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  1. In 2019 we celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Britain’s second longest reigning monarch Queen Victoria. The Royal Mint is now pleased to be able to offer you original Queen Victoria Sovereign’s from her Golden Jubilee year in 1887. 1887 Victoria Sovereign Queen Victoria’s sovereignty ended after a record 63 years on the throne, not only did Victoria reign over the largest empire the world had ever known, that included a quarter of the world’s population, but her coinage had also become one of the most unique in British history. Queen Victoria was the first to issue £5 gold coins for general circulation, first to issue a gold Sovereign to feature both George and the Dragon and Shield reverses, and she issued new coins such as the famous ‘Godless’ Silver Florins and the ‘Barmaids Grief’, the Double Florin. The standout moment however, occurred in 1887 when to celebrate her Golden Jubilee, a new portrait was designed to grace Victoria’s coinage. The new effigy of the Queen, the Jubilee head portrait, was produced by the skilled engraver Joseph Edgar Boehm. At the forefront of this portrait change was the trusted Sovereign, the coin that built the Empire, but very specially, half, Double and the fabled Quintuple Sovereign were also struck to honour Queen Victoria’s remarkable achievements. Coins that, due to its rarity, can only be available by invitation With so much interest in the history of the British Royal Family, and the Victorian age in particular, sought after coins such as this are in considerable demand and are becoming much harder to procure in the marketplace. The Royal Mint has been able to secure a small quantity of this precise year date- the 1887 Sovereigns in all four of the denominations they were struck in, but they are guaranteed to sell out quickly. 1887 £5 (Quintuple) Sovereign – 40 grams of 22k Gold – The first ever released circulated £5 Sovereign in history - £2,995 1887 £2 (Double) Sovereign – 15.96 grams of 22k Gold - The second ever released circulated £2 in history - £1,420 1887 full sovereign – 7.98 grams of 22k Gold £495 1887 Half sovereign – 3.99 grams of 22k Gold £255 Complete set for £5,165
  2. kiskelo

    Stephen Hawking 50p

    Anyone got any info on prices?
  3. Hi, can I reserve #16 again please?
  4. 👍 Received an unexpected signed for parcel today but damn I was out, now wondering what it was. Going away for the weekend so will have to wait until Tuesday, double damn.
  5. Got one silver and one bu, just as a matter of interest gone onto the RM site this morning and their are 42,000 in the queue.
  6. Same happened to me, hit place order and lost the page, went back to basket and went through checkout again. Finally managed to get one.
  7. Coin connection out of stock, will probably have them at inflated prices when the sun comes up
  8. Hi, I will take 1 of each of the second release please. OK to combine with group order.
  9. Put me down for one if manage to sort, will you be getting copper as you did with the first?