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  1. I am thinking more for stuff you cant get in Europe. People are still ordering outside the EU even with VAT to get some exclusive stuff. Doesn't Germany still have 7 percent even if they call it VAT free? I have ordered from the EU but have also had non EU packages come through cheaper without VAT. I am not talking about avoiding VAT but i am interested in companies doing things because they assume i will order more. In some instances i think my packages have avoided VAT because the sellers hand writing on the declaration is unreadable. Whether this was done on purpose or not i don't know. I am more interested in companies that help me save than the countries but packages from different places are not all searched the same. America is high risk post because of all the guns etc so you have a much smaller chance of your package getting through without being checked. You could just put it down to getting lucky but there was classified customs documents on the dark web showing the high risk countries and the percentage of packages that got checked. Not all countries have the same risk rating and so less packages are checked from different areas of the world. Maybe the UK will accept a bunch of trade deals soon anyway that could change things.
  2. Yea i think it will cause problems when you try to sell it. I don't understand proof or grading coins. I got put off from proofs because my first lot had little defects like yours. I complained and got a discount. Like you say why pay £180 when you can get better bullion coins.. You could throw your bullion at the wall a few times and it would still look better than that proof.
  3. I made 2 orders from different companies that i didn't follow through on bank transfer with. They just canceled the orders. Let me know if your order comes through VAT free. I am making a list of companies/countries good for evading VAT.
  4. You don't even need to buy/make a mould. you can cast in an ants nests or even different types of fruit to get amazing shapes that would be very difficult or even impossible with a mould. Fire ants nest looks amazing.
  5. I keep seeing posts about a digital currency in this forum. I don't think it will happen within the UK in our lifetime but i can see it happening in countries with larger black markets. The UK has just spent millions designing the new £1, £5, £10 and £20. They will spend millions more distributing and swapping the money over. I do see the concern with negative interest rates but having a digital currency could also remove a lot of corruption and if they really wanted to screw us it would probably be much easier for them to just raise taxes and add VAT on gold etc..
  6. Just found Somalian Silver Elephants now in 2 oz., 5 oz., and 10 oz. !! Also first time they will be doing 1/10 oz., ¼ oz., and ½ oz but i think i will be going for the larger ones on the nice designs! No need to buy the bad investment 1kg anymore! .... also gold now available in ¼ oz. and ½ oz
  7. I read this article too but i also read a different one that said these counterfeit notes are apparently printed in Pakistan and are often used to buy gold. There is a gold buying frenzy for people trying to use up these notes at the moment but in the long term when the notes are out of circulation it would actually impact negatively on gold. It would also have long term positive effects for the banks and currency which are also factors in bringing gold price down. Or at least until they counterfeit the new notes.. So i wouldn't put money into gold purely based on the fact you think this could increase the price of gold. The long term outlook for gold is good for many other reasons however.
  8. Thanks, used it to buy £500 worth of nandos gift vouchers. Works out as a double win because they were cheaper than the value of the gift card anyway. Will be eating chicken for weeks! No they are gifts for Christmas
  9. I see. Wasn't sure if it counted to seller fees as well but guess not.
  10. Does that mean if you list an item today you get 10% off when it sells? Or if you have item that sells today you get 10% off? Its not very clear on the website..
  11. A nice one for the bear market. Coins are taking a completely different dimension.
  12. Did it come in a lunar capsule? Although not conclusive a fake coin would probably use a cheaper capsule. Sometimes more obvious than the coin itself.
  13. Yes the best job is to do nothing at all. But you can still look after it as best you can when doing things like this. Like wearing gloves, i just don't see any reason not to. 100% cotton gloves are less than £2. What is the cost of a handkerchief. Putting the coin down on a table is easy but its hard to pick up a coin without sliding it and that's when it gets scratched.
  14. I don't have this coin but i just looked at some photos. The first leaf on the right (from the ground) should be pointing up. Yours appears to point down or missing. Unless this is just bad quality photo? If its fake you will probably find a load more stuff wrong when you compare in detail.
  15. Where did you get it from? That's always a good indication. If its from the ones Atkins had on VAT free a few days ago then its almost certainly real. Can i suggest you put the coin on a cloth or something rather than just plonk it on the table? Just zero set the scales with the cloth on. Use a cotton handkerchief or something. Even if no visible damage. If someone does this every time the coin is bought then that's how it accumulates. Please remember when you buy an old coin that's in perfect condition someone has taken the time to look after it. Even if you don't plan on selling it people will appreciate if after you are gone. Some people think life is about making your mark on the world but with coins its best if you just look after them.