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  1. Welcome Added 0 minutes later... Gaeilge
  2. I make a smoothie with raw beetroot, apple, and some greens (usually spinach or chard or even beetroot greens) 2 or 3 times a week. I notice the boost on a bike run the day after a beetroot smoothie🙂
  3. Sorry, don’t know about fractionals as I haven’t got involved with them yet But just to clarify, I’ve just checked and etoro pay 70% on US dividends and 80% on all others🙂
  4. It depends who you have an account with I have a Stocks and Shares ISA account with Interactive Investor.PHNX pay it out (into my account) twice yearly. So to put it simply last year I received £0.234 for each share twice I think it is a bit more complicated with the likes of Etoro ie you won't get the full amount.I can't remember the details exactly but I think you get 80% British dividends and 70% American dividends
  5. Check out Phoenix Group Holdings (PHNX) 6% Dividends 565 at the moment, should get back to the high 700s Apart from the apocalypse🤔
  6. Arrived yesterday Collected today Still waiting on 2oz and 5oz silver
  7. I always have to look for wide fit. I’ve got some Inov8 Roadclaw. Light, comfortable and wide fit.
  8. 5oz silver is not saying sold out at the moment at the Royal Mint
  9. With the 3 coin series I can live with 1 and 3 but 2 is an eyesore🤨
  10. After my panic buying this morning I went back onto the website to look properly at what was available and realised that yes the 5oz silver looks like the one to get🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ So I bit the bullet and ordered one when it was about 75% reserved
  11. Thanks for the heads up I was like a kid in a sweetshop there but restricted myself to the 2oz silver and the 1/4 oz gold
  12. Received this the weekend from @InvestInCoins888 Beautiful coin My first gold Two Pounds I’m very happy with this😀
  13. Both options have worked well for me in terms of prices I've accepted and smooth transactions Here on The Silver Forum and reputable dealers - Atkinsons, HGM, Bairds etc 🙂
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