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  1. Seasider

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    So have they given up on purple slabs for details coins? The Commonwealth shilling looks pretty good to me but you get the feeling that they ran out of space for the list of problems they had with it.
  2. Your feeling is perfectly justified. When I was trying to find out about the Australian flip I mentioned above I came across this article by Drake Sterling on grading and the advent of PCGS in Australia. www.drakesterling.com/coins-for-sale/news-wire/news-wire/australias-professional-coin-grading-service-PCGS
  3. It's a nice looking coin from an impeccable source. I just wonder why they don't start emulating NGC and PCGS at least authenticating and grading along the VF GVF UNC line and putting the coin in a slab or something tamper proof - they must see there is a revenue stream there at least for sovereigns and other UK coinage. At the moment if you send them a coin for authentication you get a report or letter and that is it. But then even slabs can be faked so perhaps they don't see why they should bother.
  4. Fair enough. The card does say Certified and Authenticated which a mug like me would think meant the coin had a legitimacy of some sort. Does it also give a grade for the coin? I thought some of their historic coins came with a grade.
  5. Nice coin but has anyone looked at the price?!!!! Hopefully there will be a bullion version.
  6. Seasider

    2014 1/4 oz Britannia PF 70 valuation

    I suspect it is the design - a 2014 proof Britannia raw will command a premium over a 2013 or 2015 proof. In silver I have seen the 6 coin set go for twice the price of the 2015 version.
  7. You would think they could run to a box and a capsule. Does the coin come out of the flip? If so what is to stop someone separating it from the certificate? I have a coin from Australia which is sealed in the flip and the certificate has a warning that it is invalidated if the seal is tampered with. The Royal Mint is obviously more trusting.
  8. Seasider

    Maybe Fake silver coins

    I attach two not very good pictures of my 2013 ASE next to a 1997 version which I believe is fake. Interestingly the fake passes the magnet test but sounds very dead when pinged. I think it is possible to spend a lot of time looking at details to spot a fake but if you stand back and just compare the two coins as a whole you can see a difference in quality between the 2013 and the 1997. The photos do not do the 2013 justice - it does not look anything like that milky to the naked eye.
  9. It is a practice which annoyed me at first but I confess I still use the dealer you are talking about. However I did find one dealer who was an honourable exception to the practice giving a price including everything including shipping and then specifying a discount if you buy more than one coin. He goes under the name silvertrader.uk.
  10. Seasider

    Silver Deals.....

    There is a thread on the proof version somewhere on here - the design did not get universal acclaim so it may be a lower mintage than others in the series. Officially the bullion versions have unlimited mintage. As to resale value who knows but it is cheaper than the earlier ones at that price.
  11. Seasider

    Maybe Fake silver coins

    They did change the font on these coins so if you have one from eg 2000 then you will notice the O is narrower in Dollar and the bottom stroke of the Ls are longer than in the 2013 you have. I confess I cannot see the difference between your 2013 and Rough Dog's
  12. Seasider

    Royal Mint 10 oz and 100 oz Silver Bars!

    Atkinsons have a 1 ounce gold version.
  13. Seasider

    Rwanda Year of the Pig

    Just as well - it means you can't see it.
  14. Seasider

    Queen’s beasts Falcon gold proof should be out soon

    Oh I had assumed RMB was just a sales arm and did not get involved in the production as well. I did wonder if they thought the bullion versions had detracted from the sales of the proof in the past and were testing the water to see how the proofs would do without the competition.
  15. Seasider

    Queen’s beasts Falcon gold proof should be out soon

    Have the proofs come out before the bullion version? Isn't that odd?