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  1. From a dealer in Barcelona. Arrived with an unexpected freebie Didn't even know they done them in bronze. Added to their family.Question is do I now pay the premium for the kilo version,or behave sensibly and call it quits. 😏😏
  2. From our favourite junk mail provider. 😁 Appears in perfect condition and was sent S.D.
  3. From @MintageSeller Fantastic mate,thanks a lot. 😁😁😁
  4. Just the 2 lots of howling wolves and the 2012 brits left. Take the lot for £190 posted.
  5. Bump. Open to offers,if buying multiple lots,but wont split lots.😉
  6. Morning bump,with slight reduction. Will withdraw what's left later today,if no interest.
  7. Right off to bed,so if anybody else pms me,dont be offended if I dont answer. Funny though I thought the brits and the eagles would have flown out at that price.