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  1. Cool, I’ll check this out. Just as an aside, before, I was looking for a proper Chinese curry recipe and the one that hit the spot for me was a Nigella Lawson one🙂
  2. If it’s getting that tight I think I might charge them a premium😎
  3. Very happy to receive this from @Sovsaver This is my first Young Head Half Sovereign and I think I like this Shield better than the Full Sovereign Sheild 🙂 I might try and take a better photo later🤔
  4. The second link from @HelpingHands is 4g 🙂
  5. What about this? https://www.coininvest.com/blog/en/about-kookaburra-gold-coin/ https://www.coininvest.com/en/gold-coins/discover-australia/1-2-oz-kookaburra-discover-australia-gold-proof-2012/
  6. I am, heavily enough I'm still up on my BTC XRP and some ETH but slaughtered on the rest especially NEO I'll have to be a bit cannier next time
  7. @Shinus73 Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered one.👍
  8. There is a lot of John E Coyle furniture on eBay
  9. I haven't done this yet but check these https://www.sharpspixley.com
  10. Received today from @kneehow2018 Great transaction kneehow knows how 👍