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  1. Welcome to the forum!
  2. But, if your 4k turns into 8k or 20k that is a good thing. Big if though!
  3. What is a realistic sale price for these, you see some buy it now's on ebay for £25,000 but that cannot be right surely. With all big premium coins like this it is finding the right buyer at the right time at the right price. Personally (if I had one) I would flip for the profit and move on, I have done it on others and have no regrets.
  4. Nice photos ! Looking forward to your feedback on the earth and moon!
  5. Thanks, I am very proud of this idea 🙂 but Dad needs a lot of credit for working out a way to get the circular groove done with the router.
  6. We will be live on YouTube at 5pm, come say hello and watch the premiere of these globes on YouTube! https://youtu.be/3sqRnNPBfH0
  7. Welcome to the forum, its a great place to find what you are looking for!
  8. Prices & availability @5huggy to answer your question, here are some of the particulars Price is going to be £565 per set, worldwide shipping included. Mintage: 10 Approximate weight of silver: 17.35 oz per set If you would like one I am taking orders now, first come first served!
  9. @E23 The queen is the current monarch, so anybody else on the coin would make it not a coin by definition of what a coin is for us.....its not about queen or king or whatever, its about the monarch. When the queen dies and Charles becomes king we will feel the exact same way about the King being on a coin....