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  1. Thank you, somebody has offered me one via pm so will go with that but will let you know if it doesn’t work out. Much appreciated
  2. Hi, I’m looking to buy a Queens Beast 2oz Silver Yale for £30 - £35 if anybody has one for sale? Thanks
  3. Sliopjbsail

    The Simpsons

    Did anybody get that first coin with the Simpsons Family on it? Yup, it’s selling for around £280 now.
  4. Hey I took your advice and emailed them the other day. Baldwins replied this morning and said this: “Thank you, this is a Copper AS of the Emperor Claudius and would be worth roughly £15-20 or thereabouts.” Fantastic to know and I shall continue to cherish my old coin
  5. Thank you that’s fantastic advice I’ll get onto it now it will solve a mystery if nothing more but ya never know
  6. Nice pun 😂 and thanks I’ll have a read that’s very helpful
  7. Are there any ways to tell if it’s a fake? I suspect it is as it seems pressed together around the edges but I don’t know
  8. I’ve had this for a very long time but don’t know exactly what coin it is or how old it is. Can anybody shed some light?
  9. Ok will be happy to split them to £17 a coin inc. second class delivery if you buy 5 coins I’ll do them for £80.00 inc delivery
  10. Would anybody like to make an offer before I remove from sale?
  11. For sale I have 10 x 2016 Silver Britannia in capsules. Price is £170 inc Royal Mail First Class signed for.
  12. Just noticed also, why don’t they have mint marks?
  13. I’ve seen these two half sovereigns exactly the same year but why are they so different in colour? Has one been cleaned and was this a good idea?
  14. I just tried “pricewin” on a half sovereign but it says it can’t be applied to this item 😞