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  1. Wow what a find and an honest friend you have. I’m sure the money got returned to its rightful owner obviously 🤣
  2. Hi, I noticed on another forum site a few topics about people finding money etc in their day to day lives and I find it very interesting. Does anybody have any tales about coming across money whether a large amount, small amount, just enough to dig you out of a hole at the time? I’ll start: a few months ago I was out drinking with my brother and when I started the 45 minute walk home I decided to turn back and get a taxi. It was dark as gone midnight and I spotted £5 on the floor. I picked it up and decided I didn’t want to waste my find on a taxi so happily walked home £5 up. The next day I was on my lunch break at work and spotted behind some rails up against the wall a £10 note in the wind so walked around and scooped that. A lucky couple of days were had 😃
  3. Yeah the website gave no information at all so will go and ask some questions, suppose there’s worse ways to spend a lunch hour 😆
  4. I’m off to view this next week at my local auction. They estimate between £300-£400 which if those coins are 1 gram or over then it’s a winner not forgetting the silver as a bonus
  5. Has anybody heard anything about a misprint on the Sherlock Holmes 50p (general circulation). A little old lady has just been talking to me about it and I said I would see what I can find out. I can’t see how there would be a misprint on just a few as it would mean switching the die at the mint unless it’s deliberate
  6. Thank you, somebody has offered me one via pm so will go with that but will let you know if it doesn’t work out. Much appreciated
  7. Hi, I’m looking to buy a Queens Beast 2oz Silver Yale for £30 - £35 if anybody has one for sale? Thanks
  8. Sliopjbsail

    The Simpsons

    Did anybody get that first coin with the Simpsons Family on it? Yup, it’s selling for around £280 now.
  9. Hey I took your advice and emailed them the other day. Baldwins replied this morning and said this: “Thank you, this is a Copper AS of the Emperor Claudius and would be worth roughly £15-20 or thereabouts.” Fantastic to know and I shall continue to cherish my old coin
  10. Thank you that’s fantastic advice I’ll get onto it now it will solve a mystery if nothing more but ya never know
  11. Nice pun 😂 and thanks I’ll have a read that’s very helpful
  12. Are there any ways to tell if it’s a fake? I suspect it is as it seems pressed together around the edges but I don’t know
  13. I’ve had this for a very long time but don’t know exactly what coin it is or how old it is. Can anybody shed some light?
  14. Ok will be happy to split them to £17 a coin inc. second class delivery if you buy 5 coins I’ll do them for £80.00 inc delivery