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  1. I did not know that. I did know they did a series of gold Maple coins reviving the older portraits of the Queen - a welcome change from the current portrait on Canadian coins.
  2. So now I am confused - the 1973 dollar was for 100 years of the RCMP so what happened in 1920? And how are they allowed to put King George V on a coin dated 2020?
  3. Kangaroos do have a following so I'd say there may be a premium over eg ASEs Maples and possibly Koalas. But the early ones had higher mintages than the more recent ones so they may be cheaper. I would guess they may sell at £25 and probably not at £30 but I have not looked to see if there are any for sale threads for them (past or present) on here.
  4. HGM have some Proof Sovereigns and some Loose Proof Sovereigns for about the same as bullion - they are 1979 or early 1980s ones.
  5. Perhaps that is why it was so cheap.😀
  6. Usually it just means the coin has come out of a set. I did buy one like that from a dealer (no box and no COA) and then got it graded for peace of mind.
  7. When I listen to the SNP using the Brexit vote in Scotland as justification for another independence referendum I have often thought that London should have its own referendum for independence. Of course we'd need to keep the A1 as a land corridor to an EU Scotland - rather like the road from West Germany to West Berlin through the DDR. 😁
  8. How about an Edward VII florin - not as brazen as a Type 1 Standing Liberty but would fit nicely with your other Edward VII coins
  9. The UK Lunar series does not have many fans and the Year of the Dog version has been referred to as the Zombie Dog on here quite regularly. As a Brit I can say that the Australian Lunar series (both I and II) are far better.
  10. who voted to remain in the EU by a substantial majority I suspect @Pipers has been reading this article https://www.brookings.edu/blog/up-front/2019/08/15/brexit-the-irish-backstop-and-the-good-friday-agreement/
  11. Sorry my fault for reverting to childhood watching films about pirates with a parrot on their shoulder squawking "Pieces of eight, pieces of eight". I believe it refers to the 8 reales which was the large silver coin of Latin America especially Mexico during and shortly after Spanish rule (and consequently much plundered by pirates of the Caribbean). The gold coins were called dubloons for the dos escudos.
  12. One thing with Maples is that you can get them with Privy Marks which makes them a bit more interesting than an ASE for example. I do agree that the later portrait of the Queen on Maples is pretty dire
  13. If you want older silver what about pieces of eight?
  14. Perhaps there will be a series - one for the French Revolution one for the Bolsheviks and one for Brexit😀 I suppose more seriously it is a coin aimed at the USA market - but I just think it is a very odd combination. Of course I do like one side of the coin!!