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  1. @SilverStan made some a while back,might be worth asking him.
  2. Send me a p.m. with your address and I'll p.m. you with bank details for you to pay.
  3. Put away for xmas.
  4. Last chance to buy cheap!! Or somebody can look forward to winning them in the xmas raffle. 😋😋
  5. 🎶 Saturday nights alright for bumping,Saturday nights alright 🎶
  6. No,sorry. Bank transfer only.
  7. Still for sale £40 posted. So basically just about spot plus post.
  8. Bumpity Bump Bump
  9. Bump,4 coins (3oz)for £40 posted,bargain!! 😋
  10. Want to get rid,so final reduction. Dragons -£28 posted the pair. Churchill + 1/2oz dragon -£18 posted. Or all 4 for £40 posted.
  11. Final bump and reduction. Will be withdrawn in morning,if not sold.
  12. 2 lots left,prices reduced for quick sale.
  13. Decided to split,into 3 lots. 1990+91 silver proof pound coins - £20 posted. - SOLD Churchill £20+1/2oz dragon - £20 posted. World of dragons(aztec)1oz×2 - £30 posted. 2018 imperial dragon - SOLD 2lots left - £42 posted for both
  14. Final bump,before I decide whether to split or not.