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  1. silversky

    69 Sovs

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2019-Alderney-50th-Anniversary-of-the-Moon-Landing-1-Pound-Silver-Proof-Coin/163494848921?hash=item26110d6999:g:CHIAAOSw7C5cP0js:rk:9:pf:0 Or a Guernsey £1 proof of the 69 landing.
  2. silversky

    69 Sovs

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NASA-First-Landing-Moon-Apollo-11-1969-Three-999-Silver-Medal-Coin-Set-/372464830954 How about a moon landing medal? Not sure what these are or if they are genuine or at a decent price but must be an Apollo coin somewhere
  3. silversky

    Brexit status ...

    Whilst I'm not particularly fond of Gove and he's clearly grandstanding for a run for PM at some point, this speech is rather amusing.
  4. silversky

    Brexit status ...

    That strikes me as the type of dictionary entry that might have come from viz
  5. silversky

    Brexit status ...

    It's a mess for sure. Berkow played a dreadful hand last week and he surely must go as well as May. I think the only option that's going to work is a general election with hopefully everyone that voted leave voting for UKIP. Labour are simply talking remain language and calling it leave. It's blatant lying and everyone knows it. The remainers in my family held their noses and voted for Labour and Liberal last time because as they said Labour and the Liberals will not take us out fully. The leavers wouldn't touch them with a barge pole and all voted conservative. The only sensible option now in my opinion is UKIP. At least we'd get someone that want's to do the job that they've been asked to do. It seems to be forgotten that UKIP are polling much higher again. Back in the last election people thought the job was done and simply abandoned UKIP for the traditional parties. They might not be so happy to repeat the same mistake in another election. Watching the Tories do Brexit has been like watching the celebrities do bush tucker challenge on TV. So many of them are repulsed by the idea of leaving that they should have resigned prior to the last election rather than standing on a manifesto that they vehemently disagree with. What was the point of us having an election if the main parties just stood up their remainer candidates again for us to choose from? It made a complete mockery of the idea that we have a genuine representative democracy. We clearly don't. Most conservatives if offered the choice of a Labour government under the friends of Terrorists and communism, or a UKIP coalition where UKIP managed the whole damn thing would jump at the latter. UKIP are actually pretty moderate in the rest of their policies so it could work. Having read their manifesto, I think they seem to be classical liberals at heart with a nationalist focus. Fair enough in my opinion.
  6. silversky

    about goldsilver.be

    @shortstack68 Here's weeman and his music video. Pure class
  7. @NikolaAnne https://www.air-tites.com/coin_size_chart.htm#.XDNAfz-7LIU This is a webpage in the USA for air tite brand capsules. They have a handy list of coin sizes and it details which of their capsules will fit. Either direct fit or with rings to hold your coin. These are my personal favourite capsules but are a bit more expensive after import duty and post office handling charges than the ones available in Europe. Morezone is very reasonable on price and may have some of the Air tites you need. The lighthouse caps I have tried I don't rate. Maybe I got a bad batch but they seem to come apart too easily for my taste. I suppose that's fine if you want to open them up all the time but that's not what I want from a capsule. Airtites will leave you with an object that is like a smooth poker chip to the feel and will require a fair bit of effort to get your fingernail into the fine crack to open them up. No unwanted accidents when handling.
  8. Ticket 13 Feedback left 3/1/19
  9. Ticket 12 Feedback left 3/1/19
  10. silversky

    completed 2016 Silver Britannias

    Yes to all who have requested some. Reserved.
  11. silversky

    completed 2016 Silver Britannias

    Edit: Closed for now due to work commitments. Selling my 1oz 2016 BU Silver Britannia's. Bought by me in a sealed monster box brand new at release from a large dealer. They have been carefully stored in airtight containers using intercept guard zip lock bags as well as desiccant pouches and anti tarnish strips to stabilise the storage environment. Prior to sealing, coins were randomly selected from different tubes and tested as genuine using three well established non destructive methods as well as examination under a loupe. These coins are without any shadow of a doubt 100% genuine. Disclaimer on condition: I have just inspected a couple of tubes at random after getting them out of storage and can confirm that they are still in good condition. The vast majority of the coins inspected have only very minor mint marks or scratches on their rims with their obverse and reverse faces remaining clear. However, there is occasional evidence of small milk spots on the odd one or two coins in both of the tubes that were checked. This means that I cannot guarantee that an individual tube will not contain the odd coin with minor milk spots. Overall though, the bulk of these coins are in a good condition and they are still extremely shiny, clear of tarnish and pleasure to behold. 1 - 2 coins, £17.25 each including tracked and signed 1st class postage (uninsured at buyers risk). Add £5 for insured special delivery postage. 3 - 5 coins, £16.75 each including tracked and signed 1st class postage (uninsured at buyers risk). Add £5 for insured special delivery postage. 6 - 10 coins, £16.50 each including special delivery postage. Additional coins at £16.25 each For a mint tube of 25 coins, £380 (£15.20 each) including special delivery postage. For 2 tubes of 25 coins, £745 (£14.90 each) including special delivery postage. I also have some 2016 BU Kangaroos in mint sealed tubes. If anyone is interested in these please PM me. Prices correct at time of posting unless there is a significant move in the spot price. Payment through paypal FF or bank transfer. Parcels will be carefully packaged and securely sealed to ensure that you receive the coins as I would wish to receive them. To discuss postage details, options, condition or with any other questions please PM me for further details.
  12. silversky

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    very close to the magic 1k number now.
  13. silversky

    Drones at Gatwick

    Don't know about this drone fiasco. Sounds like it could be fishy or just simply be incompetence. Let's not forget that the Icelandic volcano that closed most of Europe a few years ago was later deemed to have been gross over caution. These days just about everyone is scared of making a decision. The more people involved and the more public the worse that phenomenon becomes. That usually means that the wrong decision is made in the name of something like public safety. If you have ever had the media report on something that happens to be your speciality you will know that they are complete ignoramuses. Nonsense gets injected that you know is physically impossible and people are said to have said things that they cannot believe and would never have said. This event will be no different and the media reports will be wildly inaccurate and imagined explanations of events will have been drawn out as if they are hard facts. If it is fishy then it is likely just a few people in the know deliberately directing a lack of response with plausible excuses. The media can be fed a few scraps and allowed to extrapolate into nonsense. Let them run with nonsense and the perfect distractor is used before the Christmas break to push Brexit or whatever else into the background. The second option of incompetence is also plausible. I have witnessed in what is supposedly a safety critical industry any number of incompetent matters getting going and no one wanting to take the responsibility to nip them in the bud. Perhaps a single sighting of a child playing with a new toy has been turned into a full blown hysteria by incompetent fools all bouncing off each other. Each next sighting could be as simple as a baggage handler hearing about it from a security guard and telling a check in girl that tells a lazy journalist in the café and it magically becomes "another" sighting. The airport ops team then read the latest on the live news feed and call the police to say they are under attack again. Amongst incompetence and hysteria this sort of thing really really does happen. Least likely is that it was a couple of idiots hell bent on causing disruption at any cost. Anyone with enough cash to buy a decent drone would have enough sense to know that second time around the helicopters would have them by the time they were close enough to the airport and they would immediately get caught. This point brings me back to the incompetent argument. It is also entirely possible that the later sightings were nowhere near the airport. Many miles away and totally unrelated kids playing in a field. Once the excitement of a hysteria takes hold, people like to get involved and be seen to be being helpful. A sighting from the motorway ten miles away becomes just next to the airport and the guys in charge who are using a hammer see everything as a nail. Who knows. A small point about the moon. There is no dark side of the moon. It's better referred to as the back side of the moon because it certainly gets its fair share of light from the sun when it is between us and the sun. The moon happens to rotate at the same period that it orbits us so it has a day that lasts 28 earth days. It is the case that any object with a small mass relative to another that it is orbiting is only orbiting at the correct speed for it's distance at it's centre. Therefore the speed of it's closest surface is too slow and is being attracted towards the larger object and the surface that is farther away is orbiting too fast and will be trying to escape. This tug of war is what generates the force that slowly reduces it's spin and captures it in such a way that one face ends up tidally locked to the larger object. However. My understanding is that this is a relatively a very small force and the length of time required to complete such a degradation of the moons spin would likely be too large for the moon to have had much of a significant spin to begin with. More likely is that it never had much of a spin but that what it did have has been slowed or speeded up to match it's orbit of us.
  14. I've carried a couple around for fun although not recently. Mostly slave queen/freedom girl. Momento mori is based on the original tokens people had reminding them of their mortality. I enjoyed getting out slave queen/freedom girl from the little jeans pocket to use as a flipper to make a decision. Go with the standard boring plan/stick with the contract/remain tied in? Or go with something daring and exciting/break the contract/open new horizons? Quite amusing to see other peoples reaction when slave queen/freedom girl comes out. Perhaps Gwen would be the perfect poker partner for @Paul