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  1. Not yet.... Added 0 minutes later... A picture in better light.
  2. Let me have a word with him. Im sure we can work something out.
  3. Some nice 100g bars. 8 Available. Selling for a pal of mine. £62 each . Or £60 each on 2 or more. plus post . Or collect from Sheffield s26.
  4. Or owls about £13.75 on 100 oz using tranferwise for conversion.
  5. Mine used to come with TNT. Excellent service from them. Updates on every step and a text on delivery day.
  6. 👍. The roo's at gs.be work out at £14.50
  7. Gs.be have 2020 roo's in to ship out from what i can see. Added 0 minutes later... What did they work out at ?
  8. I did worry about the shipping. Only trouble is now its all pre order 🤣
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