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  1. Have 3 of these little crackers left. £55 each - if you buy all 3 then they will come in a tube.
  2. Go on treat yourself this fine Sunday!
  3. Kamikaze

    for sale 2oz Queens Beast Lions - £55

    Still 3 wonderful Queens Beast Lion of England available.
  4. Kamikaze

    for sale 2oz Queens Beast Lions - £55

    Great 1st in series coin. You can't find these for under £60 going European and much more in uk. A great coin with future value!
  5. Kamikaze

    withdrawn Silver bars and coins

    Last chance for these, if they don't sell in next 24 hours I will put them back in the safe to come back out when silver price has doubled in £ value.
  6. FREE Post if you take all 4 coins! £79 delivered including two Pandas!!
  7. 5x 3x Queens Beast Lions for sale. Magnificent coins. If you buy all 3 I will include the coin holder for free! £55 each for these great little series starters. £165 for the lot including holder.
  8. @Atkins1888 Haha that's class! Just the 4 coins left to find new homes.
  9. Kamikaze

    withdrawn Silver bars and coins

    FREE POST on any of these silver pieces! - but some of these weigh a kilo! Are you mad? probably - still though, free post.
  10. @Atkins1888 it's just about the physical space for me. Going by the GSR you would have to conclude that silver is way under priced or gold way over priced. Time will tell! PS good work on making a sale for me ? Just talk up the others now and we are in business!
  11. Thanks @Atkins1888 for the heads up. To be honest with you I am just switching out from silver and going only for gold so that's why I'm selling them. Purely from an ease of stashing view, I can hide £20k of gold pretty easily around the house and don't need to use my safe at my business to store my stash anymore! Also for a mere £17.50 you can have the first in series delivered for your own run. Bargain ?
  12. Kamikaze

    withdrawn Silver bars and coins

    Final price reductions. Will also swap for sovereigns if you need to sort out your stack balance!
  13. Final reduction on prices! Bargains. Will also swap for half/full sovereign and a little cash to make the balance either way.
  14. Kamikaze

    withdrawn Silver bars and coins

    still available
  15. still a few available