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  1. Hey mate, all my silver remains but they wont be cheap, especially not during this pandemic.
  2. Yes but thats the M4 variant S55 turbocharged straight-six engine. The M4 is double the price and I plan to buy a house before I die, I am pretty sure an M4 will kill me. Mine is 420i Sport. I will take a pic tomorrow
  3. 2017 BMW 4 Series Sports white with red interior, £15200 - £2000 deposit, Hire Purchase £315 monthly over 4 years @7.7 interest (adds £2000 to total), 18000 on the clock. I wrote off my car recently (Ford Focus 66 Plate), one of our forum members @Wendelin would know, I went to drop a coin to him in the courtesy car lol. I love it, quite the change from a 1 litre ecoboost focus.
  4. Sorry guys once again I have failed to sit down and sort out the silver prices. Please forgive me, I bought a new car and it's a sports one so I have been spending some time with it. Will have to wait till next Sunday as I'll be at work all week.
  5. Weekend Bump, 4 Oz left. Making a new topic for the silver tomorrow. Keep an eye for it.
  6. RisinSun

    withdrawn .

    Only have the QB Lion for £1895, no where near spot but also the cheapest dealer selling this first coin of the series is nowhere near as low as my price.
  7. Reduced remaining coins by £40 each to match recent spot price reduction.
  8. Yes thats all I have left for Gold. Sorry dude.
  9. 2018 ones I'm selling for £27 each full tube. If you see any in stock dealers with these please let me know, but it's all sold out from my research.
  10. Hey guys, please don't forget to leave feedback, spot for silver is quite steady so it seems on my next single day off (apparently Im a key worker) I will get to work in pricing this. I did say I would post another topic for the remainder of my gold coins when i upgraded to premium but there's only 5 oz left. I will leave it for now. Thanks all
  11. I had no idea this was a rule. I have upgraded now, was planning to with the upgraded mail box and additional sales posts. Updated prices further to match spot increase. If silver goes past £12.50 spot I will begin pricing and list them on a separate topic.
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