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  1. I have one of these. This is in better condition tho
  2. Yeah that’s the one. Took me ages to find anything even about it. It’s certinatly different.
  3. I bet it was. Unfortunately I haven’t got any 20 franc doublers. I only have 1 full sov and that’s a graded vicky shield (I sold the rest as have lost interest). I’ve got all the alternate design half proofs and lots of other half’s, vickies, iom and a Cyprus half that is unusual and low mintage. I’ve got a 2008 graded 1/4 Brit, graded ducat 2017 anniversary, Indian head $10 and $5 and a half guinea?
  4. Yeah I do. I haven’t got any spare 20 francs though anything else your after? Or id be happy to buy it?
  5. Just wondering what is next on everyone’s buy list? I’m on the look out for either a 20 bolivares or a Ceres 20 franc.
  6. The two tubes I bought were much cheaper than that and came from Norway. Sounds like a good choice to not proceed. I think you just have to keep your eyes open for good ones.
  7. Hi kookaburracollector 😃 Those are lovley. I’m happy with my two and I’m not looking to get anymore at present. They are a nice little addition to the 20 franc collection. I quite like the leather ones. Difficult to get in good condition tho. I hope you win them.
  8. Hi Metallica 😃 That’s awesome!! Didnt realise they’d gone up so much. Well worth the 450 payed then.
  9. 20 lita from hgm arrived today. It’s better than I was expecting. Cleaned maybe but its only for a type set.
  10. I bought it 😃. Will let you kno how it turns out. Worse case scenario it is in bad condition and it goes in the coin tube haha.
  11. I have this that ollumpollum gave me a while back. I think it’s all 5.8g coins. http://www.rene-finn.de/lmugold.html
  12. They are much wider available outside the uk. I wish they’d post here.
  13. Wow!! I’ve been out of the loop for a while and didn’t realise the Price had gone up so much!! Is that for the regular proof of sotd graded?
  14. I’ve noticed a decrease in availability of a lot of the 20 francs over the last few years. For example the Ceres head. It was available with a few dealers 3/4 years back but I haven’t seen one in any for a long time now. I should have got one when they where available.
  15. The back drop is an antique Victorian jewellery box that I keep all of my coins in. It’s a French design and yeah it’s mother of Pearl. It’s a beauty. Its pay day 2moro so why not lol.