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  1. blab

    completed Gold and bits of silver

    Best I will do is £30 Inc first class delivery.
  2. blab

    completed Gold and bits of silver

    Try to show the slight milk spotting on the queen but very hard to see, it's slightly on the cheek and under the 1 dollar. (I think its milk spot anyway) Last thing to sell. £30 plus postage now.
  3. blab

    completed Gold and bits of silver

    I'm afraid they have been sold (pending payment) Not long before your message. Thanks
  4. blab

    completed Gold and bits of silver

    Last bump discounted again Not going to be discounted any more.
  5. blab

    completed Gold and bits of silver

    Sorry, but bank transfer only
  6. blab

    completed Gold and bits of silver

    BUMP (Discounted)
  7. blab

    1/4 queens beast coins

    I sold them for £270 each
  8. blab

    completed Gold and bits of silver

    Nothing to serious I just need a new car, the one I have is 18 years old lol and beyond repair, so selling up to get a new one. I will be buying again maybe later on in the year.
  9. Regrettably having to sell my whole stack 1/4 gold Queens beast Lion (SOLD) 1/4 gold Queens beast Griffin (SOLD) 1/4 gold Queens beast Dragon (SOLD) 1/10 gold 2014 kangaroo (SOLD) 1/10 gold 2016 kangaroo (SOLD) 1/10 gold 2017 kangaroo (SOLD) 1/10 gold 2018 kangaroo (SOLD) 1/10 gold 2011 Perth Lunar Rabbit (SOLD) 1/10 gold 2010 Perth Lunar Tiger (SOLD) 1x 2017 half sovereign (SOLD) 1oz Silver Swan (slight spotting on queens side) (SOLD) 1oz silver Eagle (SOLD) 100gram silver bar hallmarked Sheffield (SOLD) All plus postage of your choice. Payment via bank transfer.
  10. blab

    1/4 Gold Unicorn

    I'm not after a graded one, but thanks anyway.
  11. blab

    1/4 Gold Unicorn

    Did you check all your site's? [emoji14]
  12. blab

    1/4 Gold Unicorn

    Thanks lol [emoji3]
  13. blab

    1/4 Gold Unicorn

    Does anyone know where the cheapest place in the UK is to buy one of these apart from Atkinsons? Thanks
  14. blab

    Coin Collecting: 50 Pence

    You can have mine if you want? I can just pop it in an envelope in the post? It's not the best of condition though.