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  1. Some fractional pickups in my new capsules
  2. Now in the for sale thread as Auction that ends at 9am tomorrow morning 20/06/17
  3. Maybe a little more mate but I'm always happy to do a deal for a forum member
  4. Hi local Panda experts Ive been offered another Panda that if it's genuine I will add to my little set just to fill another date. You probably already know it's a 2003 but I just wanted to get your views if it's real or fake just by the images? It will come in a capsule but they removed it for the images. Ive tried to compare it but I'm no expert, Thanks people
  5. Hi guys Need a bit of expert advice from all your experienced brains please if you don't mind? Ive made up a small set of 1oz Chinese Pandas from 2004-2017. There are 15 in total as I have x2 2009's, one is a anniversary 2009. I also brought a nice case to put them in but I want to move them on now for something else I am doing. I don't have a clue what to advertise them for? Not trying to sell them on here underhand I really don't have a clue? I know the best way is to sell them off individually but I can't be bothered with all the transactions, postage and stuff. Thinking it's a cool starter set for someone I want to sell them as a whole unit. What are your ideas on pricing? I know there are some Panda experts here. Cheers
  6. rebnah


    goldsilver.be I always use these if I buy silver coins??
  7. To be honest i never really one, If i did i would have put my name down ages ago. Their really nice and just had a look back on the thread and thought i will have one if its the last. But its not so i will leave 171. Are you buying it now?
  8. LOL Cheers for that. I wonder if he is still jumping around for it now?
  9. So he posts 129, 132, 146, 151 - 171 are available and i ask is it going to be the last one? If it is i will take it. Then you see my message and edit yours like crazy and start jumping up and down about it lol, How funny. We don't even know if its going to be the last one yet? Mate honestly you can have it, go on fill ya boots ! LOL LOL LOL
  10. Sorry but he said its available and i called it
  11. Looks like there may be an issue with 171?