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  1. My Phoenix's turned up today. Anyone still.chasing theirs send me proof of payment and I'll relay it to steve on fb messenger.
  2. Steve messaged me a photo of mine packaged and stamped today so I suspect it will land by the weekend. If you are not on the UK Silver Stackers FB page I'd suggest getting on there, or pm me your payment receipt and I'll happily send it on to steve. To be fair he has had literally hundreds of packages to send out. He did put a FB post up the other day asking for anyone who hasn't had their rounds to let him know. Don't think he's on here though?
  3. I am, but Steve confirmed mine should arrive by the weekend.
  4. Thought I was doing really well until I discovered my wife has been using my tin for the odd quid here and there and more recently the odd £20 note. Back down to about £20 and not best pleased!
  5. Does anyone know what the mintage ended up being for the Lion?
  6. I would doubt there are fakes of these bars but you never know. They would be amongst the harder bars to fake.
  7. Ox and mouse if still available?
  8. There have been a few updates on the Facebook page. The rounds are with Steve, who has been busy all week prepping all the COA's and getting them ready to post. Should be on their way very soon by the looks of it.
  9. Liberty Island 2oz and up to 6 x Scottsdale stackers still available