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  1. It is probably MI5 monitoring some chap who gets suspiciously large boxes delivered from Eastern Europe on a regular basis.
  2. For those who like this sort of thing David Duggleby have some in an auction on 1 June https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/david-duggleby-scarborough/catalogue-id-srda10305/lot-9170333d-ee59-4e13-90f2-aa5300c281bc There are some lots which have just one example.
  3. Which you could see as a positive. The fewer there are the higher the prices are likely to be when they come on the market, justifying buying them from the mint. Who doesn't wish they had bought the 2017 sovereign at RM's issue price? In a few years maybe we will be saying the same about the 2017 Britannia.
  4. I had wondered about that so I googled Ferdinand and found this in something called the International Encyclopedia of the First World War "Ferdinand I, Tsar of Bulgaria's (1861-1948) mother’s side of the family was linked to two French dynasties, the House of Bourbon and the House of Orléans, and his father’s side can be traced back to the Coburgs and the old Hungarian family of the Koháry. His father, August von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Koháry (1818–1881), was a general in the Austrian army. Ferdinand, however, was influenced to a greater extent by his mother, Clémentine of Orléans (1817–1907), the daughter of Louis Philippe I, King of the French (1773–1850). " I have never been quite clear on the distinction between King of France and King of the French.
  5. It says everyone is waiting for them to appear on the secondary market at a more reasonable price. I think they are still popular coins (except the 2017 perhaps). I just wish they'd go back to putting the proof design on the regular version as well.
  6. @Numistacker is the man on here for grading with NGC but given he is in the UK I suspect $10 won't cover the shipping. But PM him - he may have a US address you can use.
  7. I assume that means Gin & Tonic .. Double?
  8. Carry a magnet with you - it will help weed out many fakes.
  9. I am not sure I follow that - if he has a deferred pension in an employer sponsored DB scheme then the employer is ultimately paying the admin and investment management fees. So taking a transfer out to a personal pension just gets you an added cost of paying your own fees.
  10. As @MancunianStacker said this is a specialist area. Having said that you would think in this day and age that a lot of it could be automated. I confess I don't like the notion of fees being a percentage of the transfer value - a fee based on time spent seems fairer. If the SIPPClub (mentioned in the thread I quoted) has a minimum charge of £2k then that would be 10 hours work at £200 per hour. Would the adviser really spend 10 hours on this - I have no idea. The best thing would be if your old employer wanted to close the DB scheme and offered to provide free advice to encourage people to transfer out. It may be cheeky but you could always ask them if they have a tame adviser who could offer the service.
  11. Actually you may find this thread interesting (I have not read all of it I admit) https://www.lemonfool.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=10528
  12. You might try asking on the pension board on lemonfool.co.uk. You will not be surprised that my first reaction was DON'T but then I do not know your circumstances and I imagine the comment about knowing the risks was designed to stop people telling you not to do it.
  13. This is probably a stupid question but is the coin out of alignment or is it just the way NGC have put it in the holder? Having the shield at that angle looks distinctly odd though the head looks right (not that I have a lot of William IV coins to be able to judge!)
  14. Good news. I shall keep an eye out.