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  1. Bump,4 coins (3oz)for £40 posted,bargain!! 😋
  2. Want to get rid,so final reduction. Dragons -£28 posted the pair. Churchill + 1/2oz dragon -£18 posted. Or all 4 for £40 posted.
  3. Final bump and reduction. Will be withdrawn in morning,if not sold.
  4. 2 lots left,prices reduced for quick sale.
  5. Decided to split,into 3 lots. 1990+91 silver proof pound coins - £20 posted. - SOLD Churchill £20+1/2oz dragon - £20 posted. World of dragons(aztec)1oz×2 - £30 posted. 2018 imperial dragon - SOLD 2lots left - £42 posted for both
  6. Final bump,before I decide whether to split or not.
  7. Bump with better photos.
  8. 3 ×1 oz coins,1/2 oz dragon,churchill £20(roughly1/2 oz) Cant remember exact silver content of proof £1 coins will check when I get home.
  9. Took photos on old phone. Will put up some better ones tonight. If not sold by tomorrow will prob split. Cheers.
  10. Final reduction £75 posted.
  11. Bump,open to offers! Although might tell you to get lost😉
  12. Now £85 including postage.😭😭
  13. Bump + small reduction. £92 including postage.
  14. Should have added,PM with any questions,or if you think I've priced it wrong. I think I've left a bit of meat on the bone,but always open to offers😉