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  1. Murph

    Buying silver

    I'd lay money on there being VATon entry after brexit.
  2. Murph

    Cleaning Gold Coins - At Your Own Risk

    Only problem with going up to butanol, pentanol is the solubility drops down as well so you can’t mix them with a little water. Unless you don’t use the straight chain isomers, I guess? I’d think you probably have to pay more for them as well compared to ethanol or isopropanol. I don’t think I would use meths anyway since the additives might leave marks if you didn’t rinse the coins well enough. I suppose you could use butane if you can’t get the alcohol?
  3. Murph

    VAT and Taxation Question

    I thought they usually only included the postage for tax purposes once the value went over the limit? I wouldn't value it at $75 as that is well over the limit. I'd keep it a few dollars below 50 just in case the pound drops in value a bit meantime.
  4. Me too with both the oriental and this. I guess I'll have to make a direct order but that means taking a number to make postage worth it and I have my eye on a few other coins just now that may cost me more than I want since I've noticed ancient coins selling well lately.
  5. Depends what you mean by numismatic. If you mean modern issues then the chances are they might rise a bit in the buying frenzy that can occur when they are released but a few years down the road a lot of them sell for less than you paid when new. If you mean older coins, sometimes hundreds or thousands of years old as long as you don't over pay for them in the first instance they usually constantly increase in price but perhaps not as quickly as the previously mentioned ones during the feeding frenzy.
  6. bugger, just noticed the oriental brits are available. Never mind.
  7. Murph

    Hatton garden metals

    I don't bother with them now as they are charging top end dealer prices but not giving te service. No picture or grade, let alone details means no sale for me.
  8. How much is shipping to the UK?
  9. Murph

    Hatton garden metals

    Saw that. It's a crazy price given the condition many of their coins come in. I thought it was bad when they started charging around £200 for halves including jubilee heads.
  10. Murph

    Cleaning Gold Coins - At Your Own Risk

    Funnily enough I’ve seen acetone for sale in plastic bottles before. Maybe they just don’t expect you to keep it for very long so it won’t soften the plastic too badly in the time? I can’t see them being ptfe or pp bottles as the bottle would be dearer than the acetone and they would be cheaper using glass or metal afaik.
  11. You mean you don't open it on the bed and roll around covering yourselves in silver?
  12. Murph

    Question regarding a Gibraltar gold coin

    https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces34129.html is a CuNi one.
  13. Murph

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    There were a few slabbed ones on ebay recently and some went at around that price iirc. Pr68 I think. I forgot to look near the end to bid again and missed out.
  14. Maybe easily found on the web but doesn't reveal his name or any details on his site or in messages and doesn't list a trade address so it really is still pretty anonymous. Not a personal attack but if I'm paying for a service and sending something of considerable value to someone I'd feel much better if I knew I could contact them no matter what. For example if something happened to BYB, God forbid, how would you go about getting your money/item back? No listing on Companies house afaik and no name or address details. This is fine for a private individual but I feel when you start charging for services you have to be more open to revealing more information and having a trade address. Of course this is probably too much of an expense at the moment but then it's a catch 22 situation.