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  1. Haha
    fehk2001 reacted to PansPurse in Ebay 15% off   
    Sovereign wins by a landslide. Hands up who's surprised 😉
  2. Haha
    fehk2001 got a reaction from Bullionbilly in Ebay 15% off   
    Today is about sovereign vs Britannia vs kurg gold coins 🙂
    sovereign probably won coin of the day but Britannia fights back well 😁
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    fehk2001 got a reaction from MickD in Ebay 15% off   
    Trade section will be quiet for a few days 😂
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    fehk2001 got a reaction from MickD in Ebay 15% off   
    Trade section will be quiet for a few days 😂
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    fehk2001 got a reaction from GrahamDiamond in Ebay 15% off   
    But Britannia only 101 pound after discount ? Cheaper than pre owned 
  6. Thanks
    fehk2001 got a reaction from Martlet in Ebay 15% off   
    101 pounds vs 108 royal mint 
    plus I never have Britannia so that helps 
    but 1/10 probably too small 
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    fehk2001 reacted to Fastnick in Ebay 15% off   
    Thanks for flagging up about the discount code - I just managed to pick up a tenth ounce 2018 gold Britannia for £89.25 with free P&P, which is a very nice way to start the weekend
    And the same seller has a half ounce one available with a Buy It Now Price of £499 - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2018-Gold-Britannia-Half-Ounce-Coin/253818154266?hash=item3b18bdad1a:g:FTwAAOSwaVNbbzMg
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    fehk2001 reacted to augur in Grading Question - Proof/Uncirculated   
    In general you only grade high value coins (gold, platinum or high value (rare in this condition) silver coins).
    You should ask yourself why you want to grade your coins: presentation/protection of proof coins, possible increase in value for circulation issues e.g. Queens Beasts 1/4 oz gold in MS70, ability to sell abroad without worrying that the buyer can switch the coin and claim it as defective...
    Some grade worthless coins (e.g. myself because I want to put the coins into a context together). As long as you are aware of the cost and it's worth it for you to "loose" the money on grading, you can grade anything. 
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    fehk2001 reacted to NeutronJack in Rumblings from Asia   
    Greetings to all,
    I started stacking/collecting (possibly both … it’s still too early to tell!) only a few months ago after a fairly prolonged period of consideration and corresponding inaction.
    As a Brit, I tend to focus narrowly on UK government-issued bullion coins (mainly Britannia’s), but have recently been tempted by some of the Perth Mint offerings. The result being that the fairly rigid strategy I set myself, at the outset, is now in danger of being compromised.
    Although currently based in South Korea, I’ve actively avoided purchasing here. Gold is taxable, the premiums on silver tend to be of the eye-watering variety, and to complicate matters further (for gold, at least), there’s a different unitary system of weight measurement in use - the ‘Don’ (1 Don = about 3.8grams or 0.12oz), which only seems to serve as a method to inflate prices further.
    I was primarily drawn to The Silver Forum as a result of several existing members, who regularly share information, experiences, and insights via YouTube; thanks to which, I feel I’ve gained a considerable amount of knowledge in a relatively short period of time.
    Nevertheless, I’m still deep into ‘novice’ territory and keen to learn more; hence, my decision to join the Silver Forum.
    Thanks and regards,
  10. Haha
    fehk2001 got a reaction from PansPurse in More RM stuff   
    2019 release ?

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    fehk2001 reacted to Bullionbilly in Various tubes and 2 monster boxes   
    Royal mint monster boxes in black. Not sure what these have made in the past so make me an offer. ( £10 each  for forum rules sake ) plus post. **GONE**
    The below are free but pay your own post. Share and share alike... dont be greedy 🤣
    2 x canadian maple tubes.
    1 x perth bar coin tube. 
    4 x royal mint queens beast / brit tube. ( 3 left )
    1 x komsco tube ( zi sin gallus came in them )

  12. Haha
    fehk2001 got a reaction from Bullionbilly in Various tubes and 2 monster boxes   
    so free urine test for not free mobile toilet 😁 
  13. Haha
    fehk2001 got a reaction from Bullionbilly in Various tubes and 2 monster boxes   
    so free urine test for not free mobile toilet 😁 
  14. Haha
    fehk2001 reacted to mr-dead in You guys know a shop to buy silver investor shirts?   
    probably not the best idea walking around with a posted printed on your T-shirt advertising the fact that house is probably stuffed with pm's
  15. Thanks
    fehk2001 reacted to ChardsCoinandBullionDealer in Chards Website Updates   
    As some of you may know who have bought or sold with us in the past couple of years we have been using our new website www.chards.co.uk. Its been somewhat of a clunky process at times to get the website working in a slick and user friendly way - we have had let downs from various companies, developers, software failures etc. The let downs aside the website has evolved to where it is now but its not without its critics..........We have received untold amounts of feedback over this period (a fair bit from this forum) which we value and act upon and this said we have recently launched a much updated category and search function. Its been a huge undertaking to sort our stock database to support it but hopefully it sorts a lot of the user issues faced when browsing products and categories......
    I can let you all be the judge of this..... We have another 2 or 3 phases to push live in the coming weeks so if you want to see something included your feedback is very welcome :D
    (taking over from Lizzie as she has moved on to a new job and sadly left the business) 
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    fehk2001 reacted to sovereignsteve in Ebay returns, do I trust him?   
    +1 but if you wanted to "appear" to be helping him save the high return cost, ask him to refund first. test his sincerity
  17. Haha
    fehk2001 reacted to BackyardBullion in 2017 Perth mint swans   
    you know, for a few seconds I thoguht you had a 10 oz version of the swan next to a 1 oz version...
    But I see that it is a roll of them stacked up and it is closer to the camera!
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    fehk2001 got a reaction from kimchi in New Piedfort   
    Royal mint 
    Apply at delivery page 
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    fehk2001 got a reaction from kimchi in New Piedfort   
    BND160 code 
    when u purchase gold over 100 pounds 
    you get free George and the dragon George birthday silver proof coin 
  20. Haha
    fehk2001 reacted to Roy in 2018 Great Britain Gold Proof Sovereign Sapphire Anniversary Privy PF69 Ultra Cameo   
    A Royal Milestone Captured on a standard sized Coin – Half the Thickness of a Piedfort Sovereign
    To commemorate the historic 65th anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen’s coronation, coins in the 2018 Sovereign collection carry a specially designed mint mark. This 22 carat gold coin is exclusive in so many ways. It is half the thickness of The Piedfort Sovereign and features a mint mark that will only appear on 2018 coins – buy today and own a piece of rare minting history.
    The Royal Mint’s flagship coin, The Sovereign, has featured the portrait of the reigning British monarch for over 200 years, often accompanied by the renowned depiction of St George and the dragon created by The Royal Mint’s own Benedetto Pistrucci. The latest edition of the gold coin, renowned for its quality and unrivalled accuracy, features a digitally remastered version of Pistrucci’s design to ensure an exact representation of the original engraving.
    Includes the sapphire coronation anniversary mint mark, exclusive to 2018 A traditional coin, struck in 22 carat gold to Proof standard Half the thickness of a Piedfort Sovereign Features Pistrucci’s classic St George and the dragon design  

    And not just any old Half-Piedfort...this one has been graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and has a guaranteed numismatic grade of PF69UC!!
    Only 6 coins at that grade 😮
    A 'must-have' to complete your 2018 collection- and at a fantastic price too. No box or coa but it will weigh 7.98g which is exactly half of a Piedfort Sovereign! 😎
    Just £440 (which is slightly more than half a Piedfort Sov but takes into account the grading costs and awesomeness) plus post of choice.
  21. Haha
    fehk2001 reacted to DaveWheat89 in Ebay 10% off anything until 8pm   
    Haha i have some really high premium stuff, a 1oz jm silver bar for £500 😉
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    fehk2001 reacted to kimchi in BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read   
    @BNTCoins I'll be posting this afternoon probably, I thought it's only fair to let you know if you wish to reply.
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    fehk2001 got a reaction from kimchi in Ebay 10% off anything until 8pm   
    U should do a best offer on my dragons after discount I would beat that 
     before best offer 44.95 
    If u offer around 42 I would accept that 
    but seems like I have a joker just offer me 39 and said “ the best I can do “ hahahahhahahahhaha 
  24. Haha
    fehk2001 reacted to Roy in 2017 Sapphire Jubilee SOTD Sovereign PF70   
    Has it been reduced from £750 to £525 in 4 hours? 
  25. Haha
    fehk2001 got a reaction from Big23 in First gold purchase, what should i have?   
    First gold purchase, what should i have? money 
    I vote sovereign