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  1. Hey BYB here's a list i found of bullion release dates, Don't know how accurate this is or helpful but still interesting http://bullionexchanges.com/blog/2017/01/10/2016-2020-silver-gold-queens-beasts-release-updates/ Here are the released and upcoming design concepts which will form the entire series: 1st– The Lion of England – February 2016 2nd-The Griffin of Edward III – October 2016 3rd– The Red Dragon of Wales – March 2017 4th– The White Greyhound of Richmond – September 2017 5th -The Black Bull of Clarence – March 2018 6th- The Falcon of the Plantagenet’s – September 2018 7th- The Yale of Beaufort – March 2019 8th– The White Lion of Mortimer – September 2019 9th– The White Horse of Hanover – March 2020 10th-The Unicorn of Scotland – September 2020
  2. picked up today at auction 1989 Proof & 2002 bu shield
  3. Arrived from Atkinsons today 1911 Melbourne full sovereign 1911 Sydney full sovereign To go along with my Canadian, just the London and Perth for a full 1911 mint set. Haven't used Atkinsons for a while, was excepting a jiffy bag with coins surrounded with bubble wrap instead was pleasantly surprised to find a good strong cardboard envelope, the coins in capsules and in plastic coin flips with tissue paper wrapping and branded sticker sealing it all together. nice touch
  4. AuZeus

    George III sovereigns

    Cheers guys for the feedback your right @Oldun heart said one amount but my head said another, so I've split the difference and place a bid straight down the middle, If I win the forum will be the first place to know.
  5. Sitting here feeling a little bit out of my depth and yet a little bit excited, have come across what i think could be a great opportunity. I would value all advice on how much to offer for all of these coins. 1817 George III full sovereign 1820 George III full sovereign 1817 George III half sovereign 1818 George III half sovereign
  6. today I picked up 1891 Victoria jubilee full sovereign 2012 proof Elizabeth & the lion sovereign 1902 Edward VII half sovereign
  7. Picked up today from last weeks auction, 1980 full sovereign proof 1872 full sovereign shield die No: 73 Now can't wait for Saturday's London coin fair
  8. my bad @Seasider it does say to your door in email, got the wrong impression from there website. auction was with taylor & fletcher. which lot did you get?
  9. Was happy to find an Email this morning saying that i had won 2 out of 8 of my commission bids from an auction yesterday. And then the sting, £28.83p for two coins to be delivered, not to my address but to the nearest one of there outlets (15 miles away). told them no thanks will pick them up myself. probably a three hour drive there and back, next time i will go to the auction myself and it will be 3% less off of the hammer price, lesson learnt ! Anyway here's what I got 1872 London shield vic young head and 1980 proof with leather wallet but didn't say with coa (but hope there is!)
  10. Beauties & the Beast just picked up: 20 -1oz silver 2014 horse privy Britannia's 1 - 1/4oz gold 2016 queen's beast
  11. AuZeus

    Power Coin

    Just found this site and was wondering if anybody has used then before and would recommend them? http://www.powercoin.it/
  12. Just picked up from my local dealer today, my first Canadian sovereign 1911
  13. Thanks for the welcome I have found a 1/5 oz gold proof penny black on the pobjoy mint for £340 was trying to find it cheaper but to no success http://www.pobjoy.com/products/view/isle-of-man-2015-175th-anniversary-of-the-penny-black-stamp-proof-fine
  14. Hello to all, I'm new to the forum but have been stacking since 2014, i started with stacking silver and moved into gold this time last year. I have only been buying brits and sov's so far, now thinking of adding some gold penny black's, so if anyone knows a good place to buy them from I would appreciate the advice. also are the penny black coin CGT free? Many thanks AuZeus