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  1. Just over 10oz. £210 posted S.D. Bank Transfer Only.
  2. My thoughts exactly,what would you be doing if you'd bought the 2012 and he'd sent you the 2017??
  3. As pictured. Auction ends Wed. 1st April at 9pm. Minimum bid increments 50p. Bank Transfer Only. Postage on top. Happy Bidding. Buy it now price - £200 😂😂
  4. Agree with above statement,i work in social care.tomorrow ive got to visit 18 clients. I cant work from home,cant be "furloughed". So if I do have to self isolate its ssp for me,which is approx. 20% of my weekly wage. YEE-HA!!
  5. As title says 20 (9×2016,11×2019) 1oz silver brits,all in caps. Selling as 1 lot. £345 posted S.D. Bank transfer only
  6. Something @ChrisSilver might want to look at. If you want to sell,then you have to have some form of paid membership.
  7. Final reduction,will stay on sale,till I get in from work tomorrow night,then their locked away.
  8. Bump,will withdraw tomorrow if no interest. 😭😭
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