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  1. @kimchi @Madstacks much appreciated guys 👍🏻
  2. Well just to finish off from the pictures, last week i finally pulled my finger out and popped the question ?
  3. @jonrms If you do change your mind or have any questions then please feel free to drop me a message ?
  4. It's been a bit of a long ongoing project around work commitments but I recently finished my girlfriends engagement ring.
  5. That is seriously impressive, make the odd kilo bar into a doorstop?
  6. To be fair you could hypothetically put a real sovereign in a box of junk and you'd still probably get more than the value of the sovereign, people will buy anything and if it looks too good to be true it usually is!
  7. @BackyardBullion looks great but feel you would need a heavier chain, the pendant would cause an awful lot of wear to the chain
  8. @BackyardBullion the technical term would be called a bail or jump ring
  9. @dixiesilvergirl No top?! braver man than me ?
  10. @dixiesilvergirl Thank you very much!
  11. Another work in progress, lost wax models from a silver model cast into 9ct gold, bit of cleaning up and polishing to do.
  12. @HyHy Fortunately no sovereigns will be harmed in the process of making this, she's a white gold fan unfortunately! But yes it shall be made by me.
  13. tried that once.. set the fire alarm off in the workshop and had to cancel the fire brigade ??