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  1. I'm going to be posting a topic as soon as I take the photos and decide on a price for each piece. As I found goldsilver.be to be the cheapest, I am going to be using their price guide. @Pipersplease do have a look when I post it.
  2. Hey Nick, there are better and cheaper dealers than ATS. Post brexit they mugged me 3% of gold spot Try Atkinsons Bullion and Goldsilver.be. They are my two go to dealers.
  3. Have spent over £20k with them, never had an issue. They only ever used BPOST and FEDEX to deliver to me and they were fine and well packaged. Eva is nice, so is Paul.
  4. I agree, very nice series and designs.
  5. Man.. I need more money
  6. Wow. That is the exact one I have, it holds two monster boxes and a slide out tray. The safe walls are very thick but what truly deters it being burgled are my 3 wild cats. I also do not own my home, I do own the wardrobe however so i just bolted it into the wardrobe floor. I didn't even straighten it up before bolting it down because I have special needs. I took some photos for your pleasure.
  7. Hi. What are the premiums for your gold and silver coins?
  8. RisinSun


    You're a top lad @sovereignsteve it's only waffle if there's no substance. I prefer brown nosing over arse licking myself.
  9. @DonWerner If you use the table function on excel and google how to use the formula function and finally, if you have various pieces of metals to compile; I really recommend making your own unique worksheet. I think it is a valuable part of the stacker's journey. @Alymac I have never been in profit, however I do not take numismatic value into account. Embrace the loss and keep on losing! Summary Spot Price Value Totals Investment Value Totals Profit/Loss Gold Stack £21,368.16 £21,841.36 -£473.20 Silver Stack £3,959.28 £5,342.79 -£1,383.51 Total £25,327.44 £27,184.15 -£1,856.71 Market Spot Spot Price Gold £971.28 Silver £12.22
  10. I think it was boondock saints that made me like the Irish and none of the actors were bloody Irish. Well Billy Connolly is Scottish so near enough.
  11. Neutron stars, pulsars, magnetars all of it is amazing. What a universe we have, how insignificant are we.
  12. Awesome! I think we can close this thread now and conclude that Eva needs to chill with her keyboard.
  13. @swAgger absolutely my man. Its not so different in the UK, its just not so obvious. A person buying a luxury car gets treated differently than someone buying a second hand. Your 1000 pound order may mean a lot to you and you may think that demands respect and whatever demands you have, but to GSbe, that is probably less than 10 quid profit. I bet there is a direct correlation between customer service and raising prices lol.
  14. Steve was it repackaged properly with the same coloured tape that GSbe email you about after contents were stolen? Always have been concerned about someone stealing through delivery process and leaving no trace.