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  1. Yes I would only buy from trusted member/high feedback on eBay. would you trust me to send you a £1000 coin in the post if you had already paid me? And I had no feedback I would send it btw 😂 But you never know who you are dealing with if no feedback etc
  2. BYB IMO is working in the same way PayPal works so in my eyes is worth the extra % to make all party's protected via trusted member. if I had was an established member I could probably trade without it
  3. Yes sold pending payment I will close thread when complete
  4. Bump spot price gold £950 + delivery
  5. 2017 1OZ / 30GRAM GOLD BULLION PANDA FOR SALE Adjusting my stack and sadly the Panda will be going Still in its OMP, I bought this from Atkinsons in 2017 in mint condition no visible scratches Selling for current spot price which is £985 + special signed for delivery £15 total £1000 I have sold on the forum before to Abyss using BYB interim service @ 2% of total, I have not asked BYB yet but if the potential buyer would like to do this I can contact him and ask if he is willing to verify the coin before release of funds. This cost would be past on to the buyer. Otherwise payment via bank transfer only
  6. Royal mint are still taking phone orders for the silver proof, just ordered one dispatched within 21 days