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    SpacedMarine reacted to ApisMellifera in Random I know but how about a funny meme thread to brighten our day?   
    Not a meme but still funny


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    SpacedMarine got a reaction from MikeOxlong in just 12 months ago when things were cheap   
    Best buys last year were 1/4 oz maple for £200 1/4 oz eagle for the same and half krugerrand for £399!25% in 1 year isnt bad going.Wish i made good decisions like that more often 😂😂😂
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    SpacedMarine reacted to SilvergunSuperman in Interest rates   
    The craziest thing about it is that the market moves are initiated by computer algorithms which look and listen for particular words from the Fed heads, it's not even educated human beings making informed decisions. 
    I think for the hundredth time we'll see them do nothing but suggest a possible rate rise next time, which will no doubt be enough to knock down PMs further and get everyone throwing their paper debt tokens at stocks.
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    SpacedMarine got a reaction from SilvergunSuperman in Interest rates   
    Well it seems as though the smart money is selling everything until mother yellen announces whether the fed will raise rates this millenium.Gold has taken a hit as people expect that they will raise rates.After all the talking about raising rates and little action (0.25% in 8 years) I personally don't see why most of the financial world hangs on Janet Yellens every utterance.What odds do you guys give on a U.S. rate rise?We gonna put a sweepstake on?😂😂😂.
    Personally I give it about a 5% chance of a raise .I'm not sure what excuse they will use this time.Maybe someone did a particularly bad fart in the back office and they had to evacuate the building.
    Anyway rant over!
    One of the most powerful women in the world!Does anyone actually understand the gobbledygook or do you think its a central bank joke to completely confuse everyone?
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    SpacedMarine got a reaction from Scuzzle in Interest rates   
    It is crazy how just the rhetoric is enough to move markets without doing anything no wait....its insane!😂😂😂
    I guess if you were the emperor with no clothes you'd just carry on in embarrasment!
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    SpacedMarine got a reaction from SilverPirate in Interest rates   
    It was almost as if she couldnt lie anymore and wanted to say something Long the lines of "were sorry we dont know what we're doing please stop making investment decisions based on what we say.It started as a joke but its gone too far.You know how you thought your money was worth something?well its not!you might as well be using toilet paper its a big scam !" Or something like that 😂😂😂
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    SpacedMarine got a reaction from KDave in UK, Leave the EU?   
    Not that it will ever happen but my opinion is that the treaty that got us into the EU should be annulled.If article 50 is triggered then the EU will punish the UK as best as they can as it will discourage other EU members going their own way.Make no mistake the EU is a banking cartel dictatorship.Not that the UK is much better but at least we can march on london.At the minute Brussels is practically a police state try marching on the EU parliament!That and the fact the EU president was "appointed" rather than elected tells you everything.Triggering article 50 gives the EU legitimacy and they will use the Brexit process as a blueprint for other nations wishing to do the same .Therefore to keep their cushy positions of power they will try to destroy UK as an example to others.Just my opinion!
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    SpacedMarine reacted to Roy in Silver price fall?   
    Those pesky Youtubers!
    They're scallywags throw and throw 
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    SpacedMarine reacted to KDave in Gold Monitoring Thread £ only   
    Given the state of the UK national debt I would argue that the £ is perhaps a fairer price than it was before Brexit, I believe it was overvalued. That is also before we consider the future effect that the May government will have regarding its intention to vastly increase the national debt further. I would very much love to see the £ appreciate again, but don't think its likely in this environment. Hope I am wrong, would suit us nicely. 
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    SpacedMarine got a reaction from KDave in Gold Monitoring Thread £ only   
    Where do you think the pound "should be?" In my opinion this rally wont last long and the pound will plunge again.There seems to be a lot of manipulation between squeezing gold down in dollars then squeezing it again by pumping the pound up.It doesn't look like we're getting a brexit anytime soon which just makes Britain look rudderless and run by europhiles roll on the next election and we can get rid of Gordon Brown the second(Theresa may) only thing is theres no alternative other than more socialism and immigration and less industrial production/innovation which means £ in the toilet!Just my opinion you understand.At the moment the central banks are in control.Remember the price of gold was fixed at $35 between 1944 and 1971.Apparently FDR used to wake up in the morning and pick a price out of thin air before he nicked everyone in Americas stash!Always makes me laugh how the U.S. is supposedly the land of the free yet they weren't allowed to own significant amounts of gold for a generation!
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    SpacedMarine got a reaction from wonderhandz in Sharia Law and Gold   
    Allegedly! however the Jews and Romans ended up killing him and he did kick the money lenders out of the temple for taking the piss!Selling a half ounce of silver for a ridiculous price because it didnt have a "pagan" emperors image on it.I seem to recall some famous lady mp saying noone would remember the good samaritan unless he was rich and able to pay for the guy to be looked after!Meaning (my interperitation) interest is ok (as long as you dont take the piss!) And being rich is good as you can use it to take care of others 😂😂😂 Not to well up on the Koran but I have heard of the old "taquya" thing.Historical context being that the meccans were at war with old Mo and would have probably killed anyone who were his followers but like anything can be spun how you like!If it means you can take over the neighbouring continent I guess its justified to be a bald face liar 😂😂😂
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    SpacedMarine got a reaction from wonderhandz in Sharia Law and Gold   
    "Limited" edition and "proof" springs to mind 😂😂😂
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    SpacedMarine reacted to HighlandTiger in Gold Monitoring Thread £ only   
    I love reading the comments on zerohedge. If I had the tin foil concession for the people who posted on that website, I'd be a billionaire.   
    I love how the posters talk about "paper gold" as something that does not really exist, at the same time as bigging up bitcoin, without seeing the delicious irony that that throws up. 
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    SpacedMarine reacted to HighlandTiger in Sharia Law and Gold   
    nothing has changed in 2000 years then, apart from swapping an emperors head for the head of a oriental bear or an antipodean animal.
    people are still swapping local currency for over priced silver "coins"
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    SpacedMarine reacted to HighlandTiger in Sharia Law and Gold   
    It's a good job that god doesn't exist, otherwise i suggest we should also be hoarding flame proof suits. 

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    SpacedMarine reacted to BaldyBob in Sharia Law and Gold   
    It is probably allowed if you doing it to non believers. 
    Ain't religion beautiful.
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    SpacedMarine reacted to PureGold in Polish treasure hunters begin excavation in hunt for Nazi 'gold train'   
    In three or four days we will know if the ‘gold train’ is buried in Walbrzych