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  1. For sale is royal mint white lion silver proof it comes as new condition 2 available 79 each inc postage 2nd class sign for Payment by PayPal f/ f or banks transfer
  2. the worst is that u can buy 10k stuff and then u have to walk home hahahahahahaha, no underground or bus or taxi
  3. If you think that way , that’s fine . 😂
  4. i am taking a trip to hk next month as well, but they are having riots at the moment and they are actually in the area you are buying from , so maybe you are used to police chasing you down the road with tear gas and street fighting with 10k worth of stuff on you , but I don't ………... also the limit is around 400 pounds to bring back to uk , so again it is up to you to take this risk , normally it is ok
  5. that means it is in stock and into the safe , u need to tell them when to ship your orders
  6. Wow that’s cheap , I have missed it how about if I pay u @vicamy 340 pounds to buy the griffin ?
  7. feels like they release something every single week 😀
  8. His content count only at 107 means he won’t be here too often I usually see people’s content count rather than feedback
  9. I think , and from my experience . They normally ships out pre orders items on Friday , every Friday we will know tomorrow
  10. The Gruffalo and Mouse 2019 UK 50p Silver Proof Coin it is pre order but should receive in the next few days 55.55 each deliver by second class sign for Payment by PayPal f and f or bank transfer The Gruffalo and Mouse 2019 UK 50p Silver Proof Coin Limited Edition 25,000 Both the Gruffalo and Mouse have been captured with bright colour printing The first time both characters have appeared on a coin together Just 25,000 silver coins are available – the last silver and gold Proof coins sold out within hours The only way to own this coin as it won’t enter circulation Presented in a block that illustrates the deep dark wood A fully licensed Magic Light Pictures Ltd product
  11. fehk2001

    2020 panda

    It’s photo because they haven’t strike the silver yet ....
  12. fehk2001

    2020 panda

    More pictures
  13. fehk2001

    2020 panda

    China gold coop exhibition they invite people to attend the first day of strike celebrations