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  1. It's been took off ebay, it was active 30 mins ago. 👍
  2. Testing machine. @BackyardBullion offers a service of some kind if i remember correctly.
  3. Edit. This will need to be in the sales section 👍
  4. Great price. Welcome along to the forum.
  5. how much for the remaining 4 ? Posted. Cheers
  6. Any interest in a 1/4 proof falcon ? Maybe we could work out a deal if im not stepping on @5huggy 's toes.
  7. Love the hulk coin ! Thats my favourite so far.
  8. M6 👌😍 Welcome back Johnno
  9. Just a heads up ... After reading a thread on here about the handling of these by the royal mail it could be worthwhile enclosing a note maybe explaining just what these are. Edit. Although im sure theres been loads sent before with no issue
  10. Id completely forgot about this section of the forum ! Anyway... Having had a punt on XRP im wondering where you guys see it in 12 months time ? Ive watched a few videos on it and it confuses me even more. The money i put in is money i dont mind losing so no real loss. A bloke who delivers to me at work swears by it and says he's expecting good things in the next month or 2. Cheers.
  11. Where are they / you located ? Maybe TSF members could relay it to you 🤔
  12. Thank Thanks. Id have had 2. Pm me if it falls through. Cheers