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  1. Hiya 😃 sorry didn’t realise I hadn’t posted it.....
  2. I like half sovs 😃 I prefer 20 francs theses days tho so the sovs are paying for the boiler lol
  3. Just the proof matte and the Vicky should left 😃 gonna put some billion half sovs up later too
  4. Hahaha fastest fingers first isn’t it 😂
  5. In negotiations for the 1989 as we speak I’m afraid.
  6. Sotd £650 2012 £230 Steve 😃
  7. SOD sold, 2012 sold 😃
  8. Hi guys 😃 Unfortunately the need of a new boiler forces me to sell my beloved proof sovereign collection. prices are as follows; 2017 half proof sold 2002 half proof sold 2012 half proof sold 1989 half proof sold 2017 strike on the day graded pr70 sold 1872 Vicky shield graded au58 £310 1902 proof matte graded pr62 £410 Please add postage of your choice to total. thanks for looking guys
  9. Mines an a also. I got it on eBay. There was another one available from seller flocean. He has a few different 20 francs for quite reasonable prices. Delivery was quick too.
  10. My first thought was it wasn’t a very prominent strike. The price was reasonable though so I can’t complain. I’m Just glad to have a type example 😃. I’ve got a 20 Bolivares in the post office to pick up too. I love coin delivery days haha
  11. I’ve been after this one for a while. Not great pics as it’s dark and I’ve only just opened it haha 😃
  12. I have one of these. This is in better condition tho
  13. Yeah that’s the one. Took me ages to find anything even about it. It’s certinatly different.
  14. I bet it was. Unfortunately I haven’t got any 20 franc doublers. I only have 1 full sov and that’s a graded vicky shield (I sold the rest as have lost interest). I’ve got all the alternate design half proofs and lots of other half’s, vickies, iom and a Cyprus half that is unusual and low mintage. I’ve got a 2008 graded 1/4 Brit, graded ducat 2017 anniversary, Indian head $10 and $5 and a half guinea?
  15. Yeah I do. I haven’t got any spare 20 francs though anything else your after? Or id be happy to buy it?