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  1. New release from Royal Canadian Mint, limited mintage to 4,000 coins and ridiculous premium at APMEX ($1000 per 1 oz silver coin) Isn't it a new record?
  2. Frost

    2020 panda

    Woow great photos! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Frost

    2020 panda

    Awesome design! Waiting for official release. Where did you get that?
  4. Also Chards and Bleyer Bullion have Britannia in sale Here is a link with silver, gold and platinum versions and where to buy
  5. I also buy something special for my holiday as you do. Well, today is a great day to pick up some interesting stuff, thanks for reminding😉 Then I'd call it happy Spontaneous Buy Day🤣
  6. I mean like a holiday, if there isn't, we can create our own. Do you like this idea?
  7. 100 oz silver Engelhard and JM bars $0.49 over spot any quantity https://monumentmetals.com/silver/silver-bars/100-oz-silver-bars.html
  8. Frost


    Hi and welcome! Buy random year coins, they're cheaper than specific year and you may get variety of years. I'd recommend you to sick to UK coins, they should be more liquid in your area, but some coins as Chinese Pandas and Perth Mint Lunars are always in high demand. Screen ebay and see sold lots, it'll give you a picture of the silver market.
  9. I haven't found any info, but you can ask customer's service at Bullion Exchanges, they have this coin listed https://bullionexchanges.com/2019-great-britain-1-oz-silver-britannia-pig-privy-coin
  10. This is not the cheapest price for US, here it sells for $1842 https://bullionexchanges.com/100-oz-pamp-suisse-silver-bar-w-assay
  11. Have you seen this new coin in Allegoris series Columbia & Germania? Mintage of 25.000 coins.
  12. 1 oz 2018 Rwanda Dog silver coin at spot, limit 2 per order https://thebullionpeople.com/2018-rwanda-dog-1-oz-silver-coin.html
  13. Australia 1/10 oz Gold $15 Battle of the Coral Sea Coin as low as $4.00 over spot https://bullionexchanges.com/australia-1-10-oz-gold-battle-of-the-coral-sea-random-year
  14. They also have 50 Mexican peso at spot and 2019 1 oz Korean Taekwandoo $5 over spot