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  1. Didn't realise as i haven't watched it yet. Will check it out now.
  2. I am a member of several FB groups similar to this forum and they use a 3rd party to hold the money until the buyer is happy with what they have recieved and then they release the funds to the seller. The 3rd party is generally admin of that particular group and they don't charge for the service.
  3. Gutted about my sovs, never saw that coming 😣
  4. I have these 1990 (started to tone but no scratches) £35 1991 Piefort (NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo) £350 1992 (tiny hairline scratches on its bum but still stunning) £55 1999 (large date and another stunner) £70 2002 (sealed OMP) £55 2015 x2 £20 each 2016 x2 £20 each
  5. As far as i can tell its about 2.70 for standard 3 to 5 working days but i would have to double check
  6. Sorry for the late reply i have been extremely busy. Would you still like the panda?
  7. I have one and other elephants including Zambia graded ones in my sales thread headlined 80oz of silver for sale.
  8. I keep nearly all my coins that aren't worth sending for grading in them. Handy for putting little bits of info with them ie mintages, rarities etc..
  9. I have an NGC PF70 for sale with original box and COA at £125 plus post if interested 😉😉