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  1. Here is price comparison including GoldSilver.be + info about free shipping options
  2. Hope this website can help you with finding the lowest prices https://findcoinonline.com I don't know for sure whether that's eligible for you, but you can try silver at spot deals , I know in UK there's no such option, so that would be great for you.
  3. Great! Waiting in Canada and US
  4. APMEX sells it for $697 which is £ 547, a way more expensive than from Royal Mint
  5. 1 oz Spartan silver rounds $0.79 over spot https://www.providentmetals.com/spartan-1-oz-silver-round-warrior-series.html 1 oz Austrian Philharmonic silver coin $1.65 over spot https://boldpreciousmetals.com/product/silver-austrian-philharmonic-random-date-1-oz/
  6. Frost

    Provident metals

    you can check live prices here https://findcoinonline.com/compare-prices bulk prices also included as well as free shipping and payment options
  7. just to save your time, here is price comparison
  8. Every month I try to buy at least 20 oz of silver (often it becomes 40-50 or even more). Generally I stick to the rule when spot price is low I buy and when it's high I sell generics. My minimum order is $100 as I don't want to pay shipping, hopefully most US dealers offer that possibility. I'm lucky that my wife supports me in stacking and presents me silver for holidays. Do your spouses share your hobby?
  9. For me the most truthworthy resoures are official mints' websites
  10. Frost

    Gold coins

    1/4 oz gold proof Britannia is $695 on Apmex
  11. Frost

    Best website?

    Apmex is running similar promotion now (19 + 1 free silver Philharmonics, $328 per tube)
  12. As far as I understand they have 2018 and 2019 versions but with different designs, hmm look pretty good
  13. Frost

    U.S. Assay Office

    Spot deals are cool only for first time buyers. The cheapest rounds I've found so far are from Golden Eagle Coins for $0.79 over spot and free shipping on orders more than $99 https://www.goldeneaglecoin.com/item/silver-bullion-1-oz-round-999-fine-_manufacturer-our-choice