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  1. I don't think it really matters with gold kangaroo coins, they are nice coins but not hugely collected.
  2. motorbikez

    Import charges

    @Xander he is either using the global shipping programme (or taking the p--s) which a bit like our lovely HMRC charge everything at 20% regardless of what the tax/duty actually is.Re your gold coin there is no VAT or tax payable on importation to the UK so you should contact your seller & ask him to ship using USPS.
  3. I'm not much of a cricket fan but this was an exciting match which England came out on the right side of for once 😃 Can we do the double with the rugby world cup starting in Sept.
  4. @DarkChameleon personally I wouldn't buy anything for $1000 but when I was younger I had a nice Seiko watch & a Citizen both excellent makers of reasonably priced watches. They both have some very nice designs out now, but a bit like coins, buy or collect what you like as long as it is not fake.
  5. @sovereignsteve Absolutely correct Steve, I'd just add these are in bargain territory & though they may not make the heights of the 2oz lunar S1s ,I wouldn't be surprised to see them cost a lot more than now in the next few years & @dts is offering the mouse & ox the most difficult for anyone to get hold of at a very fair price.
  6. Exactly, @Madstacks shows a sporty Seiko which looks far better than a fake omega or rolex, because its real & not some fake s--t.
  7. @AuricGoldfinger Totally pointless & supports crime, of course China & a lot of these 3rd world countries don't give a s--t about fakes as long as they make a few bob out of it. I agree with@MrGeorge if you have a genuine high end watch you can spot a fake a mile off.
  8. Lol its a nice idea but I don't think the cufflinks really work & even as big fan of the Queens beasts series I'll give all that tat a miss.
  9. HI guys this is a very fair price for these coins & is better still with free credit, I will withdraw them for sale this coming Sunday evening, I was only selling these beauties to fund another purchase & have since found the cash elsewhere 😄 So just to add to the above post for clarification the 2 coins £177 now, £150 next month & final payment £150 in September. Collectors don't ponder do it.😄
  10. @Kookaburracollector Yep definitely shill bidder, I see it more & more on ebay & from people you might not expect, best thing to do is exactly what you are doing, look closely at buyers & sellers & spot patterns & connections.Then only bid up to the maximum you'd be happy paying.
  11. Any paid up member who would like to buy the beautiful 2014 Brit but may be low on funds, I would be happy to take payment over a few months, I have done this before for collectors on here & have never had any problems. So this is my proposal, £177 now which includes RMSD & £100 next month & final payment of £100 in September. I will ship coin immediately upon initial payment. If you wish 2015 could be added to this deal.
  12. The jumped up little t---d should be hung drawn & quartered.
  13. Final price drop take both for £475 inc postage, individual coins have been reduced as well thanks.
  14. This is the only Piedfort NGC PF 70 available worldwide, on ebay there is a PF 69 for £210 in the US plus postage customs grief etc. Anyone interested message me. Final price drop £165 including postage.
  15. Take both for £500 including postage.
  16. As above, rare in PF 70 only 88 at this grade, mintage was 2000 coins & sold out at RM in a couple of weeks. Do NOT confuse this coin with the standard version (like some ebay sellers deliberately or otherwise) which is identical but half the weight & had a much higher mintage of 7000 coins. £170 plus postage, happy to post worldwide, payment pay pal FF or bank transfer, also would do a straight swap for NGC PF 70 1oz silver Queens beast Lion, tower label.
  17. As above both pristine in PF 70 2014 £370 plus postage 2015 £105 plus postage , happy to ship worldwide. Payment PPFF or BT thanks.
  18. Ditto that(Pirates) HMRC seem to have a default of 20% on everything silver coinwise even if you have correct statement of contents & codes, IMHO they deliberately ignore info to frustrate you & get as much revenue from you illegally. You just have to use your common sense & fight back when dealing with these pirates, I'll leave it at that lol.
  19. Royal Mint's definition of bullion which is near enough IMHO. Bullion coins are generally bought for their intrinsic qualities, and to be kept as a store of value. The production of Bullion coins places an emphasis on efficiency. They are struck at a rate of up to 250 gold and 3,000 silver coins per hour, and have a similar standard of finish to circulating coins. This is to avoid the premium of producing coins to Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated standards. The finish on Bullion coins is not intended to particularly highlight the detail and artistry of the coin’s design, or the craftsmanship and skill of its minting. However, Royal Mint Bullion coins are renowned for their distinctive and beautifully rendered designs.