF70 Ultra Cameo This coin is a great example and graded PF70 Ultra Cameo these coins will be sought after and a lot more expensive in the coming year, so grab this Bargain now NGC Coin Grading for 1989 Sovereign PF70 Ultra Cameo below https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/2817631-003/70/ My Asking price is £1900 ONO you can make me an offer send offers to paul@silverdays.co.uk
  10. you got pic give you good price
  11. the coin was £5 Sovereign with privy mark, will find out about Piedfort
  12. I love the two dragons could bee one that slips under the radar
  13. going to do bumper unboxing once I get a few more, waiting for my Dutch master pieces to come home LOL