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  1. The coin was 350 pounds issue price and it was <<< an ugly coin that no one wants And nothing special , so may I have the price difference back please hahahahaha And earn money never crazy as soon as things going in the right direction so the 2017 strike on the day must be crazy price ? They have proof as well though
  2. That means I have paid crazy price to buy your coins ? Its just what the buyer would pay really For example mr sovereign would not agree at 750 pounds but some other people have already paid 900 plus for this coin 1989 sovereign was an unloved coin , 2012 was ugly coin .... but what happens after a few years ? So nothing crazy , it’s just supply and demand . When supply is 650 , there must be more than 650 people demanding this coin
  3. Magna Carta is one of the best design in recent years . the silver proof and proof version both sells well
  4. I can create some holes and milk spot if u want one I only sell them at 20 pound a coin 🙁
  5. do we get discount if we purchase drmartin shoes?
  6. Coin connect sold the 900 pound sotd sovereign
  7. 720 now 🙄I think these will end up every close to 900 mark
  8. my only concern is that royal mint silver milk spots or tarnish ………
  9. If they cancel it the order can stay open forever until one day u ring up .... bad news
  10. Dispatch mid / late June they rang me yesterday and told me this on the phone
  11. Don’t send to nubistacker ..... he is called @Numistacker
  12. Wow coin connection 900 pound now
  13. Of u spend 20-50k annually you will be gold / platinum, they will reserve u coins
  14. Not customer service ring the direct number to your assigned ac manager