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  1. One thing I would say about Roman silver coins is that it is easy to forget how small they are - think old silver 3d size. If you want something bigger then a bronze coin may be the thing. I would second Coincraft mentioned above - they used to have a plastic tub of Roman bronze coins - very cheap so not the sort of thing you would worry about him taking to school and swapping for a bag of crisps.
  2. Just noticed this - latest in the series? https://www.yorkshirebullion.co.uk/the-indian-1-oz-silver-round-world-of-dragons-series.html
  3. I cannot help on the maker's mark but the head looks more like a hunting dog than a horse to me. Perhaps the piece came from someone's hunting lodge? I don't think it is a particular family's sign - perhaps more a generic design?
  4. According to my book the 1896/7 letter does have a pointy bit at the bottom of the surround so I'd say @sixgun has got the right year.
  5. Were there no pictures of the coin when you originally bought it? If the pictures did not show the hole then it would be quite reasonable to ask for your money back or the pictured coin with them paying for postage both ways as they did not sell you what they agreed to sell. Presumably if you kept the coin it would be too much trouble to try to fill in the hole.
  6. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces3722.html This page may help. It gives a bullion value of £4.52 but they usually go for more than twice that. Like @Schnitzel I am no good at judging fakes but he makes some good points about wear. and it looks to have been cleaned with a brillo pad.
  7. Am I alone in wondering why it is so expensive to send to Wales? Cheaper to send things to Spain!
  8. No idea on the first but if you are in London on 2 November then you might take it along to see Numistacker at the London Coin Fair. One of my favourite coins - not that I have one.
  9. I had no idea they did this. When I spoke to NGC and PCGS at a fair in London all they were doing was signing people up and taking in submissions. Is this a thing they do in Germany or is it only in the USA? And can you go along and watch how they do it? It might be useful to see how a coin gets a 69 instead of 70.
  10. Well I found this - I thought it was longer though. https://thesilverforum.com/topic/5086-what-are-your-favourite-3-kookaburra-designs/?tab=comments#comment-70454 What are your favourite 3 kookaburra designs By motorbikez, February 7, 2016 in Silver
  11. When I first found this forum there was a long thread on people's favourite Kook. I cannot remember which won.
  12. That will be a SOTD. Yours for £600.😁
  13. We can but hope. I still recall the Yes Prime Minister episode when Jim Hacker is asked when he will "press the button". Pall Mall?
  14. I simply reacted to your question about who would start a war. If you want to limit that to Europe then Putin has been quoted as saying Russian troops could be in Warsaw within 2 days. I think it was after he had got in a bit of practice on the Crimea.