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  1. That’s a fantastic price!! It’s one of the more difficult coins to get too.
  2. I looked for the 20 lire San Marino the other day and couldn’t find one for sale anywhere. A beautiful coin and a truly rare find.
  3. Just saw this on eBay.... a real rarity with a price tag to match!!
  4. Here is the 20 dinara Yugoslavia coin. A Nice little addition to my collection. I also had the le franc poche book. From what I’ve read in it so far it seems pretty good 😃. If anyone would like a pic of a specific coin page let me know. There are more variations to some coins than I previously realised.
  5. I got the 1925 20 dinara Yugoslavia today as a present. When I get 5 I’ll stick a pic on. The Napoleon Bonaparte’s are lovely coins. Technically no French coin issued before napoleon III was coined as part of the LMU but would have been circulated and used interchangeably with the LMU nations. Some countries didn’t even join but issued LMU equivalent currencies. I like them all. It makes for a more varied collection 😃.
  6. Delivery guys been 😃. Gotta love a bit of dirt left on coins from circulation. Here’s the 20 dinara, 20 lire nepoleon and 20 lire Papal States.
  7. I have ordered Napoleon Bonaparte 20 lire, 20 dinara 1925, the other more common 20 dinara, 20 francs Hungary, 20 francs Cérès and 20 franc Papal States. Most should be delivered today apart form the 20 dinara 1925 as that’s a birthday present from the other half so I have to wait until nxt week for that one 😃.
  8. Nice little delivery off the postman today. First of 7 new additions to my LMU collection. Shame there’s a few marks on the reverse but still I’m still happy to have it.
  9. I think 20 franc coins of the LMU would be a good change.
  10. that is a good price. I’d grab it if your interested in the lmu coins.
  11. That would be awesome. Thank you 😃
  12. The 20 franga is a beautiful coin 😍 the skanderbeau is the nicest out of the two.
  13. I can go an extra 100 quid but can’t find a nice other than the one on eBay that’s in America. Worried about import tax on top.
  14. Good point 😃..... I’ve got about 550-600 for a coin. I want the franga but that’s out of my price range for now. Or would you buy something else?