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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    I collect primarliy Mexican numismatic coins, thats my main love and im just getting into the far east ones

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  1. All 4 for sale 5 oz - £134.50 1 oz - Eclipse coin £33.90 1 oz Butterfly coin £38.9 Open to reasonable offers shipping uk £3.19 europe £ 6-11weight depending
  2. I have 2 of these for sale at £38.75 inc free UK shipping. Casa de Moneda de México, "First in America", with 482 years of experience, has coined a medal in fine sculptural relief, alluding to the ECLIPSE SOLAR Comments: Includes certificate and acrylic capsule. Measures: 42 mm Material: Silver Law: 0.999 Weight oz: 1 Weight gr: 31.103 Finish: Matt shine Obverse: Mayan symbol of the eclipse, in the upper part the text MAYAN CULTURE and in the lower CODE DRESDE, to the centre on the right the mint of Casa de Moneda de México. Reverse: At the centre the moon eclipsing the sun, which is represented by stylized rays all around the moon.
  3. Hi Numi Hope your well and recovered! Any idea when I will be seeing my 4 5oz Mexican Libertads PL70 coins on youtube and in person.
  4. where can you get these at that price? can you let us know please
  5. Added 0 minutes later... i clicke don your link , you need to verify me please
  6. wow , i cant believe it, i thought they were the best out of the 18 I bought, and i only used the naked eye to inspect them, well pleased , thanks for sharing numi
  7. 5 oz Libertads BU 1996 to date. Glazed both sides by myself. Capsules are from Casa de Moneda, Mexico , held in tightly in 8mm of foam board and card; holes cut in to foam board to house numerous silica sachets.
  8. Hi Numi when are you next sending coins to NGC fir grading , I have a few I would to get graded. If you can let me know that would’ve awesome, thank you
  9. I have 5 proof Silver Swans for sale - £95 exc shipping. PM me if you are interested.
  10. indeed they did, lucky i put my order in minutes before
  11. https://www.apmex.com/product/154743/2017-australia-1-oz-silver-swan-proof-w-box-coa