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  1. As long as the financial uncertainty remains next 12 months at least if not 24 or 36+ even Gold prices will be up and down constantly with swings easy the size of yesterdays or greater imo. Brexit was a once in a generation game changer and I dont care what or who says it nobody knows where this is heading with any credible degree of certainty yet, we are truly in uncharted waters. Purely personal decisions based on your goals......if a flipper flip when you like and don't get down if price shoots up next day, similarly don''t be over pleased with yourself if price tanks next day, that's flipping, just stay calm and accept it and enjoy the ups and downs, hopefully with more ups than downs though of course. Different for me I'm in it for my Grand kids and if I'm still here I'll still be a buyer when I believe Gold is undervalued, as I do now, and I can afford some.I doubt I'll ever cash my stack in..........GKs' can do what they like with it when I've left it to them. Even if it crashes it will never be worthless like those useless "I owe you" bits of paper always end up being one day or other.
  2. Totally reliable even if there is a cock up at either end nowt to fret about............Atkinsons have all the transaction details you'll get your money fear not
  3. Ravinella

    1oz Gold coin

    My first post on here though not a newbie stacker/invester and have to agree totally with Paul and Sovereignsteve. I hate giving advice as it can often just be seen as being critical and its also absolutely nothing to do with me what anyone else does with their money....however. By your own admission rebnah you are new to this and obviously very excited re your new found interest but i'd just like to say I agree totally with you cancelling the Proof quarters but cant say I like your closing remark "I guess i would be better just buying another 1oz gold coin?" that is much too broad a statement, which are you going to buy and mo5re importantly why. Goals are key in this game and clear thinking as to why you are spending the money you are.Before you buy anything else clearly define your goals are going to be...........are you buying for long term investment??, ie volume stack,buy as close to spot as you can and just accumulate....do you want to trade regularly for quick gains.......do you want to collect things you just fall in love with, like with me libertads and pandas.....do you want one of every country or just specialise in one country alone,....the list is endless. Then accumulate the knowledge you need to fill the goal you have set.Its not difficult but requires some work and effort and is a hell of a lot easier now with the internet and forums like this one. Be patient if you go about it correctly you wont go wrong long term with Gold........ make big newbie mistakes now and you'll lose your cash in the blink of an eye. Ie if you want to trade for quick gains forget proofs, but if you love beauty in coins then buy proofs. Sorry to preach but the last thing you want to do just now,it seems to me is just buy,buy and buy for the sake of buying......define clearly what you are buying for and then learn the strategy for fulfilling that goal...............limited mintage 1750 sounds good to some people to others they arent interested until you are talking in the low hundreds re some libertads for example. Good Luck with your new Hobby just remember Goals, Knowledge and Patience and you'll get years of great pleasure from it...........ignore those things and you could be banging your head against a wall feeling very stupid and sorry for yourself in no time.......... I know I've been there done it and got the T shirt......