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  1. you need to choose Grossbritannien
  2. Still available here aswell if anyones still looking http://www.postofficeshop.co.uk/silver-proof/royal-mint/peter-rabbit-2017-silver-proof-50p-coin-uk17prsp/
  3. picked up 3 of the proof Peter Rabbits from RM. Pretty lucky as they were sold out about 30 mins later.
  4. Bought 3 earlier from RM but noticed they were not available about 30 mins later.
  5. The Gold plated bars and coins can easily be bought from china trade websites for about £1 each. So pretty much no value at all.
  6. 150 Gram 2017 Silver Panda Proof from EMK
  7. Just noticed that Goldsilver.be have the 1/4 Gold QB Griffin page ready with price but no date for pre-sale yet though. http://goldsilver.be/en/gold/946-14-oz-gold-queen-s-beast-2017-griffin.html oops! just noticed other sellers have this for pre-sale anyway.
  8. Grabbed a few more while spot price is a bit lower and did a first order with Goldsilver.be 10 x 2017 1oz Silver Rwanda Lunar Roosters. 5 x 2017 1oz Silver Rwanda Hippos. 5 x 2017 1oz Silver Pandas 5 x 2016 1oz Silver Pandas
  9. If you don't mind foreign films with subtitles then these 2 are definately worth watching.
  10. With the decent spot prices at the moment i decided to put in a Coininvest / STG order 45 x 2017 1oz Silver Pandas 2 x 2017 3g Gold Pandas 5 x 2017 1oz Silver Somalia Elephants 5 x 2017 1oz Silver Rwanda Hippo's 5 x 2017 1oz Silver Kooks 5 x 39mm Capsules for the Somalia Elephants
  11. I like those alot. Definately interested in those.
  12. For anybody interested in the 1oz Gold and 2oz Silver coins they are ready for Pre sale at Coininvest https://www.coininvest.com/en/queens-beasts-griffin/