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  1. Brilliant, thanks Steve. This is kind of what I gathered as they were mostly all bought from Atkinson’s as spot sov’s, I just wanted some advice just in case there was a hidden gem in there! Given the small premiums and hassle of listing and posting I’ll most probably deal with HGM and try my luck squeezing a little more out of them. I’ll hang on to the QB’s for the time being and look into selling privately in the near future. Thanks
  2. Thanks, I’m just unsure whether it’s worth the extra time and effort to sell the selected sov’s privately if they are only worth a small premium on the spot price.
  3. Hi all, I’m looking to sell some sovereigns but would like some advice first. I’ll be in London this week and plan on visiting HGM to unload some sovereigns, speaking to them earlier on the phone the buying price they gave was reasonable, £278 based on today’s price. I also have some 1/4 gold Queens Beasts but HGM are offering £292 which seems a little low so I may hold these back and sell privately. Most of the sovereigns I have are standard but there are a few early ones which I’m unsure if they have any extra numismatic value, if there isn't much added value than spot price I’d be happy for HGM to have them - 1883 M, 1911 L, 1917 P, 1923 P, 1958 L (all in fair condition) 2017 privy marked (very good condition) A rough indication of the value of these 1/4 Queens Beasts if selling privately - Dragon, Griffin, Lion, Unicorn (all in very good condition) Any help on the above valuations would be much appreciated, thanks.