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  1. Welcome to the forum!
  2. GROUP ORDER UPDATE!! We have good and bad news! Bad News The discount code for 50% off shipping will expire on Sunday 19th January Good News We are currently working on a group order like times of old to be open as soon as Brexit happens and we go onto the transition period. In theory this should be 1st February!
  3. I suspect they will be able to help - but you will need to get in touch directly!!
  4. The Silver form is the place to start learning! Welcome!
  5. BackyardBullion


    I have had 2nd class items arrive next day and also take up to 1 month, it's a lottery!
  6. BackyardBullion


    From my experience, you won't be covered for the precious metals in the parcel unless you use special delivery. The best you can hope for is a refund on the cost of postage if you make a claim for the lost silver. What did you arrange with the buyer on the forum regarding postage liability? Going forward, my advice for anyone selling on the forum is that the seller always make it clear who has liability for this situation based on the type of postage selected. I am not sure on the legal side of things for a private sale, but certainly morally the responsibility lies with the seller to refund/replace the items if they do go missing without any prior agreement for liability. Hopefully it will just be a delay and will arrive at some point.
  7. Sorry to hear you are having issues. I guess the issue you will have here is that so much time has passed since you instructed to have the orders dispatched that they will wonder why you didnt spot/mention it sooner. Hope you can work it out, keep us posted!
  8. We are holding a YouTube Live Chat Premiere to showcase some of the first pieces of hand poured silver to be made in 2020! Join us if you can and say hello! Here is the link, live at 5pm but will be on the chat from about 4.45pm https://youtu.be/s67aHTQk8d0
  9. I will be creating a thread on this forum if and when we do one.