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  1. Jimmock

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Count me in. 1983 + 1984 Royal Mint Silver Proof 1 pound coin,(boxed with coa's).
  2. Jimmock

    Silver Deals.....

    Just looked says £168 when I checked. Maybe that's a special price,just for you. 😋
  3. Remember sitting with my dad counting up all his kensitas club coupons, then twice a year would head to glasgow,to swap them for a set of pots,or something. Also remember ice-cream van at school gates,where you could buy a single fag. 😂
  4. Jimmock


    I've liquidated a lot of my physical silver and put it into the royal mint. Only drawback I found,was when I sold a small amount back to r.m. just to test it out. Took best part of ten days from initialising sale,to money appearing in my bank account.
  5. Jimmock

    BrewDog Shares?

    Can buy direct online,or download application forms. £23.75 a share,minimum buy of 2,if my memory serves me right. Can also buy as a gift,which I did. (Early xmas pressie for son)
  6. Jimmock

    10oz Britannia Bar in UK?

    @SilverStan was taking pre-orders,drop him a pm
  7. Jimmock

    Chards - VAT Free Silver

    Not even a good price for stored, £11.04 an oz at royal mint. 😉
  8. Jimmock

    Buying gold in the UK

    I believe this is the latest photo taken by the international space station. 😆
  9. Jimmock

    Iron Maiden

    They were the very first band I saw,at the Glasgow Apollo. Was their first tour as headliners. Paul D'anno was the singer back then,must have been about '79, or thereabouts.
  10. Still need to list a price,as per forum rules.
  11. Jimmock

    Today I bought.....

    I'm a bit of a worrier over who will buy silver if/when price rises and everybody tries to sell,so just bought into the royal mint signature scheme. Not exciting or pretty to look at,but should at least guarantee a quick sell when I need it. ?
  12. Am I the only one to notice that the front of the truck has been removed. I presume by forensics.
  13. https://www.nbcnews.com/video/cellphone-video-captures-moment-of-truck-attack-horror-727364163955
  14. It was class. The new version on netflix,now that's rubbish!!
  15. Jimmock

    Nazi Silver

    Total agreement with you. Hope you don't mind me saying,but I enjoy reading your posts. Don't think I've ever agreed with one of them,but I can see the passion behind them and I appreciate that.