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  1. gold coins are vat and cgt free?
  2. can I have that ruler please 😮
  3. I think you will need perth mint VIP status as well 🤩
  4. Have you got some very fine sandpaper 😁
  5. the 50p packaging should be 10 pound …
  6. fehk2001

    Silver mules

    My name is Santa 🎅
  7. fehk2001

    Panda question

    cough cough, they did not pay me to buy your pcgs
  8. fehk2001

    Panda question

    Just bought this during Christmas cost me 20 pound 😂
  9. fehk2001

    Panda question

    this is genuine , the packaging is after market and it is sold by goldcoins.hk I buy a few of each from them in person every year
  10. u never know 🙄 just treat every coin the same
  11. put them into acetone ( maybe over night ) with a paper lid , most dirt/ paint/ plastic should lift
  12. Hello , 你好 kowloon 九龍 88 發發 Nice to meet you