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  1. I love cash. I'll use it where possible . Good thing with cash is, when its gone its gone you can see its gone and dont carry on into overdrafts etc. My little en's 6 and she is been taught how to use cash and even trade with it a little 🤣
  2. Superb ! Videos have come on a treat and the ring making has progressed VERY well. 👏
  3. Friday bump. Take all 4 for £80 anyone ?
  4. Welcome along from another Yorkshire forum member . ( Sheffield )
  5. Some... id want it all ! in a nice big pair of briefcases 😂
  6. Nice to see good after service, correcting royal mails " carelessness" at your own expence. 👍
  7. Im with kman. Looks very cool. Great price for such a piece aswel
  8. 3 empty rm boxes. In black. In usual condition from the mint with marks and scuffs here and there. £10 each. Plus post. All 3 and get free post.