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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
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  1. silversky

    What a pawnbroker offers for gold.

    I suspect that quite a few are not actually selling "their" gold at a pawnbroker.
  2. silversky

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    Very sorry to hear about the trouble you guys are having. It sounds like it is clearly fraud at the source rather than the mailing system. 99%. An honest source would be doing everything he could to resolve these issues. Questions, How many members are out of pocket over the years? What nations were the coins being sent to? What return address was on the packages? It is highly likely that the return address is not correct but if it is then this is an important piece of information for the police. Clearly a complaint needs to be lodged with the German serious fraud squad to investigate this otherwise it will continue. It all sounds like wishful thinking that the source is even a Dr or that he has a disabled son. These are classic cover stories that con men tell their marks. I wish you all the best of luck in resolving this and I reckon the only way you will get any satisfaction is if you contact the serious fraud squad in Germany.
  3. So it looks like helicopter money will be in both main parties manifestos next election... 10k vote winner from the Tories or "Peoples QE" from Corbyn.
  4. silversky

    wanted 1kg + Silver Bars

    @sworks I have a couple of 1kg cast bars made by Emirates Gold in the UAE. £470 each including special delivery. They are in good condition and come with certificates dated 2015. As you can see in the photo, I store them in intercept guard ziplock bags to help reduce tarnishing.
  5. Yes it does. I have such a slide and have tried different metals (gold, silver and copper rounds) and they do slide at very slightly different speeds. But, one would have to make a really long slide to count it properly and also the surface makes a difference as well between different coin designs so unless you are comparing a known genuine item with a suspect one it's not practical to judge the slight variance in time. It's still a useful tool though and instantly detects most fakes. I would be interested to see how Tungsten reacts to the slide because it's paramagnetic which probably shows a different reaction to the slide.
  6. A couple of further thoughts. I'm curious to know how much business they actually pull in from the UK as a result of this forum?? I know I certainly started to use them after hearing about them here and I even put a couple of friends on to them as well before they spoilt our relationship. I imagine that there will be many others like me across the UK and Europe that have done the same so this forum has likely been quite significant in directing business to their site. Something I'm certain of is that BYB's group order will be very small beers by comparison to the aggregate numbers of people that simply read this forum for advice and prefer to do their business privately. For a while I wondered why it was that they seem so completely uninterested in acknowledging or engaging with the forum? So many posters have made this point in one way or another with some quite eye opening communications copied for all to see. My theory is that they might actually resent the forum in a strange sort of way. It seems to me that regardless of how good the forum has been for their business they really don't like the idea of engaging with it because it means they would have to pick up their customer service game. I honestly can't see that happening but who knows.
  7. @sixgun I also have had a few large orders with them in the past. I no longer use them because their customer service is just too poor. There is as you say a nasty side to the way they deal with any issues and I felt completely unvalued as a customer. I personally don't mind to pay a small amount more to deal with a business that has exemplary customer service and uses a courier that does not leave 1000's of pounds sitting on the street with a fake signature by the driver. I recently bought some items from Auragentum and kettner and they were both superb to deal with.
  8. silversky

    NK gold coins

    Interesting. I didn't realise that trading in a piece of numismatic artwork that had originated in a sanctioned country would itself be a sanctioned item outside that country. I guess it sort of makes sense but also not really. Funny really when it's perfectly acceptable for the bbc to discuss the presence of collectors coins. The other question of course is whether the government have currency controls that make it illegal to remove the coins from the country? I'm pretty sure I've heard of some countries have had that at certain times throughout history so I guess it could be the case that they are not for sale to the outside world. Either way, when the whole mess is resolved(hopefully peacefully) and the sanctions come to an end then there will no doubt be an interest in such collectors pieces.
  9. silversky

    NK gold coins

    I guess the other issue is that their large neighbour has a bit of a history of forging pm's and so knowing if you are getting something genuine or not would be difficult. If the price was massive then the risk would outweigh the potential.
  10. silversky

    NK gold coins

    Sounds like they might be very pricey in that case. Still if they weren't too over the top crazy I might be interested. I do wonder how they are exported though? It was my understanding that most things were being sanctioned but perhaps not coins of numismatic interest.
  11. silversky

    NK gold coins

    @oliversw5 The important question is. Can your contact get any of the gold or silver coins? I'm rather interested in getting something a bit different and although it would obviously be a very limited market I think they would be very interesting to have in a collection.
  12. silversky

    NK gold coins

    Anyone interested in buying one of these?? Interesting because I'm not quite sure who would even be able to buy one. I don't think they can be exported to any coin collectors that might be interested and I also don't imagine there is a huge domestic market. Probably end up being a rare antiquity one day for anyone that can get one. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-42479956
  13. silversky

    stacking goals 2018

    Got to pick up the silver kilo dog. Got all of the other kilos so far in the run so I definitely have to complete the series. Was hoping for a bit further fall in price first but we'll see.
  14. silversky

    Struggling to find gold any good deals?

    No problem Mr George and hope your sovs come through. To be honest it would have been a reluctant sale for me because I absolutely love these. I really like having a bar that is a bit less common round these parts and feels so good to hold in the hand. Best of luck with your sovs
  15. silversky

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    How lovely to see the pf70 on the 2005 sov. I bought a BU 2005 for my boy a few years ago. My first coin purchase. It's the year he was born so it seemed like a nice thing to do. However, I now wish I'd bought him the proof!! haha. Still, I'm very happy I got the BU for him because it does look really cool in my opinion and obviously carries a higher premium being a different reverse.