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  1. Perth mint's own page for the silver proof one looks like it might be rounded at the corner a little as well. A search on youtube also shows rounding at the corners or flattening on rest of the edges in the first video I looked at (by silvermagpie) but only in the 2019 in that video. 1.58 for example shows the top corners.
  2. I can't see anyone being able to round the corners like that with a file. They curve right into the interior edge and doing this would surely leave marks on the face. If you were filing you'd be able to round off the exterior edge but the interior would be much harder.
  3. There are courier services that will collect items for you. Some will require the seller to wrap or stick the item in a box but others don't. If you bought from an auction house they often have a link to the company the recommend. A quick search turned up parcelmonkey who seem to use parcelforce and dpd but their page also says; Can I get a courier to pick up an eBay item? Yes, you can. If you’ve bought something from eBay or another online market place and want to have it collected and delivered to you, that’s no problem. Just get a quote as normal, set the collection address as the senders, place the order and email the person at the collection address any shipping labels that are required to attach to the parcel. They might need to weigh and measure the parcel for you, but once you have this information it is a simple process. ipostparcels also seem to require the seller to package the item.
  4. Most burglaries happen during the day when your at work but even if it did happen at night and you live in a dark enough place to use night vision how long are you going to have to get all dressed up? What's with the headphones as well? I don't think I'd like them compromising my ability to hear my environment properly in a burglary. Ablist the funny thing is pit bulls are supposed to be banned, or near enough, over here yet they are by far the most common dog type owned by neds. Poorly trained ones that run amok without being under control or on a leash are far too common as well. There was a recent case where a staffie type ran into someones flat when they opened their door and attacked the owners dog https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/woman-mauled-aberdeen-flat-out-18950056 This kind of thing seems increasingly common and you don't even get a sorry from the dogs owner. It cost me around £500 when my poor little dog was attacked by a dog that was left unleashed and repeatedly chased and attacked dogs. When the local authorities visited the owners after a second incident to ask them to keep their dog leashed the owners appeared outside my house half an hour later with the dog running loose again and jumping up on my outside wall trying to get to the window when it saw my dog. Another time when I had a Dobbie a staffie tried to attack it but he was a very quick dog for his size so he pinned the staffie by the back of its neck until the owner came. The owner and his friends didn't like that his dog had been so easily pinned so they waited until I had walked away and turned my back before letting the dog loose again so it could attack my dog from behind while I had him on a short leash.
  5. Pity it slows and stops when he leans into it on the flat of an ibeam which is more like a safe than cutting through a thinner piece of mild steel Tbar edge on.
  6. Sounds like a good way to get armed criminals who shoot first and ask questions later to me. Fortunately armed criminals breaking into your home and hurting or threatening you is rare here. You're also unlikely to be charged with a criminal offense if your dog bites a burglar unless you order it to do so. Of course the burglar would be able to try to obtain satisfaction in civil court. As far as more people having pit bulls putting off burglars I don't believe that for a second as pitbull/staffies and crosses are by far the most common dog in a number of areas around here and burglaries are also very common in these areas.
  7. I bought a Chubb a few years back but they don't make the model now. I went for a key lock, with the keys kept off the premises as I didn't want a crappy electronic lock which has a hidden key back up anyway and didn't want to pay the extra fee they charged for the combination addon since it wasn't a great lock. It was advertised as having some method of anti drilling that triggered the safe to lock permanently but this didn't turn out to be true iirc. I would have gone for a bigger heavier model but once you get into hundreds of kgs getting it delivered and installed isn't cheap unless you have very easy access to your installation point. You don't want to be lugging a few hundred kgs up or down stairs or through tight doors either. Insurance companies will also require professional installation before they will think about covering you as well. It was much better built than a securikey we got for my daughter to keep her jewelry in but then it was only a couple of hundred quid. I seem to remember the securikey had rough edges, a large enough gap around the door to get a small pry bar in and a missing part when it came as well.
  8. Murph

    Error on coin

    When I read this I thought that sounds unusual a r replaced by an I. Then I saw the pic and thought that's just a normal coin before realising you didn't mean the second letter but the second i even though I still couldn't see anything out of the ordinary.
  9. A 490g tray containing 453g of silver that went for £160 plus 5.45 postage is all I could see close to that. Then there was also a 337g tray which went for over spot at £149.50, a 1081g for £878.50, a 635g for 331.18 so I don't know why a item listed as a sterling silver tray just like all the above would show up above these yesterday. Unless you're saying there is some method of searching items by weight, price and ending time all together that would throw items ending soon that are below spot up first so you didn't have to look through descriptions for weights and then take a chance that a few people won't all bid in the last few seconds and push the price away up? It's easy to point out items that went for under spot afterwards but much harder to point out a number of items that will go for under spot beforehand which would show that you can do so frequently. Yes posting this publicly would skew the results but that's easily overcome. It's far from a five minute task to find and win an item well under spot most of the time.
  10. I take it you didn't want to chance the two that hgm had on Friday? They sat for quite a while, which is unusual. Unfortunately they wouldn't even tell me the dates of both or what kind of condition they were in. I stuck one in my cart and considered just taking a chance but at current prices I didn't want to risk getting a well worn and cleaned very common date. They've had quite a few lately. If your willing to take a chance on condition I'm sure more will appear.
  11. Maybe it's the texture of the background that highlights the foreground smoothness with the Queen's beasts? I've always thought the very shiny foregrounds on some bullion seem to lack detail.
  12. Do you mean proof coins? The matt look to the raised areas? It's done by sandblasting some areas of the die(stamp) and polishing others. Proofs are usually stamped a number of times as well. Normal coins are also machine stamped as well so the metal doesn't need to be soft or malleable. Tremendous pressures can be attained when using hydraulic machinery.
  13. As I said, if it is 20.5 oz avoirdupois (approx) this is roughly 18.7 oz Troy which is what silver prices are quoted in. Using your 17 dollar price per ozt this makes the selling price a little over - I meant under - scrap as I previously mentioned. Given you say this is an auction and it’s not an estimate range it sounds like it may well be an eBay auction where people list their own items and often use oz avoirdupois instead of Troy as they either want to make their item sound as heavy as possible or they are unaware of Troy weights.
  14. I wouldn't worry too much about that ebayer saying Taxco sterling marks are usually fake as it's only fairly recently that Mexico started using the letter and number id system - Something like the past 40 years. They used the eagle with a number in it to id the maker from not long after wwii until around 1980 before this. Pre late 40s they didn't often id maker and sometimes just marked things Mexico or Town, silver/sterling and/or a purity like 925. I've picked up a bit of silver lately for around 80% of spot or just above including postage from ebay. One or two are more obscure marks, only show the weight in pictures or not at all and required me to estimate the weight but in those cases I err on the low side if possible.
  15. Of course your 20.5 oz converts into 18.7 ozt which is what the silver price you quoted at $17 is listed in so the total scrap value is more like $318.