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  1. kiskelo

    for sale Copper Bullion - 1 oz Rounds 999 pure copper

    PM sent. 😎
  2. kiskelo


    Only 95.7 oz, 2976g.
  3. kiskelo

    Today I Received

  4. kiskelo

    completed 5 oz Copper Cubes - Elemental Copper Bullion

    I’ll take one. Pm sent
  5. kiskelo

    for sale 2004 half sovereign

    Any pics? Bit confused on price, started at £115, reduced to £115????
  6. kiskelo

    RM gold up 9%?????

    Updated, think they noticed. LOL.
  7. kiskelo

    RM gold up 9%?????

    Its the other way around, they are selling to you at £977.75 and buying from you at £1054.25 less 1% commission. Just sold some "signature gold" at £1043 and I can buy back at £980 I'm expecting the transaction to be stopped.
  8. Why not give them £20,000 on the condition that they cannot receive any benefits until they retire at 80+
  9. kiskelo

    withdrawn Recent Silver Purchases

    Just completed a trade with this new member, he agreed to send the coin and then accept payment on arrival. Coin came well packaged, confirmed as genuine . Look forward to trading with again.
  10. kiskelo

    RM gold up 9%?????

    Has RM messed up its gold price. Will they honour any sales? Theoretically you can sell, buy, sell, buy ......... and make a profit each time?
  11. kiskelo

    **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    The only solution I can see is to only order what is in stock. This will cause its own issues, do people hold back until the last minute to see if the pre release coins have come into stock therefore inundating @BackyardBullion with loads of last minute orders? If people hold off will coins they have an eye on sell out? Not too sure of the financial implications if people put in 2 or 3 separate orders, eg transferwise costs?
  12. kiskelo

    withdrawn Recent Silver Purchases

    Confused, bought, selling or both?
  13. kiskelo

    **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    Bloody hell. And still 90 mins to go.