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  1. Looks like silbertresor.de has the 2017 libertads in stock, all of the sizes are available https://www.silbertresor.de/shop_content.php?coID=77
  2. Got myself 25 lovely libertads with spot drop this morning.
  3. Any particular reason it's not suited for grading? Cheers
  4. Thanks for the interest! Going to add that the keycaps will be for Cherry-mx stems in the first few production runs.
  5. Greetings everyone, I would like to take a look if anyone would be intersted in purchasing any of these items. Currently working in a few projects such as -) A whole range ( 20+) of star wars figures. (Starting with a couple of dark side characters, vader, emperor, stroopers etc, will be moving on to the light if there's enough interest.) -) Lego: Standard + Batman variant + Surfer variant, other variants incoming but these are the first ones. -) A set of playstation 3 and 4 buttons to replace the X, triangle, circle and square buttons. - A set of silver keycaps for keyboards, to be sold in packs of 4 or seperately. Projects will be given priority according to the above list. Pricing has not been set. Can only be specifiec exactly after the first of every item is produced. But these are some rough INDICATIONS, they should give an estimate. Would estimate the lego's between 60 to 80 euro's depending on the variants, spot price etc. Would estimate the star wars figures between 30 and 40. Depending on what figure ( Vader is going to be around 24 ish grams while a storm trooper is around 13-15 grams. Currently can't make any estimates for the playstation buttons and keycaps. WIll update in the coming period. I repeat these are all estimates but should not vary much. Every item will be produced in sterling or above. Won't do 99.99 fine for lack of hardness. Unless it's asked specifically Currently in the process of making molds and waxing them. Here are a few photo's as proof of progression. Currently on the brink of making a reasonable investment in a machine that makes this all possible. But would like to gather a few people's interest before I fully commit, hence the topic. Would like to see interest for total of 20-ish items to make pulling the trigger easier. Kind regards, Dirk
  6. Have made quite a few order with them and once they actually sent the wrong coins. They offered a discount or a replacement for the original so feel free to ask them. Edit typo
  7. Not quite a precious metal.. But has some corrolation to it! My very first furnace. Hope it's the start of something beautiful.
  8. Dirk

    Star trek delta coins

    https://www.emk.com/en-us/new-releases/pre-sale/star-trek-delta-coin-1-oz-silver-iktuv21650?returnurl=%2fen-us%2fnew-releases%2fpre-sale%2f%23iktuv21650 Here comes the silver version.
  9. Dirk

    Slabbed MS70's

    Wedge Tailed Eagle's come to mind at a first thought. Think they started in '14. Better get dem high reliefs.
  10. http://goldsilver.be/nl/2-oz-/310-2-oz-silver-niue-turtle-2015.html
  11. Dirk

    1/4 Queens Beasts coin

    Found some 1/4th in the EU, at a decent price. https://www.silberling.de/en/Gold/Queens-Beasts-Lion-1-4-oz-Gold-2016.html?force_sid=v78it9naa46e2r0u2cqcufac16
  12. Dirk

    Star trek delta coins

  13. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/1-2oz-gold-coins/pre-owned-1993-uk-britannia-1-2oz-gold-coin https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/1-2oz-gold-coins/pre-owned-2010-uk-britannia-1-2oz-gold-coin