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  1. The assay testing is a hard process for bars. They have to drill to the core to be sure that it is all the way 9ct or in this case 24ct. You can have the holes repaired though, so it is not all bad! Added 0 minutes later... This made me giggle, thanks for sharing!
  2. Join me in 10 minutes for a live chat as I pour some gold!
  3. Empty Monster Box & Brit tubes available! Everything is being sold as 2nd hand. Monster boxes have small scratches and Tubes have sticky tape and in some cases sharpie pens writing on them. We will endeavour to take all the tape and/markings off if you want. Prices and quantities: Empty Monster Boxes (Royal Mint): £12 (1 available) Britannia Coin Tube: £1.50 (20 available) Bulk discount offers: Monster Box & 20 Britannia tubes: £35 delivered (UK only) 5 tubes plus: £1.25 per tube + postage of your choice 10 tubes + £1.10 per tube + postage of your choice 20 tubes: £23 delivered Postage Buyer pays their choice of postage for individual orders, or it is free if you buy the monster box and all tubes Due to size of the items must be sent as a small parcel. 2nd Class regular is £3.00 or signed £4.00 Happy to ship internationally, but buyer pays postage. Payment Banks Transfer
  4. Yes, I have indeed. The issue comes with the way the metal pours. It will come out not as pretty and will need considerable after work to make sure it looks good. You wouldn't get nice ripples on it either!
  5. Maybe around the 1 oz size, any smaller and it is just too difficult to pour!
  6. Yep, happy to do this for you my friend 😉
  7. Thanks buddy, but I knew I could do better. If it was silver I probably would have kept it, but gold is just so damn expensive! £2300 in gold right there!
  8. There was an in-between pour too, not so good. It is absolutely mind boggling how heavily it is. I will be very sad to see it go when it finally does!
  9. So, this week I have been subtly sharing some black and white photos of a very pretty bar. That is because the colour is not your usual white metal! Courtesy of @Lr103 I have been experimenting with pouring gold! A video of the whole experience will be out tomorrow and I will share it with you all here. Here is the very first attempt.... Not so good, so I chopped it up and tried again! And here is the bar fresh from the furnace.... My leaf stamp compliments the ripples perfectly! 2.24 oz of 999+ gold! We have sent it up to the Edinburgh Assay Office for hallmarking (likely done by laser!) And here is a companion bar made to be the same size....but because it is silver it is about half the weight! Thank you to @Lr103 for putting your faith (and money!) in my skills, I am truly humbled! I also have the gold pouring bug....so watch this space..... If only gold wasn't so damn expensive!
  10. I will pass on them - feel free to jump, great coins great price!