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  1. You tell us what u are 😋
  2. Block or not block doesn’t make any difference ..... that’s his choice , he is free to do so maybe I should block you since you and magnum999 always get me into trouble 😂
  3. I have never block anyone but I have to disagree what you said because sometimes it’s a good idea to block someone especially if you know you can’t control your temper or mood which will cause lots of arguement which is not needed
  4. I always says he is young why ? His fingers are still quicker than most people twice in a row he won the Vic and Albert sovereign
  5. The proof lion gold is quite nice With early coa makes it even better looking lol
  6. don't forget to put a new 50 pound note into my Christmas card 🙂
  7. buy one get one free 🤣
  8. the yale was the one before the white lion , it was 1000 so no reduce in mintage anyway , already 70% reserved, I am sure it will be sold out
  9. Queen beast series 2 2nd chance Royal mint will be making better design next time
  10. Space problem could mean how you are going to store these over size slabs and secondly of one day you are going to sell it , sell them individually will fetch more money unless you don’t care about money , then yea do whatever you want
  11. I have 4/5 of these muti coin slabs they are big to store
  12. None of us .... because it will be ms no pf 😁