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  1. A variation of up to 9.99g but minimum weight of 50g less than the spec? 50g of gold short!
  2. Murph

    H & B

    They mustn't get many stolen or it was a one off. Mind you at the prices they charge they could afford the odd loss.
  3. Murph

    Red spot disaster!

    Yes, up to 8 1/3 percent copper if there aren’t any tiny amounts of other metals. I’ve seen some suggestions that the spots are due to other metals/contaminants adhering to the surface of the coin in the mint or minting process and therefore coins that were in use and/or handled are more likely to have had these knocked or worn off compared to graded or encapsulated coins that are never touched.
  4. Field certainly looks polished enough to be a proof from picture. Did you buy it as a normal 10 mark coin? If so you may well have been very lucky!
  5. Murph

    Gold below melt

    I prebid on some ottoman gold coins the other night but someone grabbed them just below spot when the auction was live by outbidding me by one bid. I did intend to watch the live auction so I could bid again if needed but missed them.
  6. As well as all the pretty postcards etc, they include. They must shift a fair amount of stuff via the mail or they'd stop. I wish I was an unscrupulous bugger who didn't mind over charging older people for coins! By the way Atkinsons has also got some used Indian head $5 random years for £320 delivered or £340 for specific dates and a $2.5 indian head for £165
  7. Lol, I saw boards and I was asking myself what on earth is a board of dollars. I like the Barber coins and the seated liberty coins but good luck finding them in good condition and at a reasonable price. So many of them seem very badly worn.
  8. Yes, you'll be hit with charges to cover VAT through GSP even though there isn't any VAT due. You could try contacting them but I haven't had any luck getting a reply or heard of anyone getting the charges dropped.
  9. Thank you and goodnight? but with a loved or is it loved female - phile in there? Not that I know more than a few words in modern greek.
  10. Whatabout the zig zag on the headband? It's hard to tell from the pic but it looks worn as do some of the feathers. A couple of places look scratched as if someone has rubbed them with something abrasive as well but again the lighting makes it hard to tell. https://www.coincommunity.com/us_coin_grading/half-eagle-indian-head.asp gives pointers. Seeing it in person makes it easier to tell if the lustre is still present as well.
  11. What form is this fine silver in? Sounds pretty reasonable compared to some places.
  12. Middle one looks like it has a 2 on it so it is probably a 2 rial/ryal iranian coin Is it as small as this? https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces22438.html And this for first? https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces175242.html 1 shahi from 1913
  13. That's what makes it even better, the fact you just speak to thin air and the phone converts it to text. Some people still give you strange looks in this day and age.
  14. So easy to make appointments or send texts without even getting your phone out of your pocket though when you have a smart phone.