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  1. prophet800

    Today I bought.....

    No worries
  2. prophet800

    Self-Slabbing Coins

    I keep nearly all my coins that aren't worth sending for grading in them. Handy for putting little bits of info with them ie mintages, rarities etc..
  3. prophet800

    Today I bought.....

    I have an NGC PF70 for sale with original box and COA at £125 plus post if interested 😉😉
  4. prophet800

    for sale 80oz of silver for sale

  5. prophet800

    for sale 1991 Rare 2oz panda PF69 ultra cameo

  6. prophet800

    for sale 80oz of silver for sale

    QB's and 5 canada wildlife sold
  7. prophet800

    for sale 80oz of silver for sale

    Yes that's the one
  8. prophet800

    for sale 80oz of silver for sale

    Hi I am having a clear out as I have changed direction. Possible deals to be done on multiple items or the whole lot for 13 sovereigns. Pictures on request. Payment by bank transfer or Paypal f&f (G&s add 4%) Buyer to pay for postage of their choice and risk. Thanks. CANADA Wildlife series Moose £15.50 Deer £15.50 Birds of prey x4 £15.50 each sold 25th anniversary maple leaf (antiqued) £20 2016 cougar £20 PANDA 1990 (started to tone but no scratches) £35 1991 Piefort (NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo) £380 1992 (tiny hairline scratches on its bum but still stunning) £55 1997 (edge starting to tone but a stunning coin) £40 1999 (large date and another stunner) £70 2002 (sealed OMP) £55 2015 x2 £20 each 2016 x2 £20 each ELEPHANTS 1999 Zambia (NGC MS69) £125 2000 Zambia (NGC MS70) £125 2001 Zambia (NGC MS69) £100 2002 Zambia (NGC MS69) £100 2003 Zambia (NGC MS70) £100 2007 Somali (no spotting) £50 2008 Somali (no spotting) £55 2010 Somali (no spotting but a tiny scratch on the reverse maybe 2mm long) £25 2015 Somali £16 2016 Somali £16 2017 Somali £16 2018 15 year privy £30 each High relief 2013, 14, 15, and 16 £35 each PERTH MINT Wedge tailed eagle 2014 £23 2015 £22 2016 £21 2017 £19 2018 £19 KOOKABURRA 2007 £25 2016 £16 Perth mint Swan (NGC MS69) £65 Chinese mythical creature unicorn 2oz high relief (NGC PF70) £135 1/2 oz Sharks 2014 Great White £11.50 each 2015 Hammerhead £11.50 each 2016 Tiger Shark £11.50 each EGYPTIAN GODS 2oz ROUNDS Cleo £50 Anubis £48 Sobek £45 Khnum £38 QB 2oz BULLION Lion £45 sold Griffin £42 sold Dragon £38 sold 2017 KRUGERRAND PROOF NGC PF69 with box and COA £140 As sent from the SA mint £75 BRITANNIA 2016 Proof (boxed COA) £70 2016 Bullion antiqued (nice) £18.50 POBJOY 2016 Angel x2 £23 each MISCELLANEOUS 2017 5oz Proof Libertad £110 2015 Congo Gorilla £20 2015 Fiji Iguana (cert lock) £20 each 2015 Agro Junior Australian Salt Water Crocodile (card/COA) £25 sold 2013 Australia Kangaroo (reverse proof like) £25 sold 2015 Vera Zanzibar proof £23 2016 Gary Marks Art round (stunning but a small tone spot on the reverse) £20 Have uploaded some pics of the pandas. These were taken under an intense light with a camera phone which exaggerate every imperfection. They are stunning in the hand and I offer a 100% money back guarantee on all my coins if not satisfied. Thanks for looking.
  9. Only 10000 minted and don't come up for sale often Looking for £380 ono will swap for 1 1/2 sovs or a bullion QB 1/4 plus cash also. PP F&F or +4% for G&S or B/T Post SD included
  10. prophet800

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Some low grades on the older ones. Going by the pictures (not the best i know) they look hard done by in my opinion.
  11. prophet800

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Anymore grades come through Numi?
  12. prophet800

    Is this a good deal? My mum has bought it today

    Incredibly expensive for less than 2g of gold.you can get a full sov for less.
  13. prophet800

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Anymore results come through Numi?
  14. prophet800

    Today I Received

    Nice little double stamp as well ?
  15. prophet800

    Today I Received