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  1. Am I the only one to notice that the front of the truck has been removed. I presume by forensics.
  2. https://www.nbcnews.com/video/cellphone-video-captures-moment-of-truck-attack-horror-727364163955
  3. It was class. The new version on netflix,now that's rubbish!!
  4. Jimmock

    Nazi Silver

    Total agreement with you. Hope you don't mind me saying,but I enjoy reading your posts. Don't think I've ever agreed with one of them,but I can see the passion behind them and I appreciate that.
  5. Jimmock

    Nazi Silver

  6. Jimmock

    Nazi Silver

    http://phdn.org/archives/holocaust-history.org/auschwitz/hoess-memoirs/ Take it it's my turn to put up a link. 😋 Can't we just agree to disagree.
  7. Jimmock

    Nazi Silver

    Really am finished with this debate now. 😭 Main reason being that we could all find and post different links supporting every theory under the sun and what it comes down to is that as individuals,we are all entitled to believe what we believe, and long may that continue. Mind you interest could be peaked again,if somebody could find a good link to the fact that Nazis were in fact alien spacemen. 😄
  8. Jimmock

    Nazi Silver

  9. Jimmock

    Nazi Silver

    The figure of 271k comes from a document that does not list the total death toll,but the number of surviving identifable death records,that is cases where the nazis actually wrote down the full details of the death,including the name of the person killed. This document is deliberately and fradulently misrepresented by holocaust deniers. Just to add will not be contributing to this thread again as people will chose to believe whatever suits their ideology. As is their right!!
  10. Jimmock

    Nazi Silver

    Let's put an end to this debate. The history of mankind is full of atrocities carried out against fellow human beings,for whatever reason you care to mention,and ANYBODY who tries to deny it or glorify it should be ashamed of themselves.
  11. Don't really get involved in these forum "debates". But Paul at what point were you forced to use the self-scanner? Couldn't you just have put them down and walked out,and then maybe went elsewhere,don't know your situation,but maybe you could have supported an independent establishment. As for the banking,fully agree. I live in a small town approx 8000. Used to have 4 banks,now have the grand total of 0.
  12. Jimmock

    When Siver goes through the roof!

    Something I've wondered. If silver shoots up,will those lovely "collector" coins that we've all probably got stashed away,rise at the same rate. Or will the premium people are willing to pay drop. I know if silver did rise say ×4, I wouldn't/couldn't pay £300ish for a 1oz proof britannia.
  13. Jimmock

    Yorkshire Bullion

    Have bought off them a few times,no probs at all.
  14. Jimmock

    completed Walking Liberty 2007 Color 1 oz Silver Coin

    Don't think you can say,will sell if price suits. If you want to auction it with a reserve then fine,but otherwise think you have to set a price.