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  1. Sadly not. I paid a tad more for mine.
  2. Scrolling down to the bottom of their webpage it looks like the price of silver has gone up by 2.26 euros. I am not sure when but if it was overnight then surely it is a mistake.
  3. From comments on other threads I believe that the 2014 proof Britannia is everyone's favourite and the 2017 is close to bottom of the list. So when a 6 coin set of each came up at Lockdales' auction today imagine my surprise when they both went for exactly the same money (£140 +BP). That seemed like a very good deal for the 2014 and I am wondering why. Have people got bored with it now?
  4. They also have a bullion 2019 quarter ounce Britannia for £269. https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2019-united-kingdom-quarter-ounce-gold-uncirculated-britannia-coin.html
  5. Yes - best ask Morezone what they are. For 1 ounce silver though you would probably go with the direct fit versions. They tend to fit standard coin trays and the H tubes whereas I find the ringed versions are a bit too big.
  6. Nor me. I am always impressed by people who can tell from pictures. I posted a link to some expensive sovereigns at another auction and someone on here was able to identify that the 1917 sovereign was a fake by comparing it to a picture on Drake Sterling's website. .
  7. Mellors & Kirk said it was the one on the left.
  8. Doesn't he say reduced to include postage - so the Brit is £110 all in.
  9. A few WW1 vintage and a penny ha'penny which I think is West Indian
  10. I am not sure we have got to George VII yet.😀