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  1. please pm for details? I am busy at the moment, I will get back to you by noon on Monday thank you
  2. no, but I can give u some second hand capsules if u want them Added 0 minutes later... yes , please pm if you still wants them thank you
  3. 15 horse 5 sheep left thank you Added 0 minutes later... pmed
  4. I can’t argue too much because that’s what my friend instruction is sorry other coins are negotiable if it’s muti purchase Or maybe you can sell yours to me at 170 plus deliveries ?
  5. No because I am selling for my friend and he insist it won’t go down further , sorry about that
  6. 2011 Britannia x3 22 each ……………… now 21 2019 Britannia x1 sold 19.50 each now 19 royal arms silver coin x1 22.50 pounds now 21 now 18 ten ounce pamp bars with Cert ( coa ) <<<< bars sold 220 pounds now 205 <<<< sold buyers pays postage at their own risk payment by bank transfer or PayPal friends and family post once a week
  7. 10 horse 5 sheep Conditions :Some are ok some have milk spots lucky dips they are selling for 19.50 each NOW 18.50 each<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< final reductions..... 17.90 per ounce buyers pays postage their choice payment by bank transfer or PayPal friends and family will post once a week to minimise going to post office
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