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  1. Murph

    Help bargin or not

    Someone slipped up pricing that. The £5 isnt for the plastic daisy?
  2. I didn’t think he looked old enough to have been working with gold for around 50 years. His own investments couldn’t have been that good if he’s still working after approximately 50 years and he said he wanted to wind down to retirement a number of years ago.
  3. Baird’s have had Louis phillipes advertised for quite a while now but none in stock when you attempt to buy. I see hgm have also got more 20 francs in but as far as I could tell they are mostly later ones.
  4. What does the sigma do that you can't do manually? It measures the dimensions and weight I take it to work out the density? At least they say the sigma pro checks density and the video instructions seem to use measuring to check the coin or bar in many cases. The videos also seem to show it measuring good items and putting them in the orange zone and they say some like older pandas and ase often give poor readings.
  5. What about the 90th birthday 2016 proof portrait?
  6. I guess it depends how often you ask them. For a while I was on the phone to them up to twice a day almost every day just because they wouldn't list their jubilee head half sovs and young heads separately. I wasn't even asking the dates. I thought about hiding my caller id, as they would tell me before I got round to asking after a while, but they would have known my voice.
  7. I think the XRF machines don't scan deep enough to read from the whole coin although I'm sure the manufacturers say heavy/dense metals are scanned quite deeply.
  8. Isn't it possible copper has migrated to the surface giving these results? I'd have expected them to test more coins or do destructive testing on one. Given they want the assay office to engrave it I don't think destructive testing would worry them.
  9. Are wages and the cost of living high in Finland or do the postal service just overcharge?
  10. Did you hear about this and convince them to stop or was this all to late? Sometimes people don't want to believe you and think they are getting better advice from these companies. There seem to be more than a few that charge ridiculous prices and often for coins of lower purity and minted in small islands names. It saddens me that they must sell enough to keep a number of companies profitable and often, it seems to older people. Maybe that's just because they are more likely to have money they can afford to 'invest'.
  11. Is it worth the trouble as there are so many Alex type drachms and tetradrachms. Everyone and their brother seemed to produce versions, all his satraps and some others. Vespasian was an ugly bugger. I think it's a vespasian under your severus in your pic of 5 coins ilove. A face you don't forget.
  12. I sometimes suspect the accuracy claimed for these cheaper scales. If they even specify an accuracy in the short instruction leaflet usually supplied. Sometimes they claim 0.01 readability and 0.02 accuracy but I wonder how long they hold that for if they reach it at all given scales costing in the hundreds also claim similar accuracy. Not that I'm suggesting your scales are the problem here as they are reading fine with the other bars. I have noticed moving the coin/bar around on the few cheap scales I have often results in different readings as does leaving an item sitting on the scales for a few minutes.
  13. Hard to tell if it's deep enough to remove 3/4 of a gram. If it was much less in weight I'd worry but I don't think it's worth worrying about unduly. Unless it is thicker or larger in any dimension than the other bars? I'd just measure it and do the s.g. test to remove any niggling doubt if it's going to nag at you. Could they have flattened/polished the rear before engraving it which might have removed a little more silver?
  14. Murph

    Just a dirty 5p !

    I think I preferred the last shillings we used to use as 5p to these. The English 3 lions and Scottish lion Royal arms ones. Not that the putting all the coins together to make one coat of arms was that bad an idea either.