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    Bullionbilly got a reaction from danmc82 in FREE SILVER   
    @kimchi this ones for you to explain
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    Bullionbilly got a reaction from Bullionaire in Today I Received   
    Great pictures 
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    Bullionbilly reacted to HelpingHands in 100g Water Buffalo size discrepancy   
    If you post a photo of your coin somebody here may have one and be able to compare.
    Coins aren't always precise to specs.   I don't think it's anything to worry about.
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    Bullionbilly got a reaction from richatthecroft in FREE SILVER   
    I think the record was when @kimchi uploaded his tinder pictures by mistake.🤫
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    Bullionbilly reacted to danmc82 in FREE SILVER   
    Probably best for me not to ask...
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    Bullionbilly reacted to Tingles in Diverting funds for a small project.   
    It does sound like real bloke stuff!!
    Thats how we built an Empire - well that and gunboats, opium and other sh1t.
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    Bullionbilly got a reaction from Bullionaire in Today I Received   
    Great pictures 
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    Bullionbilly reacted to Cornishfarmer in Explain your Handle/Member Name   
    I am crornish and I’m a fisherman!!!!
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    Bullionbilly reacted to StackerNoob in Want to say hi and thanks   
    I can tell you are going to be my kind of guy. Welcome to the forum! @vanderPoot!
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    Bullionbilly reacted to VonHaida in Today I Received   
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    Bullionbilly reacted to augur in Today I Received   
    Spot the difference 

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    Bullionbilly reacted to BackyardBullion in Is it just me, or.....   
    You want banter....
    Who put the solitary thumbs down on my unboxing? Come on, show your face, I dare you!


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    Bullionbilly reacted to Laurens88 in FREE SILVER   
    Two option;
    We gather the Dutch fleet and sail up the Thames like in the good old days.
    swear fealty to the house of Windsor, the Queen and proclaim my appartement to be British territory and part of the United Kingdom.
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    Bullionbilly got a reaction from Skelator88 in Silver Rounds 1oz & 2oz   
    Some very nice pieces !
    Good luck with the sales 👍
  17. Haha
    Bullionbilly reacted to fehk2001 in FREE SILVER   
    I did though twice do I send u that scary movie 
    but I think it’s best to do that 
    worst case is pay for damage or bring u to a strip club for free 😂
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    Bullionbilly got a reaction from kimchi in FREE SILVER   
    Yes he did... it was like a horror movie 😆
    Still came good though. Top bloke 👍
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    Bullionbilly reacted to kimchi in FREE SILVER   
    She has never properly appreciated your testicles aye? Silly gal
    I was of course happy to return them you mate, that crane jump literally took balls
    But retrieve them, bit of silver dip, a specialist rub and polish courtesy of @fehk2001, and all as good as new eh? A plum job, so to speak
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    Bullionbilly got a reaction from JunkBond in FREE SILVER   
    Im not climbing or jumping off anything else again. 
    Yes... @kimchi brought my half oz noahs ark to the hospital with my grapes but my wife thought i was silly. 
    Added 0 minutes later... Top offer @JunkBond
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    Bullionbilly reacted to JunkBond in FREE SILVER   
    In the spirit of the forum community, I am running a FREE OUNCE OF SILVER giveaway for Members with a UK address.
    To win your FREE MILKY MAPLE all you have to do is like this post any you will be entered into the draw.
    The draw will be made Friday 21st September (This Friday) and every "LIKE" received before noon on the Friday will be eligible.
    The winner will be posted up here and I will PM you asking where you would like the coin sent.
    There is no catch, you don't have to subscribe to anything, postage is free. UK address only.
    Good luck everyone!!

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    Bullionbilly reacted to SILVERFINGER in THE NEXT QUEENS BEAST (I DONT LIKE IT)   
    Its because I am blind and have trouble finding my old topics again 
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    Bullionbilly reacted to richatthecroft in 2 x Scottsdale 5oz Prey Silver bars   
    Trusted seller.  I have bought from @fiveshotdon
    Silver is silver receipt or not. 
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    Bullionbilly reacted to Reichpapers in Today I Received   
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    Bullionbilly reacted to jcdenton in Today I Received   
    These consecutive year silver eagles arrived today from @JunkBond - only bought them off him yesterday too!