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  1. 2020 will be the old design. It will be interesting to see what the new design looks like - hopefully a bit more of a change just than putting a hologram on the coin. Doesn't it get a bit boring if they can't change the design for 25 years?
  2. If you post a few pictures there are people on here who may give you a view. It may not be worth grading silver unless it is very special - grading can cost more than you spent on the coin. @Numistacker has a youtube channel with videos showing what coins have been graded. Have a look at them and then see if your coins compare well with them. Also be aware that just because your coin may not look great that does not mean it cannot be improved by "conservation" - eg if it has copper spots they can be removed and the coin will look better and be more valuable.
  3. Yes quite. But I thought they tested coins they bought in and so if you buy from them that ought to mean the gold content is OK. One thought on the 1903 - do you think it might have come out of a ring and been polished a lot? Could that explain the wear?
  4. If you are near Hatton Garden pop into HGM - I think they have a machine which will test whether the coin is 22 ct.
  5. Atkinsons have a 2017 proof sovereign (cheaper than the Chards one). But it has a mark on the Queen's head. You could buy that and get it conserved by NCS and who knows you may get lucky and score a 70. You would then get a lot of pleasure telling everyone how you spotted a diamond in the rough. PS if you are worried about fakes you should stick to buying from somewhere like Chards
  6. For some reason I thought the mintage of the first 2 was 10,000
  7. An 1864 version went for the same price (higher premium though) yesterday. Maybe that set a benchmark in somebody's mind.
  8. For those who like the design but not the price there is always this https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/great-western-auctions-ltd/catalogue-id-srgreat10051/lot-291a3bb7-6b6e-4321-b4fd-ab2000a9c18d
  9. https://numistip.com/view/1877m_wide_ribbon_half_sovereign_591.html You have probably seen this page already but it has pictures comparing the wide and narrow ribbon versions in case that helps.
  10. My favourite bit of education was to learn that it was treason to sleep with the Princess Royal! Just book learning - no practical.