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  1. This lot comes with a Certificate of Origin from something called the Gold & Silver Bureau. Would that be the sort of thing NGC would accept? It dates to 1997 so after the Spink auction.
  2. PHAU is in dollars. If you want sterling there is PHGP.
  3. Seasider

    Old Sovereign advice

    Ignoring the scratches it looks in decent condition. Assuming the shield side is scratch free then keep it that side up and don't worry about it. That's the side I'd have on display anyway. If the seller is a dealer and did not mention the scratches then maybe have a word with him about them and see if he is prepared to do anything - if not an immediate refund of part of the price then perhaps a discount on any future coin you might buy from him? But if those scratches are going to niggle then send it back because there is nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a special item and then there is a problem with it however minor. You will just focus on the problem rather than how special the coin is.
  4. Seasider

    Old Sovereign advice

    Shield back sovereigns carry a premium so you may be OK. But cleaning (and your description sounds like that) does detract from the value. I am not experienced enough to know. by how much You may want to post a picture and others could give you a view on it. The real question is now you know about the scratches will they get on your nerves and make you unhappy with the coin - if so send it back.
  5. Now I know what NCS use to get rid of fingerprints - a brillo pad😄 That'll teach me. Seriously though I am very pleased with the results..
  6. May I ask if you looked at an ETF/ETC like PHAG. It says its replication method is currency/commodity physically held so I assume it is not just promises on paper.
  7. Yes both "proper" auctions. The link above should get you to the blue box one which hasn't happened yet. Of course you can always try selling them on here.
  8. I have just noticed another auction has 6 of the Brilliant Uncirculated Britannias in the blue boxes you have (including the 2019 one) estimate £80-£120.
  9. Just so you know there was an auction today where the £50 Britannia went for a bid of £48 (the seller has to pay commission on that so would get say £25% less). At the same auction 5 bullion 2017 Britannias went for a bid of £50 (so £10 each - a bit low IMHO). The £50 shares its design with the most popular proof design which probably explains the difference in price.
  10. At least you'd have something to rub together!
  11. For 2019 and 2020 the design of the BU Britannias is the same as the proof coins not the bullion ones. Even before then the BU Britannias had a plain fields finish instead of the pebbledash effect or rays background on the bullion coins.
  12. I take it you're after the 1691 5 Guinea?
  13. To be fair the £16 - £17 Britannias are bullion and the BU ones may be a bit better - especially if they have the same design as the proofs. You may also want to check what you have - if you were paying £80 to the Royal Mint you may have bought a proof and that is quite a different kettle of fish (worth a lot more than £16).
  14. Yes - the 68 is so much more colourful than the 64.😀
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