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  1. Bullionbilly

    First purchace

    Nice video ! Ash is an absolute diamond to deal with. Never any issues . 👍
  2. Bullionbilly


    Very nice ripples indeed. Great 1st try 👍
  3. Bullionbilly

    Most consumer safes are garbage and can be opened in seconds

    Even i have no way around that ! Just googling police trained Alsatians 😁
  4. Bullionbilly

    Most consumer safes are garbage and can be opened in seconds

    Bloody hell.... no words 😮
  5. Bullionbilly

    completed Final Reduction Silver Brits 1oz 2013 x ALL SOLD

    Out of interest can i ask what the dealers wull pay ?
  6. Nevermind.... you won the longest title in the history of The Silver Forum prize 👍😋 Coins a nice piece. To dear for my taste though !
  7. Saw this fella in a pet shop today ( uk ) thought some may like it. I never knew they were a meat eating species.
  8. Bullionbilly

    Loosing the belly

    Good going ! Have you tried it with almond milk ? Im sure i saw it on the huel site ? I got some yesterday ( the chocolate one ) its 47 cals per 100ml. Today i did 300ml of it and 150ml water and 2 scoops, the taste is very good... plus is a chocolate fix without guilt 😁 ill cut it down to 200ml tomorrow. Still building up to going at it 100% . I know if i go all in now ill lose interest, doing it gradual suits me.
  9. Bullionbilly

    Best way to buy 5kg silver bars UK

    As stu says, drop @arshimo2012 a message . He probably has the 5kg you want wedging open a door 😆😋 . He's a 100 % trusted seller and great guy to deal with !
  10. Bullionbilly

    Loosing the belly

    Had a few last week to get used to it. Starting it propely this week. Will keep you posted 👍 Should do well i think. Theyre not a bad taste so no excuses ! You seem to be doing well , keep it up !
  11. Bullionbilly

    withdrawn 42 Half Sovs & 2 Full Sovs For Sale

    @shawy2510 are they upvc windows / doors you are having ? If so drop me a pm, ill advise what to look out for. ( its what i do )
  12. @Paul What is the new venture ? Obviously if its hush hush i understand.
  13. Bullionbilly

    Uneven edges on 10oz Griffins - poor quality

    Where are they from ?
  14. Bullionbilly

    Loosing the belly

    @mr-dead are you doing 3 scoops ? Whay size girdle did they send you ? 😁 i put mine on for comedy value earlier.... not pretty lol