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  1. Murph

    Ebay 15% off

    I missed this too. Only noticed around an hour ago. I never get the targeted ones either.
  2. Murph

    Girlfriend's Austrian gold coins

    koloman moser 500 schilling at least it's sterling silver and a .800 silver 25 schilling from 1960 they are both commemorative coins.
  3. Think you'd be lucky to get it for £50. Years ago you'd have got away with four people lifting an average couple of hundred kilos of safe but health and safety would probably say you can't lift that weight now. I seem to recall safe shops charging at least £100 to deliver and install even smaller safes that weigh under 100kg. They also wouldn't install or deliver to anywhere with more than 1 step.
  4. Murph

    Royal Mail daylight Robbery

    Yes it used to be around £13 if the item was sent using some priority postal methods which is a bugger when you buy something from ebay and they just round the value to the nearest 10 (e.g. you pay something like $19.01 and they round it to $20) and this puts the value just over the current £15 limit.
  5. Murph

    completed 2016 pandas for cheap £240 for 15

    Gone now then I take it.
  6. Murph

    completed Selection of silver

    Swans gone?
  7. Murph

    Today I Received

    Atkinsons had a few 1905 $5 coins all in uncirculated or as near as damned for ages but I don't know if they have any left. They were around £278 when I contacted them but they weren't really willing to lower the price and had considered having them graded. £278 was slightly too high for me but I think I did end up with one as they don't come up for sale that often over here unless it's at stupid prices on ebay.
  8. Murph

    What is an Arabic 1?

    If there is only 1 variant for that coin I could see why they wouldn't bother but if there are both...
  9. +1 Yes, I still want one. And the St Helena Trade dollar restrike which is also a fair bit more expensive from European mint.
  10. Murph

    Today I bought.....

    A classical period Athenian owl, unfortunately not a tetradrachm but a smaller coin.
  11. Murph

    What is an Arabic 1?

    I don't see a problem really as long as they differentiate between the Roman and Arabic. Just a standard term in numismatics especially with British (usually Victorian?) coins.
  12. Murph

    Any one used goldsilver.be ?

    How are they if the transfer takes a day or two to go through? I have considered using revolut for payment since I have money in that account and they don't charge like transferwise but they can take a day or two for the money to go through.
  13. Or even the toblerone!
  14. Murph

    for sale Beautiful grade 1902 shilling

    There looked to be vertical scratches at the back of Ed's head that are gone when you see the coin.