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  1. fehk2001

    2018 proof britannia

    Prince George 7th birthday
  2. fehk2001

    2018 proof britannia

    maybe winnie the pooh next??
  3. fehk2001


    Eventually .....
  4. fehk2001


    I don't know how to clean my house nevermind about coins ………….
  5. fehk2001

    NGC Graded “Gem Proof”

    But won’t be 69 or 70 isn’t I think once they see a slight mark they dump it straight away
  6. fehk2001

    for sale 2017 Sovereigns anniversary privy

    where did he say that
  7. not too worries man I put bets in for u ……….😊 u get two free Paddington coin
  8. If u taken my England bets u will be seriously wounded by now lol
  9. Any Good bet on England 🙄
  10. fehk2001

    wanted 1/4 Gold queen beasts

    have u got ur 1/4 griffin yet
  11. fehk2001

    coin on Royal Mint web site

    I think they probably better off do the Prince George 1/4 gold by featuring the 5th birthday George and the dragon rather than sotd
  12. fehk2001

    Strike on the day is back

    What’s special about this coin .....
  13. fehk2001

    Surface on 2008 Somali Elephant

    any pics?
  14. fehk2001

    withdrawn 30g 999 Silver Panda Coins 2016 x15

    Probably best to pump when the thread get to second page ?
  15. fehk2001


    Everyone gets a ball , aiming at agpanda !