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  1. BackyardBullion

    **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint

    I don't know why they don't have any of these - but they wont be getting them in time anyway. Just so you know the silver gold bull website charges VAT on their silver so it would be a lot more expensive than waiting 😉 Also, even if you didint want to wait going to GS.be would still be cheaper even after paying shipping all on your own!
  2. BackyardBullion

    Any questions for The Edinburgh Assay Office?

    I know 😉 I appreciate it - we are trying to plan about a 30 minute Q&A discussion using a lot of these types of questions. I think it would be fun to have a "quickfire" segment of questions too. Really looking forward to it - should be very interesting!
  3. BackyardBullion

    Any questions for The Edinburgh Assay Office?

    Your original quote said..."I actually have a question for you BYB" so I assumed you were asking me directly 😉 I have no idea if people would still buy at the same rate. If a new normal price was established and enough time passed, I expect people would still buy silver and continue like now.
  4. BackyardBullion

    Any questions for The Edinburgh Assay Office?

    @sixgun I can answer some of your questions already. Any member of the public can send any precious metal object for an assay report and marking. It costs around £50+VAT and postage and is fairly easily done. This can be done for items from anywhere in the world, existing marks or not. The Edinburgh Assay Office is a private company. It is regulated by the government but ultimately it is a private company that is there to make a profit. In the last 25 years they have gone from about 10 employees to 40-50.
  5. BackyardBullion

    Any questions for The Edinburgh Assay Office?

    Well, if silver shot the moon tomorrow I would be a happy man put it like that 😉 In all seriousness - if it shot the moon tomorrow it would likely hurt the business long term. On the other side, if the price dropped dramatically then I would buy more silver 😉
  6. BackyardBullion

    Any questions for The Edinburgh Assay Office?

    @sixgun @Roy @Bullionaire Brilliant questions guys, lots I already had but lots that I have not thought of as well!
  7. BackyardBullion

    for sale 7.77 oz Hallmarked Star - Hand Poured Silver

    Updated price.
  8. BackyardBullion

    Today I made.....

    The grand prize from my 5000 Subs giveaway! He was Canadian if you had not gathered...
  9. BackyardBullion

    Any questions for The Edinburgh Assay Office?

    @kimchi @StackerNoob @MickD @PansPurse Thanks for all the tips! Basically - contribution from the forum for the interview, "Where is the best placed to get thoroughly sloshed in Edinburgh" 😉 Sadly I am there just for the day and cannot partake on this visit - but I will take notes for a future bender!
  10. I have a very cool 7.82 oz star for sale. This is actually one of the first stars I pulled out of my star mould back in 2017. I did not video the pour which is why I never finished the star at the time (I wanted items to be video'ed and numbered back then). Anyway, I sent it in for hallmarking last year so it has got a "s" date letter and is a 2017 dated piece. The ripples on this star are very cool and give it an amazing texture and feel. The star weighs 7.82 ozt It also comes supplied with a hand made English Oak display board made by my Dad, Backyard Bullion Senior. It is hallmarked and ready for immediate shipping. Price: Star on it's own: £175 Display board: £20 Total: £195 Prices include special delivery to the UK and also international postage for any international buyers. Postage Happy to hold postage to combine with other orders and/or group orders. Payment PayPal F&F, Banks Transfer or Credit/Debit card accepted (UK only for credit/debit card and I will have to telephone you to do the transaction)
  11. BackyardBullion

    Any questions for The Edinburgh Assay Office?

    Perhaps also some detailed schematics of the building and blueprints too - would look good on my 4k camera I bet.
  12. Hello all - production is well underway for the 100g Silver Forum Bars (an update coming on those this weekend!) And similarly to last year I will actually be hand delivering these to the Edinburgh Assay Office for Hallmarking (it is cheaper to fly 16kg of silver to Edinburgh (Twice!) than it is to post it!) Last time I went I made a VLOG of my trip and it was an amazing day out. I got to meet a lot of the staff up there and had a tour of the Assay Office. This year we are going one step further. I am having a sit down with the CEO of the Edinburgh Assay Office and will be trying my hand at some journalism! So, if you have any burning questions that you would like to know the answers to then please let me know. It should make a really interesting interview and give a lot more depth and understanding to what hallmarking is and why it is so important.
  13. BackyardBullion

    for sale Hallmarked Kit Kat Finger Bars - Hand Poured Silver

    0.81 and one of the 0.86 Oz bars are sold
  14. BackyardBullion

    New from UK/London - Let it Begin!

    @KibbleWatches The premiums on silver are to some extend held - but really only by selling via eBay and often you will lose money based on the prices you are probably paying right now (unless a significant hike in metal prices). The problem is, if you need to liquidate the silver value any time you will need to take a lot of time to do it - you will have to wait and find a buyer at the premium price. You would even struggle to sell 1 oz silver coins on this forum at £16 - £18 per oz as a new member. So - mitigate this exposure as best as possible by getting cheap silver elsewhere. Be a premium member on this forum, great trades come up all the time for £14/oz or £15/oz silver (sometimes even cheaper!) or, buy from Europe with my group buys. Or Just buy small denomination gold. You can pick up spot +3% sovereigns from Hatton Garden Metals or 2% second hand gold off Atkinsonsbullion sometimes.
  15. BackyardBullion

    New from UK/London - Let it Begin!

    @KibbleWatches The problem is - you are buying silver from gold.co.uk and are paying 20% VAT Join my group order and you can pick up 1 oz coins for about £14.75 each delivered.