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  1. For a few minutes I was resigned to us losing but would have been happy for the team just to have reached the final. Glad they pulled it off even though it was nerve wracking.
  2. I still can't get over that last hour of the final, just unbelievable. Result could have gone either way, never seen anything that close before and all I keep thinking is; 'wow, England & Wales have done it'. Great sportsmanship shown by the New Zealand team. Who would have thought it would have ended like this? I've been on nights so had to watch the last hour at work and had no way of celebrating with a beer, so I'm making up for it now Congratulations to both teams and thanks for the most memorable cricket match I've ever seen on telly. Now for another beer.
  3. Got these in the post today within less than a day of buying them from @Robjw
  4. MickB

    UK Parliament Petition

    Just signed it. Now at 16 signatures but early stages yet.
  5. MickB

    Icons of Route 66

    Thanks has to go to @Alun . He pointed me in the right direction
  6. MickB

    Icons of Route 66

    Just ordered a couple earlier on @SilverStan 's website.
  7. MickB

    Icons of Route 66

    Are there any UK dealers selling the 5th shield in the series? I used to get mine from EJP bullion but they're no longer in business.
  8. Today I picked up two bricks from the Croatian foundry that weigh 3 kilos each. These being standard aluminium the owner advised that I should get them nickel plated. Would save them from oxidising over time and would look better as an ornament. The foundry owner said he'd keep hold of the brick to make another copy that would be highly polished as he would use another aluminium instead and will spend more time in the process. I'll look forward to that one being finished. I'll pick up that one in a few months time.
  9. As much luck as I have had lately. Week before setting off to Croatia in my motor the air con compressor failed, two tyres needed changing and rear pads were found worn. All sorted until the day before we were supposed to go, an engine fault occurred. Glow plug fault came up. Easy fix but it sheared inside the head so I had to pay through the nose for a mobile tech to sort it in situ. Then the engine fault came back, egr fault this time. Replaced that only for another fault to then appear as a turbo boost fault. Sorted that and £1400 lighter before my holiday started a day late. The joys of motoring
  10. I'm not giving up hope as I may contact Geiger Edelmetalle to see if they can make it for me.
  11. Funny enough now that you mention it, I am. I'm looking at getting a miniature brick made of silver, roughly just over a kilo. I was speaking to a friend at work who knows a jeweller in Hatton Garden who could sort it out for me. London Brick used to make miniature bricks to give away as samples and I have one at home. I think a gold version would be out of my price range though
  12. The foundry in Croatia should cast a bronze one far cheaper than what I paid in London. I like to keep the costs down.
  13. The bronze brick wasn't cheap, cost me £220. They quoted me £180 for an aluminium version but I decided to find out the prices in Croatia which I'm very pleased with. Haven't yet paid for the aluminium one yet but costing 10 Euros per kilo it was a guess at 40 Euros for the finished product. Also the foundry owner who speaks English gave me a number for another foundry who cast in bronze and brass. I'm looking at driving back over in a few months to get a few more made.
  14. It's been a while since I looked into getting an aluminium brick made but the firm in Croatia were very helpful. Picking it up in a few days when it should be finished and polished.
  15. I bought these from a firm in Holland at 10 Euros each and have ordered a case of six more. A bit pricey but there's one brand that sells for 75 Euros per bottle, don't understand why they charge that high a price. It is very smooth to drink and there's no other water like it, so I don't mind buying it once in a while.
  16. At a guess I'd say they were found by metal detectors and never got declared.
  17. Nice. I hope the Met Police do the same down south.
  18. It's not dangerous if they use their mirrors properly. Hogging the middle lane makes manouvres harder.
  19. Frequently being frustrated by middle lane road hogs I was wondering why it still happens even though the law has changed. Whilst driving on the M1 between Watford & London I have noticed that Uber drivers and Addison Lee drivers are the worst culprits in both directions. Hats off to the black cab drivers who stick to the rules and don't hog the middle lane. Maybe it's because of this from TomTom that they think they have the right to block a middle lane regardless.
  20. No wonder my missus was eager to buy them for me 😄
  21. My wife picked up a bottle of bilberry tablets in town today. Won't hurt to try them out but I will probably get them online much cheaper next time rather than pay over the odds from the high street .
  22. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-coins/royal-mint-gold-lunar-series/2017-royal-mint-quarter-year-rooster-gold-coin/ This must be the slowest release for a set ever as it doesn't keep up with the rest of the series regarding availability. I did buy the 2015 1/4oz year of the sheep and will look at buying the year of the monkey but was hoping to be able to get the rooster as cheap as what the Royal Mint are selling them for. I haven't seen a 1/4oz gold 2014 year of the horse yet.
  23. I'm going ot book an eye test for next week but I've never been keen on the idea of them. At work I sometimes walk in when someone has dropped a contact lens only to get told not to move in case I step on it! If it's on the floor then it's not worth picking up. Too much hassle with contact lenses.