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    Sliopjbsail reacted to Blockhead in How do you enjoy your gold/silver?   
    I've never actually handled 22 or 24ct gold. The few bits of gold I own are either in their original sealed certicards or left in their capsules, even though they're only bullion grade. This is because I've left them attached to whatever paperwork they came with. I don't know if it'll help but I thought it might help with their authenticity. I've never sold any gold so don't know how useful it'll be. 
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to Britannia47 in How do you enjoy your gold/silver?   
    Here’s my handling collection! Fondling your assets gives you that gold fix we all need. Not everything has to be locked into plastic. The gold 3.2oz cast bar does it for me, with the ‘buffalo’ in support - with 2 great sides to the coin. Just feel those sharp edges.... Phew!

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    Sliopjbsail reacted to lightjaw in How do you enjoy your gold/silver?   
    I look at it, go "oh thats nice" then close the box/bag and stick it in the safe. Every now and then i get some nice pieces out to look at because its comforting to know that should the worst ever happen i have enough gold/silver to get me out of the bad.
    I sleep soundly knowing i have a gold/silver insurance policy.
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to Oldun in If silver shot up in value.......   
    It was 1997 btw
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to Oldun in If silver shot up in value.......   
    Loooool. It is so obvious, it is comical....fundamentals....pfffft...preening politicians claiming it with others’ money.....pfffft

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    Sliopjbsail reacted to sixgun in If silver shot up in value.......   
    The price of precious metals would be going to the Moon b/c there was sufficient buying pressure to drive up price and overcome the usual price suppression forces. This is likely big pressure on physical which starts to unravel the paper derivatives.
    The handful of coins members of the stacking community might be selling in those circumstances would be neither here nor there. Who would you sell to? - You just described a situation where there is huge buying pressure for physical. When this happens you start seeing adverts on the telly inviting people to sell all their gold. You won't see a situation where prices are racing up but no-one is buying.
    As Mr Dead points out, if metals are racing up then you will see problems in the fiat system. Metals move up b/c fiat is moving down. Metals are a safe haven and that means paper assets are getting dumped. When you sell real money you are buying fake money. Real money will be rising b/c people are falling off the Merry-go-round and paper assets crumble. Things go up for longer than you expect and down for longer than you expect. So i would not be cashing in my metal in a hurry when the bubble bursts. As mentioned here, there would need to be a better home for value than real money before moving.
    When we have seen recessions in the property markets they have tended to last for years. Land and property have been good longer term investments but they must yield more income than they cost or they become a liability. What was good farming land might become unproductive, property with many willing tenants paying high rents might cease to be. i have seen thousands of Victoria mansions that have become slums, that have roofs falling in. Many companies disappear or linger shadows of their former selves.
    When precious metals shoot up for real - i won't be rushing to sell. There will be a time to sell some of the precious metal but it is not a decision to be made on impulse.
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to JinKesef in If silver shot up in value.......   
    I’d sell off all the extras I have but not my favorite ones 
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to Au79 in If silver shot up in value.......   
    We will sell silver going up and sell silver going down if silver shot up in price. Cos most of us are clueless how high it will go. And there will be others who will buy silver going up and buy more when coming down.
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to Kookaburracollector in If silver shot up in value.......   
    The above is pretty much what I would do, but not all in one go. I have experience of being a landlord, so am comfortable with owning rental properties..I think it is important for people to stick to things they know and understand. It is unwise to venture into pastures new in search of yield, if you do not know what you are doing.
    First thing to go would be all the carp stuff i’ve bought...We all make mistakes and I am no exception. I have hundreds of 1oz silver coins all ready to go to newbies buying in at the top 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
    As @KevinFlynn mentioned previously, I would keep the collector orientated pieces which have taken time to collate. All the bullion grade coins would be out the door..USE, Pandas, Buffalo rounds, Britannia’s, Maples etc.
    Whatever you hold your wealth in, just beware...Governments prey on those that have wealth (Top 1% excluded of course) and will do all they can to remove it from you. Having money invested in numismatics that ‘do not exist’! May not be a bad idea.
    Each to there own, but let’s always try and help each other on the forum..
    @Sliopjbsail Hope that helps!
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to Oldun in If silver shot up in value.......   
    It is so simple. Once I started to “trust” the government again, I would sell it all. 
    All I am forced to read and think about is how untrustworthy politicians are.....when that starts to change, I sell....qed. I dont think I will be selling anytime very soon.
    Remember Blair screaming Cool Britannia...what a friggin comedian and what was the price of pms ? Lol.
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to HawkHybrid in If silver shot up in value.......   
    silver increasing in value means it can be exchanged for more
    of other goods and services. silver increasing in price means
    that it's nominal value increased(this might be due to inflation
    across all goods and services, ie it won't actually buy more
    stuff). there will always be buyers and sellers in a working
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to vand in If silver shot up in value.......   
    It doesn't work that well in a hyperinflating economy, though, where the earning power of the  asset falls because demand for housing has fallen through the floor when the wealth of the middle classes is destroyed. My wife has a flat in Argentina that she rented when she moved here and although the $USD value doubled 8 years, she had to pay the mortgage at 25% and the rent was never enough to cover the mortgage. all in all she probably just about broke even on it, and that was with rates at 25%, while today they are doubled that (imagine what that's doing to the purchasing power of the population).
    I think the trick to really doing well in real estate is to find an economy with high nominal inflation rate but also increasing real wealth and where the population's purchasing power is growing, like eg Britain 1980-1995
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to mr-dead in If silver shot up in value.......   
    I would be buying outright in cash and not taking on debt for properties.
    Everything goes in cycles.  Just buy during the crash and ride out the cycle until things recover and property prices/rent increases.
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to Thelonerangershorse in If silver shot up in value.......   
    Increased price is because of increased demand, no problem selling.
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to vand in If silver shot up in value.......   
    I tend to agree on the whole.
    I would consider actively investing in property it if I could find a 7-8% net yield, but that is wishful thinking at the moment with prices where they are. On a personal level we're going to be "forced" into investing in property in the next couple of years as we look to move to a bigger house, and will keep the current one and turn it into a rental, but this is more about what we want for our family than it is about earning a return.
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to vand in If silver shot up in value.......   
    When to sell is a constant theme for any asset.
    I very much like Sir John Templeton's take on the subject. Although he refers to stocks I believe it can be applied to anything:
    “I spent many years on that problem myself,” [Templeton] replied. “Several years ago I came up with what I believe is the right answer of when to sell. The solution is never to ask when to sell a stock. Instead, you should sell a stock only when you have found a new stock that is a 50% better bargain than the one that you hold.” 
    That is why I favour using ratios instead of £ or $ denominated prices when choosing where to put my money. 
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to mr-dead in If silver shot up in value.......   
    If gold and silver are shooting up in price it would likely be due to the fact that the world economy is going tits up and things like a property price crash underway.
    I would dump my pm's and transfer into property where it would generate a yield through rent.
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to Oldun in If silver shot up in value.......   
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to KevinFlynn in If silver shot up in value.......   
    A sell decision would be based on whether there would be anything else that I could sensibly reinvest into.
    If the gold silver ratio became favourable (i.e. gold didn't skyrocket as well), I would sell next to everything and reinvest most of it into gold.
    If the gold silber ratio remained unfavourable, I would just sell a part, enough to get the feeling that I got the rest for free (selling enough to get back the ammount that I paid). I would blow a part of those returns on something fun 
    I would sell most of the 'speculative' part of my stack, which is bullion coins and bars. I would keep the more collector orientated pieces, like Queen's Beasts Lions and Griffins, unless the rise was insane.
    I would sell to regular dealers, trying to optimize the return. If silver skyrocketed I would have no problems with selling to a refinery for melt (some of my bars will only be worth melt, I'm afraid).
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to MHoppy in How do you enjoy your gold/silver?   
    I usually keep my latest shiny on an impossible box on the coffee table. That way it's in plan sight but hidden and easily accessed until my next purchase 😁

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    Sliopjbsail reacted to KotaNagant in How do you enjoy your gold/silver?   
    I like it when I get PM in the mail and I think "That's another $ preserved" and then putting it into a capsule or tube. I also take them out every often and i admire what I'm trying to build and nurture. Also, while most of us stack for insurance or wealth preservation, I'd like to think that most of us have that collection bug that anyone else has, similar to one who collects stamps, cars, or dildos. Last one was a joke (or was it....lol).
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to adamantio999 in How do you enjoy your gold/silver?   
    Today for the first time, i took all my gold/silver off the shelters, i've put them on the table and made a video with the phone.
    Seeing them all together is awesome.
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to AuricGoldfinger in How do you enjoy your gold/silver?   
    I usually cover myself in baby oil and roll around on my coins. 
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    Sliopjbsail reacted to mr-dead in How do you enjoy your gold/silver?   
    I have my Spanish Escudos collection on my desk which I like to look at,  makes you wonder who and how many people had these coins in there hands since the 1500's
    A bit of polar opposite with some state of the art virtual reality gear behind them

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    Sliopjbsail reacted to vand in How do you enjoy your gold/silver?   
    I'm not overly sentimental about my stack, but I do sometimes carry a silver coin around in my pocket. It's reassuringly solid and reminds me that it's a real tangible thing..  being elemental it can never be destroyed and will still be here in one form or another a long after I'm gone.