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  1. Yes indeed. I have a new item coming soon too, so there may be further discount codes coming soon!
  2. Just place an order with the EU Mint directly buddy, all the instructions are on page 1 of this thread.
  3. https://www.europeanmint.com/2019-1oz-uk-silver-valiant-coin/ 1 oz versions of the valiant coins, these should look pretty awesome. Should be ready for delivery in early July if you order before the end of June.
  4. @Serendipity They had a photo of a clear crisp guinea and listed as such.
  5. None of them are free, lowest available number is 129 from memory
  6. Yes indeed - but because of VAT registration we will have to link up in a few weeks when we don't have to pay/charge VAT so it it cheaper overall.
  7. I agree it is a disappointment that it was sent out in the first place, but lessons will be learned from both sides which is great I do not begrudge Atkinsons for this situation, mistakes happen all the time in this mad world we live in and it is how they are resolved that really counts.