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  1. @Oldun and thank you for yours. I think as this situation is proving one thing that cannot be relied upon is people’s intelligence. That being said, I also completely understand where you are coming from.
  2. This is hard to read, please don’t tar us all with this brush. I’m 26 and a nurse in the British Army, myself and my colleagues are all well under the age of 50 but all willingly give our service alongside the nhs staff we work with. Many “young” people will be picking up the pieces of this pandemic for a long time to come at considerable risk to ourselves and the people we live with. I will also say that it doesn’t make life any easier when we finish work and those idiots of all ages who are off work and supposedly self isolating have very kindly cleared all the shelves.
  3. Shep

    A post of thanks

    Yet another thread derailed..
  4. Take a look at this joker. What a bargin! Good of them to add the free postage mind 🙄.
  5. The flippers will be going wild, £1 selling fees on eBay till Tuesday. Nothing wrong with buying and selling to make a profit, although it’s easy to see why collectors are getting pretty hacked off with these rinse and repeat sell out SOTD Sovs. I’m interested to hear the general consensus - was the better buy for long term collectability the SOTD Sov or the gold proof 50p?
  6. Choo Choo the hype train strikes again. This entire situation with the SOTD Sov is going to reaffirm to the Royal Mint that they can effectively pluck out of thin air any price point they want, regardless of the premuim over the gold content. Sad and expensive times lie ahead for Sovereign collectors.
  7. With this £800 pricing of the SOTD Sov it seems the Royal Mint is reacting to previous SOTD secondary market sales and trying to well and truely take the scalps of the flippers. Absolutely outrageous pricing, but will no doubt be lapped up as per usual once the hype train rolls in. Edit - Insult to injury the portcullis privy is lame, lazy and woefully uninspired for such an important event.
  8. My position exactly when I opened mine. As a result I chose St James in Manchester - much cheaper (£80 a year compared to £240 for the smallest size), offer discounts for purchasing multiple years and independent of a bank.
  9. No I’m not proud of the crusades. The slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the name of holy wars is nothing to be proud of in my humble opinion. And the argument of “the Muslims did it too/first” is definitely not good enough justification. Of course I am, but that doesn’t absolve my belief of all criticism. Blindly following a faith is destructive and dangerous, and as history has shown, leads to all manners of evil.
  10. I’m not trying to paint you as a monster at all. My point was simply that is it not far too simplistic to claim that your belief is the one true “unbeatable” and that all others are wrong? Catholicism historically has many evil deeds to answer for - as do most, if not all other religions. It is far from perfect and as a Catholic myself, i feel it’s very important to reflect on that fact.
  11. While I’ve found this thread very interesting to read, I don’t feel this forum is an appropriate place to label another’s belief “false”. Unbeatable in what sense of the word? As conquerors? - I’m not so sure that’s something to be proud of.
  12. Shep

    sovereign best prices

    Hatton Garden Metals used to often offer some of the best prices for buying purely bullion coins, and sometimes you would even be pleasantly surprised when they would send a proof or a special year bullion sovereign at no extra cost. In the last few years however they seemed to have wised up and started to sell the shield backs, special years and proofs at a premium and their bullion prices are now in my opinion more or less comparable to most other dealers. For example - https://atkinsonsbullion.com/ or https://www.chards.co.uk As you alluded to though, if it’s bog standard bullion sovereigns he wants without having to do his research, HGM have a good reputation and can probably be relied on to provide them at competitive prices month on month.
  13. Shep

    hattons 1/4 sov

    I would say so. Youll find regular bullion sovereigns and half sovereigns produced by the Royal Mint usually provide much better value for money if you’re looking to build gold volume (stacking) rather than collect specific coins. Also, despite the images on the Royal Mint bullion website, they don’t look as pink in real life.
  14. Shep

    hattons 1/4 sov

    I see the bigger issue being the maths don’t make sense buying 2g of 22ct gold for £99. Unless you’re looking to collect this particular coin, it’s quite highly overpriced even at this “sale” price.
  15. https://buckinghamcollection.co.uk/product/2019-gold-bullion-sovereign/ 2019 Sovereigns at £284.99 inc p&p from The Buckingham Collection. Caveat emptor.
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