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  1. I thought printers had those racks so that they did not mix up their ps a qs. Modern technology would make the Grauniad proud.
  2. Seasider

    Lackdales gold pandas

    Yes the 2000 was another which went for quite a bit.
  3. Seasider

    Lackdales gold pandas

    Sorry - you do have to add buyers Premium to the prices I mention - so an extra 20 - 25%.😀
  4. Seasider

    Lackdales gold pandas

    I followed it but did not buy any. Most went for bids of £850 to £950 but there were two stand outs a 1995 went for £1650 and a 1982 went for £1500. I got the impression there was not a lot of competition for the rest.
  5. Seasider

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I think I know what happened here - Numistacker has a separate service of consigning coins to Heritage for sale in auction and may have thought at first that you were talking about that rather than sending a coin to NGC via Heritage. By the way I understand Heritage no longer submit coins to NGC for grading unless it is a coin being sold in their auctions. Instead they say you should go direct to NGC's London office. So presumably Numistacker will not be sending coins through them to NGC in future??
  6. Seasider

    American Gold 1$ 1873

    Proving it is authentic is not to be underestimated is it? Also won't you get some form of grade - eg XF AU or some such which gives a threshold for the status of the coin. I seem to recall that a lot of these coins were used in jewellery. Is that a blob of solder above the head? If it is ex-jewellery that may be another reason it may get a details grade. Personally I think that is the best head of the three you find on small $1 gold coins so I would keep it.
  7. Seasider

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    The Temple side of the Panda does not look right to me - looking at the pattern in the carpet. Surely the dealer would replace or refund you for the fakes?
  8. Seasider

    Looking to in invest in numismatic gold

    You could do worse than looking at BackyardBullion's and Numistacker's videos on youtube.
  9. Seasider


    @silverbeaker I was reacting to the bit in his post on the GOLD Pension Plan. He was asking if he should use that in isolation or together with a 1 oz gold coin a year outside a pension or just buy the coin outside a pension. I think you and I agree that putting gold into a pension plan is not a good idea.
  10. Seasider

    Giveaway Numistacker Rare Sample Slab Giveaway

    So how many decimal places are allowed before the computer says No?
  11. Seasider

    Giveaway Numistacker Rare Sample Slab Giveaway

    No to be honest - I had just assumed he could randomly pick from the numbers selected not from numbers no-one had picked. But if it is an issue then by all means leave me out of this exercise.
  12. Seasider

    Giveaway Numistacker Rare Sample Slab Giveaway

    Well done @westminstrel. I shall double up (or down) on 13 and go for 1313.
  13. Seasider

    Giveaway Numistacker Rare Sample Slab Giveaway

    And I thought I had checked. Never mind.
  14. Seasider

    Giveaway Numistacker Rare Sample Slab Giveaway

    13 No-one else will want that number.
  15. Seasider


    https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-pensions/ Interesting page on the Bullion by Post site. It seems you can only put gold bars into a pension not coins. Sovereigns also fail on the purity test as they are less than .995 fine. Personally I would not put gold in a pension plan in any event. I think the poster above who talks about a balanced portfolio is right and gold would form only a small fraction of such a portfolio if it even featured at all. And ultimately a pension is about providing you with an income and gold will not do that so you would have to sell it either to buy an annuity or in chunks to allow a draw down of income. Yes I know you can take it all out in one lump but if it was a significant amount that would not be a good idea from a tax perspective. Yes with a pension you get a tax deduction on the way in and tax free growth but you face tax on the way out (except for a tax free lump sum of 25%) and the government seem determined to make the rules ever more complicated and you can end up with some significant tax rates if you get the wrong side of the limits. Bear in mind that if you hold sovereigns or half sovereigns outside a pension plan you will not be getting any income so no income tax to worry about and won't face any CGT when you sell them so the best tax features of a pension (tax free growth of the investments) will be irrelevant. By all means get a pension (and yes that should be a priority even with the current watered down state of pensions in this country) but if you want some gold - especially coins such as sovereigns - keep that as a separate matter from the pension.