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  1. neo4516

    Libertad 1oz 2014 price

    Hello all ok I have my birthday next week and I am thinking of buying a one oz gold coin and my local gold shop has a 2014 is currently 1 183,72 € a good deal?
  2. neo4516

    Where are all the 2017 1/10 oz gold libertads

    I am very tempted by the 1/4 but just having to pull the trigger is the issue payday soon
  3. Hi all, i am looking for a good website that show the sizes of coins like the Libertads Thanks
  4. neo4516

    Today I Received

    After a while of thinking i pulled the trigger and in the metal it's amazing. Not sure why the privy is not showing in the pic but it's on the coin!
  5. neo4516

    What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    Lol a few months back when it was well under 2k I tried to open a wallet with many companies all did not approve my passport so mkre fool them them let the bubble burst atleast with Silver and gold I have it in my hand
  6. neo4516

    What's your reason for stacking/collecting?!?

    Well I used to collect rare and expensive single malt whisky. I work for a forex company and on a daily basis see on all the Tv's the spot prices I asked my manager to keep two charts on all the time silver and gold. Now I am addicted I love the metal and designs of the coins and bars!
  7. neo4516

    2017 Australia 1 oz Silver Swan

    I have to say I first saw this when backyardbullion did his video and I love it when I make a order soon with GS.be I will add two for sure!
  8. neo4516

    1/10th Krugerrand proof or normal?

    Yes mine exactly like that
  9. neo4516

    1/10th Krugerrand proof or normal?

    Ok some better pics
  10. neo4516

    1/10th Krugerrand proof or normal?

    Will try tomorrow I am. It worried about if it's real,as it came from a good online source! Would a proof be worth more than a normal release? I am about to make a order with GS.be and hope to add either a 1/4 or 1/4 j love these coins
  11. neo4516

    1/10th Krugerrand proof or normal?

    Hi all I purchased this from europeanmint.com last year and not sure but maybe I got a proof by mistake? It had a mirrror finish I have pics sorry will try to take better in the morning Daniel
  12. neo4516

    Best Silver Proof Sets for Investment

    I am looking at the silver krugerrand proof but not sure
  13. neo4516

    Your views on 1/10 gold coins?

    You are so right I am thinking of making a large silver order from a online place and everytime just add a 1/10 gold one in. And also if I ever want to get some little bit of cash from gold in years to come I would either have to sell a whole oz coin but with 1/10 yiu can sell smaller parts. And I also like the feeling of having 10 coins! What about 1/25 Philharmonic they seem well priced.
  14. neo4516

    Your views on 1/10 gold coins?

    I am thinking of getting a 1/10 but not sure which is a better choice a Philharmonic or Krugerrand? Both are not a bad price or for a little more 3 X Heraeus 1 gram
  15. Thanks that's a great app!