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  1. Murph

    Coin condition / grading

    Is it a modern copy of a ducat? There are plenty of grading books and some web sites but each only cover certain coins. The standard guide to grading british coins : pre decimal edition is cheap to buy on amazon as an ebook. Chards used to have pages on sovs but the new site has it all on one page now it seems; https://www.chards.co.uk/blog/coin-grading-uk-cgs-pcgs-ngc-uk-and-us/79 The likes of https://www.coincommunity.com/us_coin_grading/double-eagle-liberty-head.asp give grading guides for us eagles https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/how-to-grade-morgan-dollars-768394 for other us coins Long standing dealers will tend to grade a little more consistently but on ebay and other sites now it seems many people just pull a grade out of thin air. There were always people who over estimated the grades of their coins but some of the descriptions I have seen in recent years are crazy.
  2. And when most of the public vote to get rid of it? As to cash being quicker. Not really in many circumstances you have to wait for the checkout operator to give you your change unless you carry a lot of change or the total comes to a round figure. I've lost count of the number of times the checkout operator looks at me in bewilderment or asks how I worked that out so quickly when I can calculate the total, change and coins required quicker than they can scan items. Using a card instead of cash for restaurant or taxi bills for example seems to make it easier for people to ignore tips.
  3. Or go for a tetradrachm which are a bit more substantial. Obviously they are Greek in origin but during the empire provincial mints still minted them as people were used to them. i don’t know if you will be able to find any at the price you want to pay but they are around 15g or a bit more so are heavier than 3.9g Denarius or antoninianus coins
  4. Instead of referring to entropy wouldn’t it be better to explain it as you introducing energy which gives the reactant particles enough energy for them to reach the required activation energy more rapidly? For people who would ask this sort of question in the first place.
  5. Obviously but it’s a bit of an outdated phrase and you will probably be hard pushed to find many people using it. Maybe some conservative monarchists but the phrase for queen and country was usually used in military circles. As in being willing to serve and die for Queen and country.
  6. I take it all the bold text is your interpretation and the actual quote is the short normal text that doesn’t say anything like you have elaborated? Strange that you have decided to embolden your own words and not the actual bible quotations. I’d have thought you’d do the opposite as it seems a little prideful to do the opposite to me. Not that I could care less since there are so many contradictions, as shown above, and immoral things in the bible that even if I thought it true I wouldn’t agree with it. As for the lion and not buying a coin with it on because it symbolises the antichrist what about Genesis 49:9 where Judah is referred to as a lion or revelation 5 where the Lion of Judah is again mentioned but in reference to Jesus supposedly when conquering and opening the seals?
  7. I don’t think many have ever cared about the royals in Scotland tbh. When my mother first came here from Australia and heard the royal yacht was docking for the queen to transfer to a train to balmoral she sped down to the nearby docks. Stopping to ask a few people where they were docking. Most looked at her in bewilderment and not one could answer, even a harbour board employee. None of them cared.
  8. Of course the coin was almost 100 years old in 1938 already and you are comparing a newly minted coin. I think the young head victoria is much nicer as well. Weren't there variations in the victorian one as well dirige, dirigit, plain edge and others?
  9. Strange, as I say I seem to recall it during the early 80s and very little extra was taught because it was the time of all the teacher strikes. In the middle of that when teachers weren't doing any extracurricular activities, so no parents nights, school reports, sports etc, they decided to change from O levels to standard grades (then decided it was a bad idea and changed back giving some of the pupils only 1 year to do the O level syllabus). They do seem to include simple and compound interest in maths now if the following site is correct even though they don't seem to give or explain any formula. https://studymaths.co.uk/topics/simpleAndCompoundInterest.php
  10. They used to teach arithmetic in schools and you learned basics about interest rates, how much a loan would cost you etc, Nothing very complex but at least it would help those people who just seem to ignore interest rates completely. Of course you weren't allowed a calculator but were given log tables. When did they stop teaching this in schools? Don't children learn this in maths classes now?
  11. Funny how the OP is always harping on about everything the media tells us being lies and yet swallows this hook, line and sinker with no skepticism at all.
  12. I'd like to know where the OP got his North Sea oil revenue figures? Around a quarter of a billion at a rough mental calculation according to him? https://obr.uk/forecasts-in-depth/tax-by-tax-spend-by-spend/oil-and-gas-revenues/ 1.1 billion representing 0.13 percent of all receipts for 19-20. https://www.gov.scot/publications/government-expenditure-revenue-scotland-2017-18/pages/4/ 17-18 1.192 billion net from 1.688 NS corporation tax and - (yes minus)568 million petroleum revenue tax. This is because they government reduced the petroleum revenue tax to 0% but still allow oil companies to claim for losses and decommissioning costs. https://www.statista.com/statistics/350890/united-kingdom-uk-north-sea-revenue/ for figures since 2008.
  13. Is that another to the left of the lion's fore paw and up a little?
  14. You'll be lucky to get then for £15 delivered in the UK unless you buy a considerable (I know, it's not the greatest choice of word) amount of the cheapest coins. A lot of common coins like koalas, kooks etc, can't be bought quite as cheaply so it would have to be negotiated on a case by case basis depending on the coins both sides were trying to trade. Buying 17 from EU mint would tip you over into the £25 postage band as well.
  15. I don't see any blindspot. I see your creative editing making it look as though I have contradicted myself either through not reading, comprehending or dishonesty. I said in science nothing is known 100% unlike creationists/religion where people say what they believe is 100% known because it is handed down from a perfect creator who can make no mistakes. I'm not going to reply again because discourse with people who believe almost every conspiracy theory they are introduced to is a complete waste of time, especially if they make up things you haven't said to argue against.