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    Bullionbilly reacted to mr-dead in Gairsoppa silver box restoration   
    Recently purchased another Gairsoppa 10oz 4700 mintage bar.  Comes in some really nice packaging and high gloss wooden box but unfortunately like a few others I have seen the inner skin of the box was damaged.
    Stripped it down and had a look and its only made from very thin plastic with a flock coating to give it a velvet feel :
    A quick 3D modelling session in tinkercad and a replacement is done then 3D printed.
    Just ordered a flock kit so will look and feel as original but much stronger

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    Bullionbilly reacted to StackSellRepeat in FREE LUCKY DIP OF COINS/INGOT   

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    Bullionbilly reacted to h103efa in Today I Received.....   
    That's amazing! 
    I'm happy to take that of your hands for 30 + vat, as your photos suggests! 😉😜
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    Bullionbilly reacted to JunkBond in Brexit petition   
    Probably Russian interference
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    Bullionbilly reacted to Goldhooked in Silver price about to plummet   
    Live feed from the trading desk...

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    Bullionbilly reacted to KitboyE17 in where to buy Sovereign 2019   
    Some of the guys earlier this week mentioned the deal above. 
  7. Sad
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    Bullionbilly got a reaction from caloundracats in Brexit status ...   
    Thats bang on.
    Nobody seems to know and nobody seems to have the balls, as the leader theyre damned if they do and damned of they dont ! Brexit for the person at the top is a kamakazi mission.
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    Bullionbilly reacted to mr-dead in Nearly had a 400 oz gold bar   
    Must be a venezuela gold bar, no way they are getting them back lol
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    Bullionbilly reacted to Pete in Nearly had a 400 oz gold bar   
    Whilst visiting the Bank of England today I had my grubby hand on a 400 oz bar they call ‘good delivery’. It certainly was heavy but also well secured.
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    Bullionbilly got a reaction from RichRock in Silver price about to plummet   
    @RichRock. Superb ! 

    Added 0 minutes later... @Wackattak924. Hows the total looking ?
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    Bullionbilly reacted to dixiesilvergirl in Today I made.....   
    last nights pours by the miner, I took the pictures
    The Shark is 999 copper, the Star fish is 999FS and the stingray is Dixie Sterling

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    Bullionbilly reacted to dixiesilvergirl in Today I made.....   
    final stingray pics

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    Bullionbilly reacted to PansPurse in Today I made.....   
    Been making good use of my workshed. The silver project is still a work in progress but here's a little something I knocked up for someone close to me:

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    Bullionbilly reacted to BackyardBullion in Today I made.....   
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    Bullionbilly reacted to dixiesilvergirl in Today I made.....   
    Well it took weeks to make but it waa unboxed today

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    Bullionbilly reacted to CadmiumGreen in Brexit .925 Silver No Idea Limited Release. Forum discount code.   
    After having endured...or is it suffered...or is it sympathized, with everyone going through Brexit after reading through the breadth of TSF Brexit posts (yes, I know I don’t need to read them if it doesn’t interest one, but it is important world geopolitics) 😆...Besides, it is supporting fellow TSF members, so have ordered a couple of each! @SilverStan, great design and excellent work getting the copywrite!
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    Bullionbilly reacted to SilverStan in Brexit .925 Silver No Idea Limited Release. Forum discount code.   
    Thanks for that appreciated.  
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    Bullionbilly got a reaction from richatthecroft in Brexit .925 Silver No Idea Limited Release. Forum discount code.   
    Really cool design. I have to say not a bad price either at the full price. Even better with the discount ! 
    Site looks good aswel, easy to use.
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    Bullionbilly reacted to SilverStan in Brexit .925 Silver No Idea Limited Release. Forum discount code.   
    Hi all, you may of seen the Brexit medals in silver plated.
    Well we were the first to release these, unfortunately we have been copied now.   (Not Silver Release) 
    Anyway we have released a silver version in .925 sterling, fully tested.
    Only 250 of these will be released and I have just received my second batch.
    They are displayed in a nice tin box with viewing window numbered COA with our full glossy artwork.
    There not for the stackers as getting a silver coin produced is very £££ so they are a tad expensive.
    However please have a look, If youd like one use code brexit at checkout  this will take £3.99 off your total.
    The standard ones are also available here, again the first to be released, only 1000 of these and this is the last 25. 
    The original silver plated Brexit Medal comes with a bespoke COA also. 
    Oh and Ive got a new site please have a gander  
    Discount code: brexit
    Please Support us and subscribe to our mailing list
    All our 50p Inspired releases are not legal currency.
    This is not stated on our products and can not be described as a coin legally so we dont or wont.
    All images are our artistic interpatation of the chosen subject.
    We also now copyright all our artwork, we have learned the hard way very early.
    This is meant to be a fun product and we hope thats how it is received.
    Thanks All have a lovely Sunday  
    Please note these are minted similar to standard coins so may show small marks/abrassions why stated as Bullion.
    You can see this on the pictures, nothing to hide. 

  23. Haha
    Bullionbilly reacted to FoolzGold in There is NO silver shortage - Stop the myth - WHY are you still stacking silver ???   
    I'm reminded of Obi-Wan Kenobi explaining the Jedi mind trick to Luke: "The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded."
    Just replace "The Force" with "YouTube" and it all becomes clear.
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    Bullionbilly reacted to Downs523 in 1kg silver bar: anyone selling??   
    Thanks for the link I have made a purchase 😁
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    Bullionbilly reacted to Nick1368 in Open Thread.   
    I have finally achieved my goal of owning 30 oz of gold, started stacking in August and yesterday I hit 31 oz of gold plus 82 oz of silver which wasn't even part of the plan initially.
    Had to sell some of my high premium coins in order to reach my 30 oz goal,  the increase in spot price didn't help either but now I am very happy and have to thank the silver forum members for all your help and advice.
    Being involved with precious metal for 8 months, now I know that I am a stacker, I just can't get my head around paying so much extra money for proof or graded coins, I am focusing on weight and trying to stay as close to spot price price as possible, but never say never, maybe next year this time I change my mind and decide to get into numismatic, proof and graded coins, we shall see.
    when I first started stacking I was really impressed by 1 oz Queen's Beast coins but now I don't really care about them instead I am sooo into American Pre 33 coins, I like my sovereigns too.
    Happy Stacking