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  1. https://www.easyliveauction.com/catalogue/lot/7fc0a65235026718d3c8fb0178e39a66/0af8d24542e81eb9357e7ef448a6646f/carlisle-collectors-auction-of-antique-collectable-co-lot-135/?iFrameView=1
  2. Deleted,as link showed ALL my details. Lol
  3. Hi,looking for year of pig,for christening present. There available elsewhere,but just thought I'd check in case anybody looking to sell one. Bank transfer only. PM with details if you have one. Cheers.
  4. Personally,I now tend to nearly always just buy bullion coins,as going forward I will always know the minimum that I'm going to achieve,when I sell.Also with proof coins they have to remain in a "mint" condition,for any premium you've paid to remain the same.
  5. Is it right that theres only 100 of these sets,and that the rest got smelted?
  6. have a pair of 1750/1780 Thomas hemmings candle sticks these are stunning, they are due to be auctioned at sotherbys London in November however if any Hemmings collectors are interested in . Arent these the same ones,if not then I apologise
  7. You have these entered in an auction,is that correct? Surely you must have been given an auction estimate,list them at middle estimate,and see if anybody bites. Save on auction fees then.
  8. Not sure where you get your figures from. Current make up is 5% from employee and minimum 3% from employer. Also this comes off before tax,so you save a wee bit there as well. I may be wrong,and if so,then sorry.
  9. + 1,but will deny agreeing with you,if Chris gets upset.😁
  10. @SilverStan made some a while back,might be worth asking him.
  11. Send me a p.m. with your address and I'll p.m. you with bank details for you to pay.
  12. Put away for xmas.
  13. Last chance to buy cheap!! Or somebody can look forward to winning them in the xmas raffle. 😋😋