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    NumisNewbie got a reaction from 5huggy in Bars Photo Thread...   
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    NumisNewbie got a reaction from Jamesd in Bars Photo Thread...   
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    NumisNewbie reacted to Penfold in Silver Florins Pre 1947   
    Have 10 silver Florins which I don't need as have multiples of the dates.
    .500 silver content. Total weight is about 110g so ~ 55g of pure silver
    £ plus buyers choice of postage. Located in the UK. Payment by PayPal f&f.

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    NumisNewbie reacted to AndrewSL76 in 1982 Lib and 1990 Kook - relisting   
    These two beauties did not sell last time. Offering them up again. If anyone is interested, please send a PM.
    First issue Libertad - 1oz Silver Coin - 28.00 plus postage of choice
    First issue Kookaburra - 1oz Silver Coin - 55.00 plus postage of choice
    Payment by PPFF or bank transfer.
    As usual - offers always welcomed - PM me!

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    NumisNewbie reacted to TheGoldSovereign in Today I Received.....   
    Lovely raw coin, don't often come across raw coins in this grade 😍👌

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    NumisNewbie reacted to gustavus in Today I Received.....   
    Bought 26 dimes from ebay. Price was okay.
    Seller messaged me that wasnt able to ship them like promised, because of work. I did reply; thats not a problem.
    Thought that i walked in scam.
    Then week later received partial refund. Seller messaged that shipment did cost less than expected, so thats the reason.
    I thought that this really is a scam.
    Today i received a letter. There was 26 dimes and 3 extra quarters. Plus postcard where seller had written "thank you for patience".
    Now postcard is on my fridge door and im thinking how i write awesome ebay feedback 😄

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    NumisNewbie reacted to CoinStruck in Today I Received.....   
    Four sovereigns that just cane back to me from PCGS after conservation and grading. Very happy with the results. 

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    NumisNewbie reacted to MrStacker in Today I Received.....   
    x3 2019 Sovereigns arrived today.
    Lovely jubbly. 😎

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    NumisNewbie reacted to Jamesd in Today I Received.....   
    Well I have been after one of these stunners since the day I first saw one as a kid. When this came up it was a no brainer. Looks cool sitting with his copper and silver buddies. Thanks @arshimo2012 another stunning coin

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    NumisNewbie reacted to Toshunya86 in Finnish 20 Markkaa Gold coins   
    Hi everyone ,
    Got 3 Finnish markka coins to sell .All in very good condition. You can buy only one , or all of them , or only two.
    Price for each coin : 400 Euro or equivalent in GBP (361 GBP today) . Bank transfer for payment (either on UK or French account).
    Years available : 1904 , 1912 or 1913
    Possibility to exchange with coins of the LMU which i do not have - either bullion or numismatic ones - for the same total value (or partial value + money etc)

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    NumisNewbie reacted to DavePanda in 3 x 10 yuan olympic coins   
    .925 Silver 27g coins 
    £45 delivered
    bt or paypal f and f please
    uk only
    many thanks

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    NumisNewbie reacted to Toshunya86 in Cheap gold fractionals (World)   
    I have got this for sale - all coins in very good conditions
    Russia - 5 Rubles - Nikolai II - 1900 -  180 Euro -  SOLD TO A FORUM MEMBER 
    Netherlands - 5 Gulden 1912 - Wilhelmina 160 Euro
    Netherlands - 1 Ducat 1928 - 160 Euro
    Netherlands - 10 Gulden 1897 - Young Head Wilhelmina - 270 Euro ( = spot + 1%)
    Sweden - 5 Kronor 1920 - Gustav V - 120 Euro
    if you take all the coins = very good discount available. possibility to negotiate but not too much
    Also possibility to change vs some 20 francs formats of LMU coins ( even exotic and numismatic ones , or bullions etc , contact me for more)
    Bank transfer to the UK (in GBP) available - postage is 9 EUR (8 GBP) for any amount of coin - including shipping number.

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    NumisNewbie reacted to mae in Buyer's remorse on American Eagle purchase   
    Not really, they just open the closet and throw the coins.
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    NumisNewbie reacted to Norskgeld in Buyer's remorse on American Eagle purchase   
    Postage costs to Narnia must be a killer.😄
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    NumisNewbie reacted to savoyard in Who's upping their gold buying, in case comrade Corbyn gets elected   
    It's pointless! Corbyn will confiscate your gold and eat your babies!
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    NumisNewbie reacted to Xander in Brexit status ...   
    Totally agree, you can also add Geoffry Cox, DUP, ERG, Jeremy Corbyn. The list goes on, the whole place is full of vipers. Now I know why Barnier was slobbering all over T May on Monday.
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    NumisNewbie reacted to blackadder in Brexit status ...   
    Wasn't that plain as day from like day one 😂
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    NumisNewbie reacted to sovereignsteve in Brexit status ...   
    Fantasy. It can easily be revoked by parliament, and they will. TM was effectively telling them what to do after she lost the vote last night.
    I disagree that she is leading us to a no-deal Brexit. I have been musing over her motives for quite a while now, and I've finally come to the conclusion that she is a snake in the grass; she never intended to fully implement the result of the referendum.
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    NumisNewbie reacted to savoyard in Brexit status ...   
    I don't see what the problem is with this backstop. Just give NI back to the Republic and problem solved!
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    NumisNewbie reacted to mr-dead in Gold Price prjection - what do you think?   
    The problem is when you factor in inflation from 1973 to current date that £43 equates to £510 now.
    So basically you have doubled your intitial investment over 46 years which doesnt sound so impressive.

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    NumisNewbie reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Gold Price prjection - what do you think?   
    I was speaking to an investor friend of mine and this subject came up. From what  some of the analyst circles say, the gold stacked by those 2 countries is with a view  to safeguard against dollar inflation. They both have a lot of dollar reserves...
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    NumisNewbie reacted to JunkBond in Gold Price prjection - what do you think?   
    I read somewhere that things got so bad in Weimar Germany during the 1920's that the price of a meal in a restaurant would increase from ordering to the bill arriving.
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    NumisNewbie reacted to mr-dead in Gold Price prjection - what do you think?   
    Why would any country want to back their currency with gold?
    You assume they want honest money with a controlled supply that is not subject to manipulation where in reality the opposite is true.
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    NumisNewbie reacted to dicker in Gold Price prjection - what do you think?   
    As much as I am a believer in Au and Ag, this is tripe. 
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    NumisNewbie reacted to Oldun in Gold Price prjection - what do you think?   
    This type of garbage is rife. Utter rubbish.