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  1. Ah there's the rub - if it is real. With Chinese coins I am told that even if it is silver that does not guarantee it is genuine. At last years Coinex there was a helpful chap who specialised in Indian coins - he might be a good person to ask if he is there again this year.
  2. Atkinsons have an 1852 Shield for about the same price - judging by the picture it may not be as good as this one. Presumably they'd bargain a bit?
  3. It looks like someone has been modifying a Victoria Rupee. According to this it is a Tibet rupee https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces17136.html
  4. M J Hughes also has a 1989 BU £5 for just under £2,300 which seems to be within your budget and has a bit more gold in it than the three coin set - also the bigger that design is the better in my view. OK it's not a proof. Personally I think the 1989 scores over the 2017 design and the piedfort may end up being seen as a gimmick. I'd prefer a double sovereign over a piedfort any day. With the sort of budget you seem to have perhaps you should consider some older sovereigns instead - 1937 perhaps?
  5. If you are ever in London you might take it into Coincraft - opposite the British Museum. They have lots of ancient coins and could probably tell you at a glance.
  6. Bear in mind that the 1930s Crowns are .500 silver not sterling. They are also pretty common.
  7. I guess we'll have to be careful about buying any 1887 sovereigns from Atkinsons for a while.😀
  8. Sorry. I am not - otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned them.😀 You may want to get a better photo of the 1950 one.
  9. How about 2 of them? https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/hansons/catalogue-id-hanson10190/lot-0a513d7a-d321-4498-bf01-aa62010faf35
  10. I hope it works out. You will need to be very careful initially - if you weren't on Custom's radar before you definitely will be now, having registered. and then de-registered so quickly.
  11. I detect a story there. Thanks for letting me know about the coin/round. I'll have time to watch the review first perhaps.
  12. I see from the latest IFF that the Chinese Dragon is a candidate for the next IFF. Does that mean @BackyardBullion has a supply now or is that just a sampler?
  13. That's the girl. Recent coverage over here is suggesting she was a bit racier than the "We are not amused" catchphrase would have you believe.