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  1. I will in a live chat premier at 1pm today - How much gold and silver should you buy? I finally get around to tackling this subject!
  2. BackyardBullion

    Trial of the Pyx coins for sale.

    Yes indeed - the coins would have been handled, you can see from the photos of the 5 sov that there are some marks on Queenies head.
  3. 3 oz rounds are all done! Most of them were sent today, still waiting on a few people to confirm addresses....you know who you are!!! In the meantime, you can see all of the individual rounds in the photo portfolio here: https://backyardbullion.com/3-oz-silver-forum-rounds/ Thank you all for your support and making these rounds possible in the first place!
  4. BackyardBullion

    Today I made.....

    3 oz rounds were finished today!
  5. BackyardBullion

    for sale 1 Ounce Queen's Beast Lion

  6. These are the last pieces for 2018! Each year I pour items in what I call, "The Leaf Ripple Series". To qualify for a serial number in this series the piece must be videoed as it is poured. I then put together silver pouring compilations with these pieces. They are flavour of the day - what I want to pour, what I like to pour and I also experiment with new moulds. The 2017 mintage was 250 pieces. This year (2018) the mintage is only 150. I have just been too busy with other projects to keep up! Each and every piece has been Hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office. They are all available for immediate shipping. Pieces & Prices Pour #137 - Giant Ripple Cube - 9.8 ozt - £205 Pour #138 - Aztec Pyramid - 10.83 ozt - £237.50 Pour #139 - Egyptian Pyramid - 10.64 ozt - £232.50 Pour #140 - Antiqued Buddha - 4.93 ozt - £104.50 Pour #141 - Antiqued Buddha - 5.23 ozt - £114 Pour #142 - Steampunk Mask - 1.81 ozt - £39.50 Pour #143 - Antiqued Steampunk Mask - 1.84 ozt - £42.75 Pour #144 - Antiqued Moon & Stars - 1.86 ozt - £43 Pour #145 - Antiqued Moon & Stars - 1.93 ozt - £44.50 Pour #146 - Antiqued Spiral Pyramid - 2 ozt - £46 Pour #146 - Antiqued Spiral Pyramid - 2.24 ozt - £51.25 Pour #148 - Giant Ripple Cube - 1.9 ozt - £43.75 Pour #146 - Antiqued Spiral Pyramid - 2.35 ozt - £53.50 UK postage is extra at your choice for orders under £40. Orders over £40 include free signed for delivery. International delivery is £5 for standard international or £10 for international Tracked and signed. Free international delivery (tracked and signed) for orders over £100. Payment via Banks Transfer or PPF&F #ROADTO10k Subscriber Giveaway There will be two giveaways - a free to enter one which will be marketed on YouTube and a second, much smaller giveaway which is exclusively available to customers who purchase my Hand Poured Silver between now and 22nd December 2018. For a full run down of the T&C's please have a look here: http://backyardbullion.com/roadto10k-subscribers-giveaway/ So, to that end buy purchasing any of these items either here via The Silver Forum or via my website directly you will have the chance to win 3 oz's of Hand Poured Silver!
  7. Coin counting machine at my local bank 😉 They are going to love me!
  8. Yes, but this was a fun thing to do, makes me feel like Smaug 😊😊😊😊
  9. In celebration of my 10,000 subscribers milestone I did something quite fun....... 10,000 is actually a pretty ridiculously huge number....when visualised in 32.7 KG of 5p coins.......
  10. BackyardBullion

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    At least gold is better than bitcoin....
  11. BackyardBullion

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    Spot price craziness is due to the value of the £ taking some big hits at the moment. $ wise it is still around $1250/oz which has not changed much