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  1. Nope these are .925 I have a friend who owned the set very stunning in hand but very pricey
  2. I also enjoy watching these and often think the same thing. I think it’s the persons reaction and description something we all feel when our post arrives but something we don’t say out loud. Also you get to see cool stuff you down own from all angles with good lighting etc. Id like to do a few but I’d probably fudge it up ?
  3. I think the issue is more that the account has purposely been set up for spreading slander I too have been named in the list and also have been defended yet the comment stays up no proof given and that is because there has never been a scam! The only activity this OSB has is spreading hate. A shame to see on a forum like this.
  4. I certainly hope you are not referring to me as a scammer, I worked hard bringing people good deals on this page when I was a member and often went out of my way to help people. I left the group for personal reasons and before doing so I ensured all or any orders I had were fulfilled.regarding the group politics i defended (name removed) at the start as he was a friend however after that I avoided the subject as facts became unclear, I NEVER had an input with the group rounds I just bought some so am in the same boat as the other members on that front. I arranged group buys at cost which was a big effort in time to me. I no longer deal with silver as I hit my target and no longer stack. Although seeing my name against those you claim scammed people is dissapointing and a blatant lie. I have hundreds of people who would vouch for me and trust me! I recently did a sale to someone for over 2 grand through whatsapp money was sent first and then I sent the silver. That’s how trusted I am!
  5. I'm open to any really nothing bigger than 10oz though really
  6. Does anyone have any of these for sale? Thank you in advance
  7. I'm all spent up now bud thank you for getting back to me though appreciate it
  8. You can hardly blame him your comments were unnecessary all for what a cheap plug?
  9. I have one looking for £550 including special delivery
  10. Could you do both pandas for £50?
  11. Does anyone have these for sale? Thank you in advance
  12. Can anyone help with the above please if you have any for sale please let me know how much many thanks
  13. Will you do the 1oz mouse for £25 posted?