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    Wilson118 reacted to StackSellRepeat in Today I Received.....   
    For the engelhard lovers or for everyone who enjoys some eye candy 😋
    Just look at that cheeky dimple 😜

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    Wilson118 got a reaction from Mark10110 in The Attraction to Silver Unboxing videos   
    I also enjoy watching these and often think the same thing. I think it’s the persons reaction and description something we all feel when our post arrives but something we don’t say out loud. Also you get to see cool stuff you down own from all angles with good lighting etc. 
    Id like to do a few but I’d probably fudge it up ?
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    Wilson118 reacted to kerimar in The Farce of UK Silver Stackers Facebook Group   
    My apologies If I offended anyone. I read it all for the first time last night and was incensed at what OBS had written. I'm usually very mild mannered but to read that I had been called a scammer was all too much. I'm calm now ?
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    Wilson118 reacted to SILVERFINGER in The Farce of UK Silver Stackers Facebook Group   
    Dont worry I was the same when I was going through puberty.
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    Wilson118 reacted to ChrisF in The Farce of UK Silver Stackers Facebook Group   
    To be honest, Im a bit shocked that the forum is allowing one account blatantly set up to bash another group.   I have a lot of respect for the people on here but there seems to be a smattering of tribalism here.  Someone posted some bad stuff on our forum about another group let's reinforce it even though we know nothing about it.  The only guy who apparently knows anything about being scammed is a profile specifically set up on this forum and only posts to bash another.  This all leaves a bad taste for me and no one including this forum comes out smelling of roses.  The mods reply of "Nothing to do with me Guv" is rather poor.    
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    Wilson118 reacted to SilverGodfray in The Farce of UK Silver Stackers Facebook Group   
    The reality is all of us had to pick up from a previous admin of the group who done a not for profit round at a large profit.
    Now the current admin are picking up the peices from his mistakes, keep group alive and have normal working life's. None of the current admin had anything to do with the previous rounds, all we are trying to do is finish the set for our members.
    We constantly get flack because of previous mistakes which were not of ours or even anything we we're involved in. Most of us were not part of the team then even, I wasn't.
    We are trying our best, I urge anyone reading this to come to ukss and see what we are like, get to know us. 
    Is it fair that we all take the flack of a previous admin who used the group as a cash cow? 
    We just want to keep the dream alive of a community of silver stackers collecting, sharing knowledge and generally enjoying themselves.
    Set backs like this post make me think I'm at a losing battle in which we need help from the whole silver community to defeat these sorts of posts.
    Please don't let previous actions of the former ukss admin judge us or his actions. Just the new admin team, look at what we do to look after members. Even come speak to us we are all approachable.
    I welcome you to come see our group and see what we are all about.
    Thanks you for reading
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    Wilson118 reacted to Auricsstash in Most expensive silver purchase and why medal collectors don’t trust silver stackers...   
    Been meaning to put something up around this for a while so please bare with for the long post.
    One of my other interests is British WW1 medals specifically to my little home town, on my local memorial there are 119 names of guys who were killed in WW1 for about 10 years I have been hunting these names pretty hard and managed to find medals to 5 of them and worked out who they all are bar 4 names these represent one of those 4 names. 
    This pair is the most I have ever paid over spot for silver they were about £250 per Toz if my maths is correct. This guy won his M.M on the Somme and joined the tank corps where he served out the rest of the war. He is not listed on cwgc as a casualty so I could never find him, but he is on my memorial died 1920 of T.B and at the time it must have been felt locally to be war related hence his inclusion on my local memorial.
    So why do medal collectors distrust silver stackers? back in the late 70s and early 80s very few people collected WW1 medals, pre internet days you had zero chance of knowing anything about the individual and as there was so much of it readily available it went in the melting pot when the prices spiked. So many of these awesome pieces of history are missing the silver medals or are gone entirely if these had hit the pot back in the day there would be nothing left of this lads ultimate sacrifice.
    Sadly there are so many British War Medals out there without cool stories attached and you can get them at way less than spot price and if we do get a to the moon scenario we get the feeling that a huge amount of history will be once again lost in the melting pots.. 

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    Wilson118 reacted to Mark10110 in The Attraction to Silver Unboxing videos   
    Hi guys and gals,
    I have been away since January when I...... **swallows hard** got into Crypto and this week Crypto has left my ass hurting. (If you are into crypto you will understand)
    I decided to get my mind off things by watching Silver videos that went into silver unboxing videos. I can sit at my PC and watch hours of unboxing videos and I don't know why, why do we do this? Do we do this or is this just me?
    I was thinking of doing silver unboxing videos but I always worry that it will come across as bragging? What are your views of the "unboxing" phenomenon?
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    Wilson118 reacted to mr-dead in Silver Deals.....   
    If my math is correct goldsilver.be works out at 1.55 euro over spot on a monster box.
    Much easier to grab 500oz than 4000oz although delivery day would be fun
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    Wilson118 reacted to kerimar in The Farce of UK Silver Stackers Facebook Group   
    Sorry mate. I just object to being called a scammer on a public forum by an anon Account
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    Wilson118 reacted to BackyardBullion in **July/August 2018** Group order from The European Mint   
    Nope not weird at all!
    These two lumps came with my last order and I love them!

  12. Thanks
    Wilson118 reacted to stevelo1973 in The Farce of UK Silver Stackers Facebook Group   
    i know (name removed) from facebook group and never ever heard anything about him being a scammer . i would certainly trust him with my money..
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    Wilson118 got a reaction from SilverSniper in Abbots Silver   
    You can hardly blame him your comments were unnecessary all for what a cheap plug? 
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    Wilson118 got a reaction from Melljones in Abbots Silver   
    You can hardly blame him your comments were unnecessary all for what a cheap plug? 
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    Wilson118 got a reaction from arshimo2012 in Abbots Silver   
    You can hardly blame him your comments were unnecessary all for what a cheap plug? 
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    Wilson118 reacted to Paul in Next US president - what happens next ?   
    Courtesy of  always reliable {sigh} wikipedia
    Since 2001, the president has earned a $400,000 annual salary, along with a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account, and $19,000 for entertainment. The most recent raise in salary was approved by Congress and President Bill Clinton in 1999 and went into effect in 2001.
    Both candidates are multi millionaires in own rights, who in their right mind would take a pay cut.  
    Having the perks of the big white house, air force one and the ability to go to Area 51 & Los Almos and see all the aliens might be the attraction - I dont know 
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    Wilson118 reacted to OlliesSilverBars in Bars Photo Thread...   
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    Wilson118 reacted to HelpingHands in Rwanda wildlife series - I'm a newbie please help   
    The proof one's are in capsules I think - But then, some people cut open and cap the bullion ones.
    I've pmed you about the rhino.
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    Wilson118 got a reaction from Agpanda in Rwanda wildlife series - I'm a newbie please help   
    very helpful thank you, i think im going to have to grab a gorilla on my next pay day even if it is a huge price i need it haha