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  1. BullionBoy

    Back date Britannias and a Hello

    Hello welcome
  2. BullionBoy

    Reflections Of Wildlife 1/2 oz coins

    @sixgun you think these will milk spot? I thought it was just the generic Canadian rounds and maples.
  3. BullionBoy

    Reflections Of Wildlife 1/2 oz coins

    Royal Canadian Mint 15k mintage, 10 Canadian face value, 1/2 ounce .9999 These are the Reflections of Wildlife series the Otter, Grizzly and Artic Fox. my first set. Was just wondering the community s thoughts on these haven't seen anyone with them yet. I got an extra Otter to sell and I think I'll hold on to these and see how well the do in the future.
  4. BullionBoy

    World coins & medals

    2015 new Zealand mint - Phoenix - 5k mintage.
  5. BullionBoy

    USA & Canadian Coins Thread

    2016 reflections of Wildlife - Grizzly 1/2 oz YouTube@ Bullion boy for video showing
  6. Hi just wondering if anyone knows what I'm experiencing, kinda confused. Last week I ordered a coin on Mint.ca with my wife's Prepaid master card no problems I received it, it's in Great condition. Tonight (0ct 5)I tried to place another order and it said note per paid not authorised... Did this just recently change? My order is 80bucks and there's like 500 on the card...so frustrating
  7. BullionBoy

    USA & Canadian Coins Thread

    2016 Royal Canadian Mint celebration of love 1/4 Oz 9999 silver
  8. I just ordered 1oz silver Feng shui 2015 phoenix but I think I'm gona start buying the collection in gold if I have the opportunity, very nice
  9. BullionBoy

    USA & Canadian Coins Thread

    1 ounce silver buffalo round
  10. BullionBoy


    Yea here in Canada I can order a 5gram bar of platinum for about 10 over spot plus like 3 dollars on shipping and if it goes back up to 1800 us an Oz than that's a steal
  11. BullionBoy


    I'm new to stacking metal but was planning on getting some 5gram platinum bars my question is, Is it as easy as going to the Vancouver exchange and changing it for cash when the times right?
  12. BullionBoy

    USA & Canadian Coins Thread

    My first silver purchase (2016) 1oz Canadian maple
  13. BullionBoy


    Hey how's everyone? I found the forum from one of backyard bullion's videos. I actually just bought my first ounce of silver in my life the other day, it happened to be a Canadian silver maple from a local exchange. So far I'm really new to this but I learned quick about the term milk spots lol. Plan on putting some of my shoe box money into metals and would like to share and hear some constructive criticism I have a 1/4 ounce silver coin coming from Canadian mint hope I don't have the same issues. Any rate just wanted to introduce my self to the forum Cheers!