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  1. I opted out but still get it
  2. This weeks mail. No pictures.
  3. I had 9 last time before they twigged, used 3 names and 3 cards to pay. I think someone had 12.... The junk mail is a pain in the bum though
  4. Ive delayed postage.... Just to build the suspence a little 😂
  5. Thats the last time i trust you with sensitive picures ! I only wanted your opinion on my new trousers 🤣
  6. Could be worse... ive just looked down at my bare feet to realise ive still got nail varnish on my 2 big toes ! My little en loves painting them 🤣. She thinks it hillarious her gorilla of a dad has painted toe nails... i once was in a customers house with my boots off and unbeknown to me i had a hole in my sock, the customer could not take his eyes off my pink toe nails , i said " its not what it looks like " 😇
  7. They look really comfy... whats the damage $$$
  8. Just a note to say how good @Realwealthuprising is to deal with 👍
  9. Its probably cheaper to pay via transferwise. Im out of touch lately with delivery prices but european mint used to offer a shipping discount through @BackyardBullion. Not sure if this still applies. Also you can vault your order to save on shipping.