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  1. I am happy to send anywhere in the world, but you are right, the postage costs will likely not be efficient for anything more than a couple of coins.
  2. You are probably not the first person to have done this, and you won't be the last either! If you emailed them directly I'm sure they will find you payment
  3. Welcome to the forum @nummum
  4. Feel free to join with some other people to buy multiple britannias and get the discount. I will not be arranging this though as it would be akin to herding cats!
  5. Can't believe I'm about to say this..... If you really want some of Jon's wood, we have this small heart board in stock Just shout if you do 😉 Added 0 minutes later...
  6. That is the Zebrano wood courtesy of @jonrms Dad has only a little left now for one small heart box we recon
  7. The reason for my epic blister within a blister!
  8. Always use euros, the exchange rates that both sites use is awful.