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  1. Just for anyone interested in Feynman. Enjoy.
  2. I'm totally with you on the packaging and pollution but not the CO2 if you're in that church. Plastics in the ocean is serious and it's something we in the west can definitely deal with decisively from our end. I remember paper bags and reused cardboard boxes before plastic bags and I can't understand why we don't still use them. But ultimately this isn't going to solve the point you made about rising global population. The rest of the world is not ours to dictate so what is your proposal on that? In the west we're already below our replacement birth rate so this is surely not something that we can go much further with? Or maybe we can? What's your proposal? Edit: this is the wrong thread for this sort of discussion so if it's removed that's fine and my apologies. Just responding as the thread wandered off topic.
  3. How do you propose stopping the worlds population from growing? In the west we are currently less than native replacement births? We must already be doing our bit and to do more would be wrong. What's the solution?
  4. Well my friend I studied astrophysics but that doesn't mean a thing. What matters is an open mind and always trying to prove your models wrong. You don't need to do that publicly but you do need to do it personally otherwise you're involved in an ideology rather than science. I imagine that you believe that "the science is settled". One of the worlds greatest physicists ever to have lived certainly disagreed with that approach and Feynman disparaged consensus in science and regarded it as a form of tyranny. In reality this is what we have right now. A group of people with very shaky science is trying to ram it down our throats with desperate emotional pleas. There's just too many holes in it and way too much emotion. I dare you to look at the other side of the argument and quiet the emotional side of your mind. If you're a scientist then you won't consider this a religious type of request, simply a scientific one. Two hours of your time can easily be spent to quiet any lingering doubt. 97% after all is your sides claim (wrong btw). There are so many solid scientists that put out information on CO2. Physics Nobel laureates talk openly about how insane this mass CO2 delusion is but no one wants to listen. Peace prize winners (ideological) on the other hand talk about how emotional it all is unless we act NOW and the media lap it up. Tony Heller simply produces historical data to show what happened in the past including all manner of crazy "scientific" projections for the future. These go back more than 150 years and show that the alarmists have been at this game for a long long time. It was hotter in the 30's that it is now and vast numbers of people died in dreadful natural events. CO2 was far lower then and clearly had nothing to do with these events. Everything that happens now is talked up as being bigger and badder than ever before but newspaper history shows this to be simply untrue. A huge deceit is being propagated including constant revision of the historical data. Thankfully my son isn't caught up in the hysteria with Saint Greta. In ten years time I hope you remember her speech today and reflect on the madness of the hyperbole. Anyway, we'll just have to agree to disagree in the meantime. Cheers
  5. I'm not expecting to change your mind either but I suggest you go and suffer through watching the last ten videos from Tony Heller on youtube. He does a regular video often with historical info from the day in question. 1930's were far hotter than we are now for example and it regularly shows up in terrible news paper articles when CO2 was below 300 parts per million. To get back to that desperate climate would take extreme energy sacrifices and what for? After some time you get a feeling that there's some real dishonesty going on with the alarmists. It's all emotional and their chief scientists have fiddled the data with ridiculous claims about the past temperature stations not knowing how to read a min and max thermometer. If you're sure of your position then it won't hurt to see why others disagree and will arm you to argue against them. Go watch ten. I challenge you. :)
  6. sorry, just seen you are in US/Canada. I'm in UK so probably not worth the postage etc.
  7. I have the lion of England, the griffin and the dragon. If you're interested PM me with an offer.
  8. bump. Swap anyone? Any suggestions considered
  9. My friend I'm very sorry to hear of your troubles. Health is clearly far more important than so many of those physical things. But, the beautiful coins certainly provide a welcome distraction. I wish you the very best and a speedy recovery from one coin enthusiast to another. Share your love of coins with your next of kin. The younguns might appear bored in the modern digital age but they're not really. Knockem on the head and tell em how important real money is.
  10. Thanks. They're pretty impressive to hold in the hand.
  11. Thanks Mr D. Was hoping someone bought a few of these as reasonable premium silver a few months ago and wanted to take a bit of profit by selling me one. Original post is if someone wants to swap one for the lower mintage Monkey. I bought a couple of extra monkeys and was hoping a swap would come along. Who knows, maybe I'm the only collector of the Kilo series here. I have the other 11 and just trying to get it completed. Can get one on order from a dealer before the end of the year I guess.
  12. I was amused to hear one of the Tories quipping with the speaker by asking whether there was any way that a motion of confidence could be tabled against her majesty's loyal opposition. Boris then suggested that this must be the first time ever that her majesty's opposition had expressed confidence in a government by refusing the option of an election. It's all madness.
  13. What sort of price are you looking at? I have one of each in storage. Would have to check condition but should be fine.