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  1. 20oz Scottsdale £320 10oz Engelhard £165 10oz Tobstone £165 5oz scottsdale £85 (2 available) 500g Umicore £225 250g Umicore SOLD 100g Geiger £58 100g royal mint £55 100g scottsdale SOLD 100g metalor £54 postage included first signed for (£3 off for every additional bar) uk only paypal f&f / bank transfer please ask if more photos needed thank you.
  2. Hi all do you think this will get a detailed grade ? could do with some opinions please tried my best with the photos lol thank you 👍
  3. 2017 struck on the day , plain edge NGC MS70 DPL only 1817 minted comes with box and coa £750 posted by special delivery paypal f&f / bank transfer thanks .
  4. 2012 proof full gold sovereign boxed with coa coin in great condition £795 posted by special delivery UK only bank transfer / paypal f&f thanks.
  5. don’t like to see fake sovereigns but in his description said they gold coloured sovereigns it’s different story when you see someone selling fake sovereign as a genuine one.
  6. Another 2005 pf70 sovereign from @Harry 👍 Another 2012 proof sovereign boxed with coa from bullion by post ! For £655 ! can get some bargain from there i guess ..
  7. Welcome back home babes lol 2002,2005 and 2012 from PCGS 69 to NGC 70 MAGIC thank you @Numistacker 👍
  8. @tallthinkev only the 2002 proof worth grading if it’s spotless
  9. 1937 proof half sovereign PCGS PR66CAM very nice clear fields..
  10. I like you already 😁 welcome
  11. great bar but that was mission impossible 🤣
  12. 10oz pamp bar from @Rat wasted 15 minutes of my life trying to get to it lol 1817 full and half sovereigns fine condition
  13. yeah £14+ post sorry forgot to add it lol