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  1. It works, I just ordered 2 x lucky dip 10p sets for £10 delivered free
  2. I’d love a chance at this if poss please
  3. I really like them and I’m definitely heading back tomorrow to find out more
  4. I think you’re right, I’ll have a feel tomorrow but I’ve got no way of knowing what’s in them. I’ll ask some more questions anyway maybe they can pass them onto the seller and find out
  5. I’ve just been looking on eBay and they seem to be around £4.99 each and a full set £42.99 so I’m beginning to think it might be £28 for all 12. I’ll have to check it out again on Monday.
  6. Hi, does anybody have any experience in this kind of thing? There is a selection of them at my local antiques Centre and they are £28 each. Because the items for sale belong to people outside of the Centre (people hire cabinets to sell things from) the staff didn’t really know much about them, what materials they are made from etc. here is an example from google images of what I’m talking about
  7. Good for you. They missed out, I’m sure when they are older they may appreciate the value of money and the fact that it doesn’t usually come for free (unless you find it on the floor 😁)
  8. Got this 1943 Jefferson Nickel yesterday just for fun. It was 20p and the bloke serving in the shop really unenthusiastically said “wow 20p I can close early now” lol. I like it and have been cleaning it up with Ketchup. Cellulose thinners did nothing on it but left ketchup on and wiped it off. It now lives in my pocket 😁
  9. I’ll be down the list. No idea how you get on any quicker than that, maybe it comes down to connection speed
  10. Did u get in pretty quickly yesterday? I started queuing 7am and got in 7:43am so not too bad.
  11. Does anybody have an ETA on their silver proofs?
  12. It’s “out of this world” 😐
  13. A few years ago there were no end of adverts on tv, online, radio and even posters in town saying to send in your old gold jewelry to these Cash For Gold places. Recently these have started popping up again. Do they know something? Are they trying to grab all the gold now because the price is going to go up? Is it a brexit preparation?
  14. Looks like the eBay hype is dying down they seem to be ending at around £85 auction price now
  15. I “caught” a couple of BU with my big £20 note shaped gruffalo catching net.......+ delivery