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  1. Thanks for replying Chris. There was a lot of spam!! Neo is doing badly. I only have a small amount and I’m down about 25%. I think btc and eth will survive long term.
  2. Wow can you imagine buying 1000btc for five quid!! Lol. im on a few reddit sites. They are mostly people shilling there bags tho.
  3. Hi guys 😃 As I’m becoming more active in the cryptocurrency market again, I’m really missing the bit forum. Any chance of bringing it back Chris? Or is there anywhere else you guys visit that might be of interest?
  4. Wirex is the other option. I still send euros via revolt to coinbase then buy bitcoin. Only takes a few hrs on a weekday.
  5. I bought it directly from ledger so should b ok 😃. I’m getting back into crypto big time. Just gutted I missed the 2-3000 mark back earlier in the year.
  6. A ledger nano x. Looking forward to getting my hands on this in preparation for a large buy 😃.
  7. A lot of the alts I was into last time seem a steal atm. I’ve been out of it for so long tho I don’t kno if it’s a good buy or something happened to tank em lol.
  8. I’m gonna start accumulating again this mth after selling out a while back. What are you guys into these days? I’m thinking 50% Btc, a little eth, neo, gas is looking good, Nano.... and a long shot crypto that can go 20x which I have no idea about yet haha
  9. Lol I need to use the cash point before I can use contactless. It’s about time we had a card to spend crypt with. All those promises from tenx and Monaco and it’s coinbase that delivers!!
  10. I got the coinbase card to try and earn some crypto on a small bit of pocket money this mth. Tested the water with a hundred quid and coz of the btc coin spike should make about 30 quid but the card app doesn’t allow you to spend fiat. I suppose the 2.5% charge isn’t too bad when your up by 30%.
  11. 2005 sold... pm me your details and I’ll get it sent out to you.
  12. Hi guys 😃 Some half sovs us for sale, cheaper than HGM. 1912, 1902, 1897 £135 each plus postage. 2005 still in mint packaging (sold) , 2002 and 1973 IOM £145 each plus postage. Very unusual 1966 Cypriot half sov £150 plus postage (sold) and a 1790 half Guinea ex mount with two dings to the edge £170 plus postage. thanks for looking 😃
  13. Hiya 😃 sorry didn’t realise I hadn’t posted it.....