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  1. silversky

    Brexit status ...

    Agreed. He would have had this done 28 months ago and they would've all ended up smiling about it. There's no way he'd be taking any nonsense off of that slimy verhofstadt toad. The smack down he just gave Macron for trying to insult him was out of this world.
  2. silversky

    Brexit status ...

    Lots of worrying possibilities but don't think the queen could stop her dissolving parliament. So far, the fear of Commie Corbyn, Marxist McDonnell and the racist math genius is allowing our dancing queen to have the time of her life.
  3. silversky

    Brexit status ...

    I just hope that enough Tory MP's get up the courage to write the all important letters. At least Mogg finally nailed his colours to the mast. No cabinet job for him under the current leadership! Even if they do reach the required 48 number the party could well vote in favour of keeping May anyway. She would then get a year free of further challenge which would mean she couldn't be removed before the deadline. Keeping May and accepting her capitulation would almost certainly mean that they all lose their jobs at the next election so we're definitely going to see some blatant virtue signalling in all this drama from people trying to save their jobs. I heard somewhere that most action in the Tory party takes place after the weekend when they've had a chance to discuss things at country clubs etc. Therefore, Sunday night / Monday morning is when it will all kick off if it's going to.
  4. silversky

    Brexit status ...

    I hope that JRM ends up leading the Tories. He's very calm over a no deal Brexit and speaks very sensibly on it. He certainly has the strength of character to handle this nonsense and right the ship.
  5. silversky

    Brexit status ...

    It's actually one of the most unambiguous questions you could ask. Short and sweet. The term EU includes ALL of it's instruments, including but not limited to, the ECJ, the ECHR, the single market, the council, the commission, the charters, fishing, agriculture, aviation, subsidies and the freedom of movement of people. We absolutely voted to leave ALL OF THAT. It was deliberately made all of it by using the term EU rather than keeping any EEC type of economic stuff. It was done like that to try to scare us off from having the courage to vote to leave. Cameron thought that less people would dare to leave everything which is why it was not split up into sections and made confusing. It is also why it does not need any discussion now by parliament or even god forbid a second referendum. The reason that "no discussion" was not added to the question is that it's entirely sensible for both parties to discuss the mechanics of day 1 and any problems that might crop up. It is not necessary to "negotiate" new terms either. Trying to negotiate new terms on absolutely everything before leaving is clearly impossible and simply allows both parties to act unreasonably. These new terms need to evolve naturally over time and the simple solution would have been to leave the EU's jurisdiction on day1 but with everything still the same. The great withdrawal bill. Trade could simply continue on day 1 as it was from our point of view and unless the EU took action against us we would not do so against them. Easy. Over time each area we felt needed changing could be notified as changing and new agreements made on the issue as a sovereign nation. Instead, we are stupidly attempting to negotiate every possible angle, ahead of time, with ideological thieves that stole the sovereignty of 28 European nations. Totally pointless talking to them before we are a sovereign nation once more. They have no incentive to do anything other than damage our nation and will twist us up in knots to keep things as difficult as possible. They absolutely must make any negotiation with us a bad deal if they are to stand any chance of holding onto their ill gotten power. The divorce bill is utterly disgraceful. It's simply money that's being extorted by a bully. I suspect that they'll see us paying for the setup of a shiny new army before too long and we should be strongly opposed to paying for such a dangerous idea. Quite why we're even discussing our continued military cooperation until things are resolved as we wish to see them is beyond me. It's our military not theirs!!!! We must simply stand up and say no more. We need to leave without any deal and just sort out day1 as it happens. Yes there will be issues, yes there will be problems, but if we don't pay the baseless divorce bill then we could use some of that money to provide a cushion to businesses affected at the border and stabilise things in the short term. In the long term, the German auto industry along with all of the other businesses will be clamouring at the EU to remove any tariffs with "Treasure Island" and we'll all get back to the serious business of doing business.
  6. For sale, 10oz BU Silver Queens Beast Lion of England. Have three left. £240 + postage Special Delivery approx £12 Bought new at release and carefully stored. Capsule never opened.
  7. silversky

    wanted Airtite Coin Tube Size I

    Have size H if that's any use to you.
  8. silversky

    Gold Emu verses 1oz gold Queens Beast?

    The Emu or the Swan series should do well. They are limited to 5000 coins and very well made. The first Swan has already risen in value compared to this years one.
  9. silversky

    Lighthouse or Air-Tites?

    The airtite foam rings are made of a material without sulphur in it. I did look into that ages ago. It's my understanding that they won't tarnish silver but maybe we will all find out in 50 years whether this is correct or not.
  10. silversky

    Synthetic Gold Short Bubble Now Bursting

    It all strikes me as being a bit like quantum physics.. They are essentially creating fiat to say, buy a house (for the borrower) and giving this newly minted fiat to the vendor. By doing so, the bank allows time to be fast forwarded such that the borrower can buy the house now rather than saving for 20 plus years to buy it with hard earned real money. To achieve this feat of time travel, a magic money quantum particle is created out of thin air! Magic money is actually an entangled pair made up of a fiat debit particle and a fiat credit particle. Once you know which expression one is, you know what the other has to be. And now the clever bit, the action of winding time forward to conjure this quantum fiat pair causes the newly formed magic money particle to emit a sub quantum intereston ray. This intereston ray is keenly absorbed by the banking wizards that brought it into existence until the capacitance field across time becomes so strong that the present is simply unable to accept any more charge. The time insulation starts to break down and leakage occurs devaluing billions of other peoples real money to compensate for the production of that clever intereston ray which was long ago syphoned off into some fat cat thieving banking b****rd's private vault. At that point, things become dangerously unstable and the toxic entangled pair are diluted by mixing them with real money and a puff of public resolve. After some serious diluting by the people that had nothing to do with this madness the charge field across time drops to levels that become survivable and amazingly those thieving ba***rds are allowed to fly in from their pleasure islands and play again. Rinse and repeat. Andrew Jackson had it right about routing out a den of vipers. His only mistake was not going full Spanish inquisition on them.
  11. silversky

    Selling Gold/Silver and Goverment Taxes

    Can't comment on the USA but in the UK as long as we buy British legal tender coins from the Royal Mint, then it is exempt from capital gains tax. This only applies to British legal tender probably for historical reasons. When selling any other forms of assets, including the legal tender of another country, if we have made gains that exceed our annual tax free limit for capital gains of £11700 (gain) then we must declare it and pay tax on the gains above that. I would be interested to know how your system operates and no doubt another American on here will illuminate us.
  12. silversky

    Lighthouse or Air-Tites?

    Air tites all the way. The lighthouse caps seem far too easy to open. I discovered that I was able to pop one open single handed and that was the end of them for me. Also, from an aesthetic point of view, I prefer to have a nice smooth capsule to hold rather than a train wheel with ridges on its rims.
  13. Same for me. Also having trouble staying signed in.
  14. silversky

    Order has been stolen

    Yeah that's exactly what I thought about it. I think that rather than disguising the contents it just draws attention to the parcel. Best left as a plain box. Ordering heavy car parts come in a heavily taped plain cardboard box and that's the best way they should send it. Plain and simple.