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  1. The discoloration is just graphite residue, if you get some strong vinegar and leave it to soak overnight and then take a coarse cloth or very fine sandpaper it will come off easily without damaging the silver underneath
  2. Awesome stuff buddy! Well done!
  3. I have had a few furnaces burn out on me, but only after running them for 3/4 hours a day for weeks and weeks at a time so I cannot be more helpful at this stage, sorry! All I know is that technical supermarket are very good with their warranty and repair - might take a few weeks but will be back up and running at least! Good luck!
  4. A little overview video and thank you to the EU mint and everyone who bought these pieces!
  5. So, most of you know me for my poured silver or ridiculous unboxing videos, but I also love taking photos (especially of shiny things!) So, I thought I would share some awesome photos of the 100g EU Mint Bars, Squares, Rounds & Triangles! They are all done, winging their way to their new owners as we speak! Which shape is your favourite of the bunch!?
  6. Links of London have gone into administration Worth noting if you were going to be ordering/have orders outstanding with them! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-london-49983489
  7. No slander interpreted - just curious as to what you thought. To my eyes they are just my usual pours with some very cool ripples and texturing!
  8. Poured some lovely big boy bars today! Which is your favorite!?