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    Bullion Sovereigns and 1/4 oz British gold coins.

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  1. My position exactly when I opened mine. As a result I chose St James in Manchester - much cheaper (£80 a year compared to £240 for the smallest size), offer discounts for purchasing multiple years and independent of a bank.
  2. No I’m not proud of the crusades. The slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the name of holy wars is nothing to be proud of in my humble opinion. And the argument of “the Muslims did it too/first” is definitely not good enough justification. Of course I am, but that doesn’t absolve my belief of all criticism. Blindly following a faith is destructive and dangerous, and as history has shown, leads to all manners of evil.
  3. I’m not trying to paint you as a monster at all. My point was simply that is it not far too simplistic to claim that your belief is the one true “unbeatable” and that all others are wrong? Catholicism historically has many evil deeds to answer for - as do most, if not all other religions. It is far from perfect and as a Catholic myself, i feel it’s very important to reflect on that fact.
  4. While I’ve found this thread very interesting to read, I don’t feel this forum is an appropriate place to label another’s belief “false”. Unbeatable in what sense of the word? As conquerors? - I’m not so sure that’s something to be proud of.
  5. Shep

    sovereign best prices

    Hatton Garden Metals used to often offer some of the best prices for buying purely bullion coins, and sometimes you would even be pleasantly surprised when they would send a proof or a special year bullion sovereign at no extra cost. In the last few years however they seemed to have wised up and started to sell the shield backs, special years and proofs at a premium and their bullion prices are now in my opinion more or less comparable to most other dealers. For example - https://atkinsonsbullion.com/ or https://www.chards.co.uk As you alluded to though, if it’s bog standard bullion sovereigns he wants without having to do his research, HGM have a good reputation and can probably be relied on to provide them at competitive prices month on month.
  6. Shep

    hattons 1/4 sov

    I would say so. Youll find regular bullion sovereigns and half sovereigns produced by the Royal Mint usually provide much better value for money if you’re looking to build gold volume (stacking) rather than collect specific coins. Also, despite the images on the Royal Mint bullion website, they don’t look as pink in real life.
  7. Shep

    hattons 1/4 sov

    I see the bigger issue being the maths don’t make sense buying 2g of 22ct gold for £99. Unless you’re looking to collect this particular coin, it’s quite highly overpriced even at this “sale” price.
  8. https://buckinghamcollection.co.uk/product/2019-gold-bullion-sovereign/ 2019 Sovereigns at £284.99 inc p&p from The Buckingham Collection. Caveat emptor.
  9. Shep

    Red spot disaster!

    Visited the safety deposit box earlier today and was greeted with this horror show five sovereign piece. Any suggestions on where I could get this “conserved” would be gladly received!
  10. No. All a DBS check (of any flavour) does is proves if a person has or hasn’t been caught. Trustworthiness and integrity are things that are earned, not proved by a bit of paper. There are many unscrupulous characters in this business we call our hobby ( a couple of dealers spring to mind) who I’m sure would pass a DBS check. I still wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. Of course, I’m not commenting on your trustworthiness or integrity, just commenting on DBS checks generally.
  11. This privy mark buisiness is all getting a little bit silly in my opinion.. The Royal Mint seem to be slapping them on anything and everything and I feel it’s become too much of a gimmick.
  12. I don’t see what the issue is here, I thought people on this forum were entitled to post their opinions on experiences they have had when purchasing PMs. Even if some members have been critical, to my mind nothing that has been posted has been false or particularly malicious in nature. TBC dropped the ball, then tried to rectify it while continuing to communicate with customers in a strange defensive manner. If it offends, don’t read.
  13. I’m interested to hear peoples thoughts on the future of Matt BU sovereigns. Is this just for 2019 or will all BUs and SOTD’s now be matt? I like the finish and hope they are just something special for this year. I fear however, that the Royal Mint will milk the cash cow and they are now here to stay.
  14. I think we can guarantee that we will also be gouged in the future for any strike on the day releases. I feel £500 will appear a paltry sum compared to what they have in store....😔
  15. The increase for the BU matt sovereign is extortionate! I really wonder how they can justify such a jump in price. Although, I’m sure they have no need to, as people will no doubt still buy from them regardless.