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  1. Why settle for one proof Sovereign for £500 when you could have TWO proof sovereigns for that price?
  2. And the Chinese will love a double red too. How much more lucky can a watch get!
  3. A view that will get many people who agree on a silver stacker forum for sure. I also agree with you that financially we are a basket case presently and also doubt any magic solution will occur. A new great depression or runaway inflation seem the only options to me. However, not every country operates in massive amounts of debt. China and Russia have a great appetite for "middle class" goods and also carry much more sustainable debt levels. Unfortunately I imagine the next great collapse to be a western one with UK, USA and Europe all going through terrible contractions and Russia and China growing quite well and BRIC's nations taking the mantle from the Petrodollar. Which is why I think we are desperately trying to trade or physical war with these nations. They have our number, we have no way out. Anyway bringing it all full circle to fancy watches, Chinese and Russians love their trinkets and have burgeoning middle classes with a much larger consumer base than the west has or ever had. Now, whats Chinese for Rolex....
  4. Curious why you think not long term? An old Rolex for example still sells way above the price it was purchased for. It looks to me like the first year there is a hit, then it basically goes up with at least inflation. Isn't that the aim of gold and silver stacking? Insurance policy type of investment. That's a company, I would make 10% but they will sell it on at a profit and effectively gain a 25% increase on original purchase price. £4k original purchase and they will sell for £5k+
  5. Probably Nah but seriously, anyone else made money out of buying luxury watches? I have been offered 10% over the price I paid from a trade in at a main dealer. Surely there are many more people out there who made some cash while also wearing a top class watch. Let's hear your watch stories!
  6. 1/20 monkey and a2015 eagle please.
  7. If it scraps at £487 and you will be paying postage at £490 with you wanting payment in advance of goods being sent, then its probably easier just to scrap? Each to their own but I would scrap them if I was in your shoes.
  8. 21:1 Probably a bit too much on the gold front but its early times for me.
  9. 1986 Gold Panda, https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/1oz-gold-coins/pre-owned-1986-chinese-panda-1oz-gold-coin Great price to me.
  10. Kamikaze

    Silver Surfer

    Nah my uncle is Jim'll fix it.
  11. Kamikaze

    Silver Surfer

    I would take three of those from you, best Uncle ever
  12. 4 silver Pandas, pricey but probably good value? https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/silver/pre-owned-silver-coins/pre-owned-chinese-panda-1oz-silver-coin-vat-fr-(1)
  13. Its Shakespeare, from Hamlet I think. "Neither a lender nor a borrower be".