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  1. don't u worry about these...……. they will ALWAYS come up with something for example QUEEN BEAST 2<<<<<<<< for the first time royal mint offers second series for the first time royal mint offers the queen beast underwear 😊
  2. it is about milking your money …………...
  3. I have more than a dozen 😁 if u fancy some ANY size
  4. RAW on ebay is about 600-650 at the moment as you can see from sold price , auction for PF70 is about 740 , but need to consider 3% paypal fees + MAYBE 10% ebay fees so 650 as starting point and it is a private sales it is about right just last month a couple of strike on the day 70s sold for 650 here price goes up and down like a stock market , yes the price gone backwards a bit in general
  5. would pay 650 pay more if come with box and coa Pm me if you would like to make me an offer thank you
  6. I am going to get one for myself 😁
  7. every time when I buy a coin I will get at least 2 IF it is one ounce or two ounce ,I will put one into collection box after a while you will have a decent size collection . I think I have gathered around 100 ounce per year , these are saving from the small change 😁
  8. I second that should start with forum wanted post WITH offer price range such as pf70 with box without box willing to pay up to xxxx amount without offer and asking price it’s waste of time eg the buyer always wants something near spot price 😂
  9. I don’t think you need to ask which one to go first because you are going to buy both of them anyway , it’s just a matter of time are you getting raw or graded ?
  10. Looks like these are going rate at 700 at the moment
  11. There were plenty of these sovereign under a grand last month pound fvf fixed and auctions but this time there isn’t anything like that this time Price going up?