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  1. I have a coin (Australian naturally) graded by this service. I had not heard of it and from what I can see it did not last long. Has anyone heard of it? Was it well regarded or not - presumably not if it died a death. I am assuming it used the US Sheldon system of grading but does anyone know? Thanks
  2. Pete seems to have covered it but one thought I had if you are not certain what companies' shares your relative held is to look at their old bank statements to see what dividends came in - OK not all companies pay dividends and they may have sold the shares after the dividend was paid but it might give you a clue about a company you need to check out. It would obviously be so much easier if they had had a broker because then all their shareholdings ought to have been listed in one place.
  3. All quite possibly true but they did make a point of saying that they do not take the money until the item is despatched - a contrast to some dealers for sure and a positive point for BNT.
  4. They told me the same thing about not selling what they did not have; but they also seemed to say there was a disconnect between the online orders and phone orders so that the online ones took a while to "show up on the system" which sounded ominously like the Royal Mint issue. But they came good for me and I hope they do the same for you.
  5. To be fair mine arrived on 30 June; it looked fine to me and had not fallen out of its capsule. What does get me is being bombarded with emails for coins I don't want.
  6. Seasider

    Ancient coins

    There is a forumancientcoins.com site which I have looked at but found rather daunting.
  7. Seasider

    In Focus Friday Series!

    I suspect they thought they got it from the Mercury dime rather than the Roman Empire.
  8. Seasider

    New Series - Silver & Gold - Mandala Chad

    Good looking design though it looks as if he has a bit of a handlebar moustache.
  9. Seasider

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Mine arrived today. I am not sure what message you were sending with the stamps - Capt Mainwaring saying "You stupid boy!" - presumably that was for choosing 2nd class post! I am pleased to see a couple of my coins featured in In Focus Friday. Of course that means I can't vote for a favourite but I have to say the Korean Tiger looks great.
  10. Seasider

    UK 'Air-Tite' Tubes?

    Try Morezone
  11. I know I keep buying fakes but at least I thought this one was genuine. Now I'll have to get it graded!
  12. Of course the £80 loss may be a tax write off and so its really a god send 😀
  13. Careful - that sounds like a trade secret to me😉
  14. My maths is a bit rusty but total value of package £180 compensation £50 makes £130 down not £80. Still it is good you got compensated. I had something go astray on its way to the Isle of Man but its replacement cost was only £25 or so and I got the paper to show it so no problem claiming it back - it always pays to have something in writing to send in with the claim.
  15. Thanks for your thoughts. So are you both getting yours graded? It sounds as if augur may and kimchi won't. I come at grading from the point of view of someone who has bought something which some people say is a fake and some that it is not (a 1911 C "sovereign"). So following some advice I have sent it off to be graded - purely for peace of mind. So I can see the rationale for grading coins which get faked - eg Pandas. Is this one going to get faked? Well it is rare and so a candidate. Does the edge make it more difficult to fake? I read somewhere that edges are tricky for the fakers but maybe that is when there are letters on the edge rather than a completely plain edge? I can also see a reason for grading a proof coin which has come out of a set and may not have a box or COA - such as the 2005 proof sovereign being sold by Bullionbypost. For me grading is about validation but reading Numistackers thread that is not the case for other people for whom the grade is key and it seems to be about the resale value. But I do wonder about that. At a recent London coins auction there were 4 2017 platinum quarter ounce Britannias two slabbed PF70 and two in the original Royal Mint boxes. One of the slabbed ones did not sell and the other went for the same as the less good RM boxed one and quite a bit less than the perfect RM boxed one. Now maybe that was an aberration but it makes me wonder. In the case of this coin it has its box and the protection of a capsule (even if it is not the best) and has the paperwork so my validation reasons go away and possibly augurs protection reasons (possibly not given the capsule seems to have an opening in it). Then I am left with resale value and the desire of Americans (and I am told people in the Far East) to have third party validation of the coin if they are going to buy it at an auction (not that I sell things anyway) and I have my doubts on the value front. I am probably going to come down in favour of not grading but am open to persuasion.