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  1. In good condition at a reasonable price please.
  2. Welcome from Staffordshire.
  3. Welcome from another part of the Midlands.
  4. I think 999 silver has a sg of 10.49 Specific Gravity & Melting Point Metal °F Specific Gravity Silver 1761 10.49 Sterling Silver 1640 10.36 Coin Silver 1615 10.31 Tin 450 7.30
  5. I use revolut, very easy to use and great exchange rates.
  6. https://www.lpm.hk/
  7. No international shipping. ☹️
  8. Anyone got one of these and can get it to me in the UK at a reasonable price?
  9. Anyone got one of these for sale or could possibly get one to me in the UK at a reasonable price?