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  1. Apparently his cause of death was by drowning as he failed a specific gravity test.
  2. Rubbed silver onto his body and turned blue? We'd all have blue hands after fondling our silver if that was the case. Surely he was drinking colloidal silver to get like that.
  3. You'd pay me in gold to take her back
  4. Fractionals are ok as a present to buy someone who hasn't got any precious metals. I've bought them as presents for family members and they appreciate them as it's something different for them to own and not too dear for me to buy.
  5. For a moment when I saw their buyback prices I thought that something big happened overnight so I checked the news and everything appears normal. My missus is gutted
  6. Whilst looking at Gerrards website I noticed their prices are a bit steep but also their buyback prices as well. Only works if you have purchased from them but who would buy at these prices? My missus now wants me to cash in our gold, if only these were today's prices. http://preciousmetals.co/selltous
  7. Shame they've finished as they were good to buy from.
  8. I've noticed that their site has been down for over a week now as it's under maintenance but it still says it aims to be live within the hour?!!
  9. Someone who lives a few miles from where I live in Bucks shot the third biggest boar in Croatia a few years ago. It may have been the third biggest of that year but it got his photo in a hunting magazine at the time. Not nice animals to be cornered by.
  10. I had a few hunters walk past my cottage one Sunday morning with hunting rifles and one had an AK-47. I asked what the AK was for and they said it was in case they missed the first time with the rifles
  11. It's not in the coastal area of Croatia, more like a hunter's paradise inland where wild boar roam!
  12. My holiday home insurance is due for renewal for my cottage in Croatia and was wondering if there are any reasonable insurers out there. My premiums have been going up but regarding the small print, there's less covered. For what I can work out my cottage is only insured for a truck driving through it. Spoke to them earlier and they say it is covered for quite a bit but the paperwork doesn't help when you first read it. Doesn't reassure me when I'm parting with money and reading the terms and conditions only to find out it's full of legal loopholes.
  13. It would be interesting to know if they outsource for their blanks as I read that's what the Royal Mint do for their sovereign blanks. Hopefully it's just an issue with the Krugerrand.
  14. Would it be easier for you to sell most of it & then buy it back once in the UK?
  15. Today I received a case of bottled iceberg water. Four out of the six bottles survived the Yodel delivery and I wish I was at home when the delivery arrived as I would have sent it all back. The driver just shrugged his shoulders at my wife and said I need to chase up with the supplier for a refund for the damaged goods. Trying to get hold of Yodel on a Saturday is something else. Apart from that, this is the best water to drink.
  16. Reminds me of the time whilst visiting friends in Croatia where they found a thick glass bottle with a clear fluid which was left in their shed. Thinking it was alcohol, they offered it first to my wife but I stopped her from touching it. Our friend with a bit of bravado behind him took a swig but immediately spat it out and turn a funny colour along with his mouth burning. It was a bottle of battery acid and it blew his gums away!
  17. At work we were wondering what AC-12 stood for in the BBC Line of Duty Police drama. One theory is that if you swap the numbers for the letters of the alphabet in the same order; number one for the letter A & two for B, you end up with ACAB (All Coppers Are B******S) What a sneaky way for the scriptwriter to add in a subliminal message.!
  18. Got sent this earlier. Took me a moment to realise......
  19. A bit odd that the images are for the gold coin designs but they frame a silver 1oz with them.
  20. It would look good as a ten ounce version if the Royal Mint want to really milk it.
  21. Are there too many arms to introduce as a series?
  22. https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/The-Royal-Arms/Silver/B19CAS1C Just had an email from the Royal Mint regarding this coin. Can't wait to get some.