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  1. Whichever you find closest to spot price .
  2. Mine is a half sovereign , the picture you placed is also a half ? Edit : OK I read after my post that your picture was from a proof one.Here is another picture. Mine is the left one. @sg86 the only concern I have is how the mark happened
  3. It came from a trustworthy dealer from UK , I don’t think his personnel missed it.
  4. @ilovesilverireallydo All are common. What kind of error is the following above the tail?
  5. Correct JunkBond , forgot to mention that it is not a legal tender .
  6. Saudi Arabia Gold Guinea Cyprus Archbishop Makarios Gold Sovereign
  7. I dealt with them in the past when they had lower shipping cost.No issue. products came with ups. Never sell to them ,I can see that sovs are at 99% of spot price.
  8. The double 2017 proof sovereign inside premium set
  9. I still can see postage charges for international delivery . I am choosing 5 or 10 sovs (2017 or 2018).
  10. [mention=3381]ChardLizzie[/mention] Any postage price reduction offer for EU customers?
  11. Is there any chance to see the bullion 2017 halfs at this offer?
  12. @Airmac your first shield sovereign is a scarce one ?