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  1. Bullionbilly

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Ive tried to resist... Cant do it anymore, just got 3 😆
  2. Bullionbilly

    Long time stacker, New member

    Welcome along As BYB says @Alun is the man to contact regarding boxes.
  3. Bullionbilly

    New stacker and already hooked

    Welcome along. The boat sounds like a fun way to live !
  4. Bullionbilly

    New coin bar 1 kilo Asahi Athenian owl

    Nice looking bar. Im a fan of the 1oz coins aswel.
  5. Bullionbilly

    2019 Gold Bullion Cheap

    Link still works
  6. Bullionbilly

    Goal Achieved.

    The Simpsons rule ! Lol
  7. Bullionbilly

    Goal Achieved.

    Those colours are amazing. The blue is superb ! Not usually my cup of tea but those look AMAZING.
  8. Bullionbilly

    why is this 1oz item so expensive

    The best thing that coin can do is Milk like mad and cover it up 🤢
  9. Bullionbilly


    Some lovely looking pieces there @GrahamDiamond. Was that grumpy dave in the background mixing the tunes ?
  10. Bullionbilly

    for sale For Sale. Johnson Mathey 1oz Silver Bars

    No problem. As a heads up you may also be asked to send out the bars ( to an established / longstanding member ) to verify before payment. This is quite commom with new members.
  11. Bullionbilly

    for sale For Sale. Johnson Mathey 1oz Silver Bars

    You'll have more luck with actual pictures of the bars with your user name in the picture. Amd maybe try the sales section 😁
  12. WOW.... lovely ! GLWTS Rich.
  13. Bullionbilly


    Very nice indeed Jon !
  14. Bullionbilly

    2017 Proof SOV value?

    Theres Alot of variables . Are you looking to buy or sell ?
  15. Bullionbilly

    Been collecting for 8 weeks now

    Nice 13lb !