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  1. kiskelo

    New to the forum

    Welcome. You wont go far wrong on here.
  2. Received mine yesterday. Many thanks to @BackyardBullion and mrs byb, much appreciated for all your efforts.
  3. kiskelo

    RM James Bond coin + competition

    I have had 2 from general circulation. M for mackintosh and W for world wide web.
  4. kiskelo

    Tracking your stock

    Simple spreadsheet, you can track whatever you want, amount, cost, weight, where from, total spent (that bit can get scary) etc. Different pages etc
  5. kiskelo

    2018 South Korea 1 Oz Silver ZI:SIN Canis (BU)

    Nice coin, 2nd in the series?
  6. kiskelo

    Favourite Countries? Why?

    Agree with @Bullionaire, been there 5 times in 5 years, off there again next week. Great weather in Summer.
  7. kiskelo

    First gold purchase, what should i have?

    Probably purchasing from RM.
  8. 2018 sovereign vs 2018 1/4 Britannia. Opinions?
  9. kiskelo

    for sale Copper Bullion - 1 oz Rounds 999 pure copper

    PM sent. ?
  10. kiskelo


    Only 95.7 oz, 2976g.
  11. kiskelo

    Today I Received

  12. kiskelo

    completed 5 oz Copper Cubes - Elemental Copper Bullion

    I’ll take one. Pm sent
  13. kiskelo

    for sale 2004 half sovereign

    Any pics? Bit confused on price, started at £115, reduced to £115????
  14. kiskelo

    RM gold up 9%?????

    Updated, think they noticed. LOL.