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  1. LOL
  2. No longer for sale. Pulled from the dealers website which is pretty understandable.
  3. Anyone got a good link for paper vs physical market prices? When I last checked a couple of days ago a monster box from Europe had a 25% premium to paper. Now they are sold out. How long before physical and paper prices diverge to irrelevant?
  4. Three tubes of 2016 BU Silver Britannias for sale. Excellent condition. Bought new by me new at release and carefully stored in a controlled anti tarnish environment. £390 per each tube of 25 coins plus postage Special Delivery £8.70
  5. I used to believe this but I'm not 100% certain. I lived in the UAE for 10 years and I understand a little bit about how things work there. In general this statement is true however there are cases where this is not true. There used to be a company called which was an online bullion dealer in the UAE that had trading services in PM's as well as vaulted physical and physical purchases delivered to your door. They went bust spectacularly (but quietly) in 2016 and all of the people supposedly holding physical in their vaults got ripped off. It never existed! Transparency on this sort of crime is very low so it's hard to know who was actually to blame. It was implied, although shrouded in secrecy, that the owners and/or members of the board had links to higher up in society and it was all quietly swept under the rug. Only the complaints of people that had lost out made it out into the open online. Check out a zero hedge article from 5 years ago for the missing dubai gold story. I actually made a small purchase from them and collected it in person from their offices only a couple of months before this event. I'm very glad I didn't choose to have them hold it for me!!! They had adverts everywhere and used to supply the gold ATM machines in 5* hotel lobbies etc. No effect on me but there were others that lost their entire life savings. White collar crime is in a different category to blue collar crime. In general, the blue collar dealers in the gold souk would experience the full weight of the law imposed on them if they were caught passing counterfeit goods so it is actually very unlikely to happen. There are also assay offices where you can go and have your bullion tested so the whole place is generally well set up to prevent that sort of crime at the retail level. Also, culturally, usury is a serious religious crime. Although it might seem like a contradiction in a souk where the initial negotiation price is far too high above spot, it is expected that you will negotiate the price down to a reasonable level that would then not constitute usury on their part. This applies in certain locations but not others and it's frustrating to know where you should haggle and where the price is fixed on spot. I think this is one of the reasons that the authorities publish a retail spot figure daily just to make it obvious to the customer what the underlying value is and allow negotiation around craftmanship for jewellery etc to be on that basis rather than on the monetary value of the metal or mineral. In general it is true that being passed a fake by a dealer in a souk is a very unlikely event and I actually have a lot of respect for the authorities for making it so.
  6. Hi Dicker, These guys came recommended in a very comprehensive guide of every bullion dealer in the UAE. Sadly the guide is now offline but it was very comprehensive and these guys came out in the top three. I certainly found them to be helpful. They weren't gouging like the tourist gold souk. I really didn't like the gold souk in Dubai. Far too busy with too much pressure being applied by some of the sellers. Tedious. The souk in Sharjah which is a small drive away is far more peaceful. Inside the shop they are calm and relaxed and don't go applying pressure. At least this was how it was when I was there in 2015. The price of retail spot is on the wall as set by the authorities every day. They had cast bars, minted bars and different bullion coins. You can give them a ring in advance and ask if they have what you want. Be warned. Sovereigns tend not to be real in the UAE. They are locally made copies out of 24ct gold. Quite obviously not real actually but they do have more gold content as a result. Not sure what they go for on spot but they might be a cost effective way of buying essentially scrap gold. I doubt it though. Forget the airport. It's outrageous. In fact I'm amazed they haven't all been charged with usury. Cheers
  7. 2 but 1 pending payment. 5 singles pending payment.
  8. Welcome. I think most of us did that if we're honest. Some of my coolest coins are high premium and ill advised purchases. I still love em though!
  9. I wish. Douglas Adams was hilarious! Glad to hear they got there safely.
  10. Hi Downs, Haven't really thought about it yet tbh but we can talk about it if you're interested. I have 10 x 10oz monkeys sitting in original perth mint cardboard packaging. I bought them because I figured they'd be of a low mintage compared to some of the earlier releases which they turned out to be. Was thinking of hanging on to them for a few more years but I'm looking to raise some cash for a building project so I'm willing to let them go. The Kilo's are also pretty low mintage compared to the rest and happy to discuss with a couple of spare monkeys. Let me know if you're interested. BTW, I might consider selling 11 of the 12 year KILO coins with only last years PIG missing! It's still easily available with dealers at the moment. The 11 kilo coins look the absolute bomb together. All stored in zerust anti tarnish sleeves to keep them in good condition. Like I say, not thought about price but if you're interested let me know. All in pretty good condition. (I'm fussy and replaced a couple to get better examples). Lot's of pics if interested in the collection. Cheers
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