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  1. Peace dollars gone to a better place. 😏
  2. Moving some stuff on,that's out of place with me. 1897 9g sterling silver medallion ×6 = £42 Walking liberty half dollar ×20 = £125 Peace dollar ×8 = £106.=SOLD Two remaining lots = £162 posted. In no rush to sell,so if your a bit short,willing to take a deposit to secure. Feel free to pm me. Thanks for looking!! Bank Transfer only.
  3. Britannia box 4 please. PM me with b.t. details.
  4. Think it was 1897,I've got 6 of them,that I bought on here a wee while ago.
  5. Thought it about time,I jumped on the harrington+Byrne bandwagon. And my auction win from @Madstacks
  6. Hi,mate,you've not got a price listed for king kong and his pals. 😉
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum from Stirlingshire.
  8. Couple of firsts for me. First purchase from @arshimo2012 (feedback was too low before😂😂 ), and first ever Queens Beast.
  9. Today I received from @1817KarlNot sure if its going to be a keeper. 😂