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  1. I don't think people are that bothered, a bit like when Trump won the US elections the more c--p & fake news thrown at him the more his vote went up,exactly as you say people can't be bothered to research the truth because the media spins so many lies anyway. The more the media tries to blacken Farage's reputation the more votes he will get as people don't believe fake news & spin any more whether its true or not.
  2. Can't argue with that pal & so have the Tories, May is making us the laughing stock of the world, that's why I believe come a general election people will not fall for the usual c--p from the Tories or Labour & will vote elsewhere.
  3. Lol the political elite are getting desperate now, when a deadbeat like Gordon Brown arguably the worst prime minister this country has ever had starts crying for an investigation into Nigel Farage. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/brexit/brexit-partys-funding-must-be-investigated-says-gordon-brown/ar-AABAEj4?MSCC=1558345084&ocid=spartandhp
  4. In the past the general election was indeed a different beast but after this disgusting display by the main parties self centred & contemptuous disregard of the electorate I think people will desert the main parties in droves at a general election.I will admit to voting conservative all my life but I'm done with them now. I'm sure there will be lifelong labour voters who feel the same way. Party loyalty counts for nothing with these pathetic gutless MPs. Lets see what happens with May's new deal this week,you can guarantee it will be worse for the UK than the deal she has had rejected 2 or is it 3 times already.
  5. I think people are sick & tired of the Conservatives & labour treating the electorate with disdain & contempt, both of them trying to be all things to all men. The way they have f--ked up Brexit many people including myself are done with the conservatives & labour. At the next general election if the Brexit party put up a candidate in my area I'll vote for them even if it is a dog with 2 tails.
  6. The Brexit party is going to storm the EU elections & I believe they will get a very large slice of the cake when we have the next general election. The Conservatives & Labour will be making a huge mistake if they think it will be business as usual at the next general election.
  7. Just found these in an old stamp album, note the 500 million mark stamp, insane. Not just African & South American banana republics fiat going tits up. Should be food for thought for everyone. The Germans are wise to all this we should be too.
  8. It is in the Germans psyche to own gold, older Germans still remember the money going bust during & after the 2nd world war, paper money was worthless. People were paid by the suit case full of worthless Reichmarks due to hyper inflation.
  9. Alun I'm collecting NGC Slabbed 2oz Queen's Beasts do you do/or could you do a box that holds 10 slabs the dimensions are the same as standard 1oz slabs except they are thicker than the standard NGC 1oz proof slabs, approx 13mm thick.
  10. Postman just brought me these two beauties, just need griffin now & I'm up to date with these 2ozers after a slow start😃,a big thank you to V from the US for getting these for me.
  11. These two beauties arrived this morning, now up to date in 1oz PF 70.
  12. @ManWithNoName Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks as long as you like them that's all that matters, I quite like them myself but I collect too much as it is ☺️
  13. Another 2 beasts arrived this morning.
  14. All coins now free postage to a UK address. I'm happy to post anywhere in Europe & will give equivalent postage discount.
  15. I collect coins as I like to look at them & I view them as small art pieces. I have framed a couple of sets & have them on my study wall. I use a 10oz Britannia bar as a paper weight & carry some sort of silver in my pocket (currently 1oz Britannia) lol.
  16. Royal Australian Mint 40 gram sterling silver 92.5% proofs £25 each. 5 coins from the endangered species series, there are 2 x Numbats & 2 x Right Whales 1 Black Cockatoo SOLD 2 x palm cockatoos from the Birds of Australia series all coins are mint with no milkspots. Payment by PPFF thanks. 1oz coloured 2012 silver proof Black Rhino added, this coin is from the wildlife in need series & was sold out quickly at Perth mint. £40. Payment by PPFF thanks. NOW FREEPOST to a UK address, will post worldwide & give postage discount pm me.