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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    I collect primarliy Mexican numismatic coins, thats my main love and im just getting into the far east ones

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  1. Hi Russel I am sorry to bother you but I sent you a 1 oz Mexican Silver Proof coin around the 20th June, can you confirm that you received it and it has been submitted for grading at NGC. I did not receive any confirmation that you received it and am a little bit concerned. The coin looked like the one in the picture attached. Thank you Nadim
  2. when will see a vid of all the new arrivals?
  3. Hi Numi Hope your well and recovered! Any idea when I will be seeing my 4 5oz Mexican Libertads PL70 coins on youtube and in person.
  4. where can you get these at that price? can you let us know please
  5. Added 0 minutes later... i clicke don your link , you need to verify me please
  6. wow , i cant believe it, i thought they were the best out of the 18 I bought, and i only used the naked eye to inspect them, well pleased , thanks for sharing numi
  7. 5 oz Libertads BU 1996 to date. Glazed both sides by myself. Capsules are from Casa de Moneda, Mexico , held in tightly in 8mm of foam board and card; holes cut in to foam board to house numerous silica sachets.
  8. Hi Numi when are you next sending coins to NGC fir grading , I have a few I would to get graded. If you can let me know that would’ve awesome, thank you
  9. I have 5 proof Silver Swans for sale - £95 exc shipping. PM me if you are interested.
  10. indeed they did, lucky i put my order in minutes before
  11. https://www.apmex.com/product/154743/2017-australia-1-oz-silver-swan-proof-w-box-coa