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  1. this year hong kong are going to have around 1000 pounds give away to every citizens 😁 will be October last year they have around 100 billion pounds left over and they only give out 400 pounds each , so protest is nice !
  2. u only need foil and bi carbonate ……… or a wind proof li9ghter to get rid of the spots on gold
  3. DO Not spend any money next week u will be alright 😂 , good bye albert
  4. u can ask someone to buy them for u from gsbe to save postage
  5. the modern key dates full sovereign has more collectors this size and double has less mintage too
  6. That is some drop ......... looks like roll over by a truck .....
  7. I wonder what did the ex owner(S) actually do to the lion ...... why they need to open the cap and abuse it
  8. I can bet with u ……….. after 2 years these will be near spot price , u better off with a toblerone
  9. hello welcome to the forum, I can sell you some silver coins and bars by holding a pot 😁 that should be close enough
  10. Just sell as raw they can’t remove scratches Sell as bullion is on the card for this coin
  11. Lion 1/4 gold Queen’s beast - 325 plus post Britannia 10 ounce bar —- 168 plus post payment by bank transfer or by PayPal f and f + postage at your own risk
  12. When is the release date on these ? It’s still on pre order