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  1. Have you tried dailymotion.com It shows up on the first page if you google - the curse of oak island season 5
  2. 18K gold 😱 If you're talking about Carats shouldn't to be 22 Carat
  3. stackspot


    A Kilo is 32.1507 Troy Ounces🤔
  4. Looks like you can only buy this at MMTC outlets and certain banks in India🤷‍♂️
  5. PHNX Phoenix Group Holdings (Insurance) ~5.5% is one I use Check https://www.dividenddata.co.uk/
  6. Beautiful coin but beyond my means unfortunately The DIE looks like a 30 to me According to this list there is no 50 http://www.coins-of-the-uk.co.uk/dieno.html (I'm not saying this is the final call, I stand to be corrected) Anyway, good luck👍
  7. "Anybody watch the Edward Snowden interview with Joe Rogan yet?" I started watching it, I didn't last longer than 5 minutes, Snowden was grating on me immediately "I installed iOS 13.1.3 on my iPhone 6" I thought iOS 13.1.3 wouldn't install on an iPhone 6 but would install on an iPhone 6S I've installed it on my iPhone 6S and it's not causing me any problems
  8. New Zealand got smothered by England the same as Ireland got smothered by New Zealand last week Well deserved victory👍
  9. Scotland had the game to win this but they didn't show it till the second half when they were coming back from too far behind. I couldn't understand why they kept kicking the ball back to Japan in the first half, this game was all about possession. Anyway, a well deserved victory to Japan.
  10. Cool, I’ll check this out. Just as an aside, before, I was looking for a proper Chinese curry recipe and the one that hit the spot for me was a Nigella Lawson one🙂
  11. If it’s getting that tight I think I might charge them a premium😎
  12. Very happy to receive this from @Sovsaver This is my first Young Head Half Sovereign and I think I like this Shield better than the Full Sovereign Sheild 🙂 I might try and take a better photo later🤔
  13. The second link from @HelpingHands is 4g 🙂