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  1. Frost

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    you can use this site to compare prices, it saves time https://findcoinonline.com/compare-prices/1-4-oz-2019-british-queens-beasts-the-falcon-of-the-plantagenets-gold-bullion-coin-9999
  2. Frost

    What's your favourite 10oz piece?

    Perth Mint coins - Koala and Kookaburra
  3. We just have 4 silver RAM Kangaroos listed, but we will add more
  4. We are grateful for your feedback and really appreciate it. Currently we have Simpson coins from LPM Precious Metals, APMEX, Silver Gold Bull and Bullion Exchanges. If you think that goldsilver.be has better prices, we will add their listings. We work on making the prices accurate and the same as at the dealers' websites. If you notice any other issues, please contact me or leave an inquiry there.
  5. Your consideration in this matter is appreciated. Earlier this site was a dealer's directory, where people could leave their feedback but then there came an idea of listing dealer's products. What you see on the website is not the final result - we are working on adding new listings and updating searching facilities. If you think some dealer has great prices and should be listed there - feel free to write and we will operate it in near future.
  6. Thank you for your feedback. We're working now on that issue. You're right here - we don't have 2018 Royal Australian Mint Silver Kangaroos right now, but we'll try to add them as soon as possible. To make your search easier I recommend you to type the request just in search field - it should work better.
  7. Why not? SilverGoldBull sells in Europe and sooner we plan to add European dealers' listings as well.
  8. Hi stackers and collectors! We are happy to share with you our work - FindCoinOnline, where you can compare prices on silver, gold, platinum and palladium from leading precious metals dealers worldwide. In "Deals" category you can find Silver at Spot and Gold at Spot deals as well as discounts and coupon codes. We would truly appreciate your feedback how can we improve FindCoinOnline and make it better for your use. Feel free to write your suggestions there or right in comments below. Hope you'll enjoy it!
  9. Frost

    It's almost time for my first gold sovereign

    see the price comparison there and choose what you like https://findcoinonline.com/compare-prices/name=gold sovereign
  10. Frost

    2019 matt finish sovereign

    there was a discussion about it
  11. Frost

    Anyone like Chess?

    very delicate work and surely I like it!
  12. Frost

    APMEX Offer

    Texas Precious Metals has random year ASEs for $1.99 over spot https://findcoinonline.com/compare-prices/1-oz-american-eagle-silver-bullion-coin-999
  13. Frost

    2018 South Korea 1 Oz Silver ZI:SIN Canis (BU)

    Monument Metals sells set of Scrofa + Scrofa Ghost for $60 https://monumentmetals.com/south-korean-2019-silver-scrofa-bundle.html
  14. just saw at Bgasc 1 oz palladium Maple Leaf, nowhere is written that's it at spot, but look at the price! https://www.bgasc.com/product/canadian-1-oz-palladium-maple-leaf-bu-random-year/