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  1. squeakycheese

    Any Coinbase users here?

    I've always used bittylicious for bitcoin & litecoin. Never had an issue with them.
  2. squeakycheese

    Quick Hi

    Thanks all. Will have a look for the Bitcoin thread. Expect it polarises opinion as much here as it does everywhere else.
  3. squeakycheese

    Quick Hi

    Evening All, Just a quick hi and intro. So I've been been getting into Silver and a little gold for the last few months as a long term strategy and hedge against the banking system in general. I'm quite into my crypto currencies and wanted to get a bit of physical Silver and Gold. Started with a few basics philys, maples, etc and then realised collecting was quite fun and started picking up the kookaburra's, lunars, etc. Bitcoin is a lot of things but it's not shiny. Found out about the forum from a gent on ebay and here i am. Not sure if people trade a bit on here (looking for a couple lunar 2 tigers to complete a set should anyone be interested in parting). Been doing quite a bit on ebay recently, so no doubt already come across a few of you. Anyway, nice to be here. Jamie