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  1. Maybe people don’t have the funds available till next week as it’s pay day 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Selling for what I paid from the royal mint £65 inc postage if it won’t sell, I’ll be sending it back to them. Coa: 1353
  3. Number 14,999 sold for £245 so people do pay more just for a number.
  4. I ordered mine at 00.49 on Monday morning, I got one in the 1400's and the other in the 1700's.
  5. Its still £3.99 plus postage, the £5.99 includes a Christmas card
  6. Get one of eBay for around £90, you never know that might be cheap compared to this time next year. Or check item number 264024989244
  7. Working fine for me, mines been dispatched so should receive them soon
  8. Got 2, surprised they haven't sold out yet
  9. I sold them for £270 each
  10. blab

    1/4 Gold Unicorn

    I'm not after a graded one, but thanks anyway.
  11. blab

    1/4 Gold Unicorn

    Did you check all your site's? [emoji14]
  12. blab

    1/4 Gold Unicorn

    Thanks lol [emoji3]